FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna Glossy Posse Mini Gloss Bomb Set: Holo'Daze Edition. $36.00 $25.50 ($46.00 value) Quick Look. PALETTE SNAP SHADOWS DE FENTY BEAUTY PACKAGING : C’est une petite palette (6×8 cm) de couleur blanc cassé avec un numéro en miroir argenté sur le dessus. But in this design, it brings the whole thing together and gives the brand a personality and an essence that makes it more popular. Packaging 4/5 These eyeshadows come in a beautiful and sleek white hard plastic packaging with the logo and number “10” written on the For full Access Subscribe to Brand New — Cost per Month/Year — $ 2 / $ 20 click here to subscribe. But in its monogram form, the F and B mesh together in a sophisticated and fluid way. Quick Look. The Fenty Beauty products are powerful thanks to their message of inclusivity and diversity. J’hésitais entre 2 et heureusement j’ai trouvé la bonne, la 160. For creator and founder Rihanna, it was essential “that women everywhere would be included”. Marie Redding, Senior Editor 11.23.20. Beauty Packaging Staff 11.23.20. Rihanna en discrétion. Limited Edition. Et on ne s'attendait pas à ça ! Leonard Lauder, chairman emeritus and former CEO of the Estée Lauder Companies poses with his book titled "The Company I Keep: My Life in Beauty." New Logo, Identity, and Packaging for FENTY by Commission Reviewed . Nasty Gal débarque en France, à quoi faut-il s'attendre ? the last of the goop, then rinse the tube. There were more foundation shades for all (now over 40), more innovative color products and packaging… I was however expecting a little more glitz and glam from the packaging and overall look of the products, especially because Rihanna is so glamorous herself. Reviewed Jun. This is modern and cool — much like the brand itself. Sometimes this paradoxical thinking can be confusing and jarring. And the packaging mimics this robust backbone in a variety of ways. makeup haul video initial review. Volontairement la star ne s’est pas mise en avant, on ne la voit que pendant les cinq dernières secondes du spot publicitaire. Le fond de teint longue tenue Pro Filt'r apporte instantanément à la peau un fini lisse, mat et un effet ultra naturel. Fenty Beauty is a cosmetic brand founded by Rihanna. Révolutionnaire en nombres de teintes de fond de teint et de correcteur, Fenty Beauty propose 50 déclinaisons de couleurs pour que chaque personne puisse trouver le fond de teint qui correspond parfaitement à sa carnasion, quelle soit plus au moins clair ou foncé. And in cosmetics, it lets people use their own imaginations and picture the makeup and its uses the way they want it to be used. … Full of superfine reflections and glitter , the Diamond Ball-Out has a very thin texture and lends itself to highlighting the face, eyes, but also the body. Featuring smart components and distinctive shapes, it also offers a unique colour palette consisting of ivory/white, pinky nude and holographic spray I particularly love the hexagon design and the fact that the ‘Match Stix Trio’ is magnetic, which makes them super easy to find in your handbag. Pour moi, c’est un indispensable. My Experience with Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation: The packaging of the product is simple yet classy. And it will continue to be for years to come. I expected them to be a little bigger, to be honest, but I’m not mad about I was however expecting a little more glitz and Je me suis acheté chez Sephora le nouveau bronzer de la marque FENTY BEAUTY et je vais vous le présenter aujourd’hui en détail car on m’a posé beaucoup de question à son sujet sur Instagram. The softness comes from the pastels, matte coating and delicate aesthetic. Mission Statement Some Competitors Fenty Beauty SWOT Analysis Fenty beauty has many strengths, among those being what the brand stands for you which is unity and inclusion off all people regardless of race But it also wants to be youthful, fun and playful. The logo is modern and fun, with a backward-sitting N that stands at attention and demands to be seen. And it helps these products fly off the shelves in amazing ways. The edgy and angular nature of this gives Fenty Beauty a modern, edgy and gritty nature that makes it cool and hip. Overall I'm obsessed with Fenty Beauty by Rihanna so far. The logo binds these designs together, while the mixture of softness and sharpness creates a discrepancy that is pleasing and intriguing. The Fenty Beauty logo comes in two forms — a monogram and a wordmark. Insolite : Il se transforme en Kim Kardashian juste avec du maquillage ! Fenty Beauty is a cosmetic brand founded by Rihanna. And it’s full of the same vivaciousness and energy that the famous singer is known for. Pour le Filt’r pro j’ai eu beaucoup de mal à trouver ma référence. And it won Rihanna a shoutout from Time magazine who named the iconic foundation line Pro Filt'R one of the best innovations of the year. NEW. And Fenty Beauty plays with shape in a dazzling way. It’s a youthful design trend that captures a simplicity, elegance and creativity. We’ve talked at length about the exciting use of colors, patterns and designs that makes packages fly off of the shelves. Je trouve aussi que si on a le malheur de la faire tombée celle-ci se retrouve cassée. Fenty Beauty : l'utilisation insolite des packagings du maquillage de Rihanna Très design, les produits de maquillage de la marque de Rihanna ont visiblement d'autres utilités surprenantes. 5 more colors. Streamlined packaging for less waste—no box or shrink wrap The tube is made with 40% PCR (aka post-consumer recycled material) and is recyclable depending on your region; check your local guidelines. Each item in the line has a different exterior packaging with unique graffiti-style designs, all hand-selected by Rihanna. The Fenty Beauty label itself is … It has a softness and a delicate nature in the soft pastels and whites, matched with the almost textured, matte coating that lines a lot of these designs. Minimalism appeals to modern, millennial audiences. Fenty Beauty’s packaging is unique. Alongside nude, red and pink , in the new Fenty Beauty lip line there are also three unusual colors : pearly white, chocolate brown and aubergine purple. Le packaging est donc très important pour une beauty addict comme moi. There’s also a matte coating around a lot of the lip glosses and powder sets that makes you want to reach out and run your fingers along them. Fenty Beauty was created with a vision. Tapez votre recherche et appuyez sur entrer pour lancer la recherche : Lupita Nyong'o nous offre un beauty look tapis rouge complètement fou ! It is also customized on the pod, which bears the foundation logo in relief instead of the classic letters F and B that distinguish the brand. Et quand elle a publié son premier tutoriel … Après avoir reçu de nombreuses félicitations et même le prix de la meilleure invention maquillage de 2017, ces produits font un nouveau buzz sur les réseaux sociaux. SWATCHES. The brand colours include pinky-nude, ivory, metallic nude and iridescent white. Quick Look. Des que l’on voit ce flacon on peut de suite identifier la marque. Innovation in our product pipeline includes imagining new ways you can reuse Fenty Beauty products—think beautiful, smart refills and beyond. But another interesting aspect of packaging design is shape. The packaging is Millennial friendly. LE roi des gloss depuis sa sortie, c’est probablement le Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb: Plutôt défini comme un « enlumineur à lèvres universel « , son unique teinte Fenty Glow est censée s’adapter à toutes les lèvres et à toutes les carnations avec pour but d’illuminer, repulper et nourrir les lèvres grâce à sa formule non-collante au beurre de karité. It also lacks the strong fragrance that initially gave me pause with Fenty Skin's first few launches. Take our And it embodies the personality of Rihanna herself. DIVERSITY DRIVEN, FENTY BEAUTY WAS LAUNCHED BY MUCH CELEBRATED MUSICIAN RIHANNA TO ENSURE THERE IS A FOUNDATION FOR ALL. The Fenty Beauty brand is celebrated because of its inclusivity, and the simplicity of its packaging certainly opens the door for anyone and everyone to use it in a way that makes them feel beautiful. New. The Fenty Beauty label itself is inspired by a label you would see on an item of clothing. FENTY BEAUTY's packaging is edgy, artistic and has timeless appeal. It … One of the most notable aspects of these beauty designs is the logo that sits as the main design element across products. Fenty Beauty And It’s Successful Digital Strategy On the 8th September 2017, world renowned Rihanna launched her first beauty line: Fenty Beauty, which turned … Très design, les produits de maquillage de la marque de Rihanna ont visiblement d'autres utilités surprenantes. The Fenty Beauty brand makes use of minimal and chic aesthetics to create a product line that jumps from the shelves thanks to its elegance and delicate look and feel. “It should never feel like pressure. These products can and should be used by everyone. $54.00 $37.00 ($75.00 value) 3 more colors. For starters, this packaging is equal parts feminine and edgy. Le packaging de la palette est de couleur Bleu nuit comme son packaging mais la palette possède un côté fumée. It should never feel like a uniform. It walks the perfect line between being fierce and unrelenting and laid back and sophisticated. When Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty in 2017, the brand was taking one approach: more. Maquillage de fêtes : ce beauty look improbable qu'on va vouloir pour Noël. These foundations, as well as the entire makeup collection itself, promotes diversity and inclusivity. She dares to be different, pushes boundaries and takes risks. In the wordmark, the clean, sans-serif and capitalized letters give off an authority and a mastery. Beautiful, unique packaging with a mirror Cons of Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters 1. C'est sur Twitter que les "Match Stix" ont révélé leur utilisation insolite. Le système du make-up Fenty Beauty : des sticks d'highlighters, de bronzer ou de blush qui peuvent s'aimanter entre eux. GAMME DE TEINTES : Le fond de teint Huda Beauty existe en 26 teintes contre 40 pour le fond de teint Fenty Beauty. But there are a number of other brands that have celebrities tied to them that aren’t nearly as successful. With an unmatched offering of shades and colors for ALL skin tones, you'll never look elsewhere for your beauty staples. Featuring smart components and distinctive shapes, it also offers a unique colour palette consisting of ivory/white, pinky nude and holographic spray A full-service boutique agency, Established offers architectural, graphic and product design with a track record of creating highly-successful, global brands for a It’s bold and brash and right up in your face. Et si c'était elles, les dernières baskets à la mode ? FENTY BEAUTY ⋅ Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer - Enlumineur à Lèvres Universel ⋅ FENTY BEAUTY - LOOK FENTY FACE FRESH + pochette zippée offerte ⋅ Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation - Fond de teint Longue Tenue ⋅ Glossy posse holo'daze christmas - Coffret de gloss à lèvres ⋅ Diamond bomb baby - Coffret maquillage format voyage ⋅ Pro Filt’r Fenty Beauty is particularly notable in its dedication to having a product range that is inclusive of all skin tones and types, finding a market gap and consumer base that was woefully underserved. Lancée début septembre, la gamme de cosmétiques de la chanteuse Rihanna, Fenty Beauty, s'impose comme l'un des évènements beauté majeurs de la rentrée. And so do these cosmetics. Each piece of makeup, each line comes with its own identity that you yourself can mirror and relate to. All of these design elements combine to create a packaging that is both soft and sharp. But at the same time, there’s an edginess that comes from the geometric shaping, harsh lines, metallic colors and gritty, graffiti typography. Rihanna grew up with a passion for makeup, and was frustrated by the lack of representation in the industry not just in advertising, but in the makeup themselves. As we develop products, we’re thinking from the ground up to reduce excess packaging, from reducing new plastic generation per unit by incorporating post-consumer recycled material, to streamlining boxes and exterior product packaging. There was a care and a love and a devotion and that comes from the founder herself. After recognising a void in the industry, Rihanna focused on a range of traditionally hard to match skin tones, developing formulas that work for all skin types, and pinpointing universal shades. Fenty Beauty Platinum Highlighter has a cream-to-powder hybrid formulation that blends in contact with the skin for a luminous and long-lasting result. But instead of a product drop $19.00. "FENTY BEAUTY … These two themes work together in this design, sitting side by side even on the same product. Of course, what sits on a packaging can make it stand out. K Beauty Beauty Makeup Foundation Makeup Makeover Luxury Cosmetics Rihanna Fenty Beauty Packaging Light Hair Bottle Design Fenty Beauty - Fond de teint longue tenue Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Fenty Beauty's Chic Makeup Packaging Walks A Fine Line Between Feminine And Fierce. Of course, this brand gained notoriety because of its celebrity influence. Oui, c'est vrai, juste parce que ça va nous donner un argument de plus pour nous les faire offrir à Noël. FENTY BEAUTY's packaging is edgy, artistic and has timeless appeal. That’s part of the reason she set out to create a line of products in 40 different shades so that everyone could find their color fit. In most instances, the only notable element that stands out from these clean designs is the logo which is equally edgy and captivating. Packaging is minimalist and chic, not unlike the Fenty Beauty products that highlight the superior colors and formulas in simple-yet-stylish containers. Browse our foundation line, lip colors, and so much more. The Fenty Full Snap Holodaze Set, for Holiday 2020, includes a Snap Eyeshadow in Holodaze, six new eyeshadow shades, the black mini mascara Cuz I'm Black. ILLUMINATING PACKAGING DIAMOND BALL-OUT. Fenty Beauty is 100% cruelty free. Exclusive. Conseils pour un maquillage peau noire parfait, Salles de sport de luxe : 5 tenues pour transpirer avec allure, Fête des mères : nos idées cadeaux last minute, Crème solaire : protéger sa peau sans polluer les océans, c'est enfin possible. Fenty Beauty Gentlemen’s Fenty Face Custom Complexion Set If you’re ready to go all-in on your complexion routine, the brand also offers a five-piece set that can be customized for your skin tone. L'huile de carapa procera, le remède miracle contre le psoriasis ? And it’s not just the use as a concept that is exciting, but the actual logo itself. When you’re done, cut open the tube, scoop out (and use!) Feel free to take chances, and take risks, and dare to do something new or different.” Not sure where to start? Le packaging en carton: je valide. FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer. La matière est en plastique, c’est pour cela que je vous dit ça. And they were created with a love and a passion that is lacking in the industry today. 5 beauty looks WTF repérés pendant la Fashion Week parisienne, On a été discuter maquillage avec des drag queens parisiennes, Nikki de Jager : de youtubeuse star à make-up artist pour Marc Jacobs Beauty. The shapes vary, but they are all sharp, angular and pointed to show that they have a fierceness. And the progressive nature of these products also helps it appeal to a much wider audience, securing its success for years to come. Using logos as the main focal point in a design can be a great way to promote brand identity and keep your designs simple. If you’ve ever tried a mini Fenty Beauty highlighter, the blush has the same size. The powder pallets are also created in a geometric shape, as are the nail polish containers. The foundation comes in a frosted finish, glass bottle like, exactly like that of the primer. But there’s also a sharpness to the way the pointed edges of these letters meet in the middle. Create packaging that sells with the help of these package design agencies! For creator and founder Rihanna, it was essential “that women everywhere would be included”. It’s in your face yet refined. Established was set up in 2007 by Sam O’Donahue and Becky Jones. Fenty Beauty was created with a vision. Fenty Beauty’s packaging is unique. Leonard Lauder's Memoir Ships, Read an Excerpt. And it’s full of the same vivaciousness and energy that the famous singer is known for. But the minimal nature here fosters a sense of wonder and curiosity. BEM Store, le parfait e-shop des accros de yoga, Christian Louboutin et le Portugaba, l'été sous le signe du Portugal. They also add a uniqueness and a simplicity that is becoming more and more appealing. It’s edgy yet delicate. La forme est petite, épaisse et non ronde. Fenty Beauty's Diamond Ball-Out Highlighter comes in a compact, custom-designed sparkling silver pack with a handy mirror. Strategy “WE ARE … And it creates a certain discrepancy in the mind. (Makeup, skincare, lifestyle, and whatever else we like Je suis une grande fan de fond de teint, mais je suis aussi très difficile avec ce type de produit. This packaging helps to elevate these goals and this brand as a whole, aligning it as a modern innovator poised for success. But the two themes work together beautifully to create a makeup brand that is captivating and sophisticated. Fenty Beauty stands out from the rest because of the passion and the dedication you can see was put into it. FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna Glossy Posse Mini Gloss Bomb Set: Holo'Daze Edition $36.00 $25.50 ($46.00 value) Quick Look Exclusive FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna … The Fenty Beauty Slip Shine Sheer Shiny lipsticks are available in 10 shades with a luminous finish. A little disclaimer: the blushes are a lot smaller than the bronzer packaging. REUSE. FENTY BEAUTY's packaging is edgy, artistic and has timeless appeal. DIVERSITY DRIVEN, FENTY BEAUTY WAS LAUNCHED BY MUCH CELEBRATED MUSICIAN RIHANNA TO ENSURE THERE IS A FOUNDATION FOR ALL. Fenty is predicted to be retailing 80% online with no physical stores (aside from the occasional pop-up) and because of this, it was imperative for Commission to create a sense of drama on-screen and ceremony with the The shapes that contain these cosmetics are very different than what you’d normally see in makeup packaging. Ce numéro représente la référence de la palette, j’ai la numéro 4 qui est la palette rose. “When we first met And you can have that ferocity too if you take these products home. FENTY BEAUTY's packaging is edgy, artistic and has timeless appeal. Fenty Beauty is a cosmetics brand created by singer Rihanna in 2017. Featuring smart components and distinctive shapes, it also offers a unique colour palette consisting of ivory/white, pinky nude and holographic spray Mais on avoue que comme les fans de Riri, on est un peu émue d'avoir enfin découvert cette astuce insolite. Still, people are focusing on how similar her product shape is to the signature Fenty Beauty packaging. There are many ways in which Rihanna uses Instagram to her advantage; 1. the packaging of her products are aesthetically pleasing and Instagrammable, and up to the official launch date, she posted teasers of her products, and the posts are accompanied by upbeat music. De retour dans un packaging en édition limitée, cet irrésistible pinceau Kabuki est le parfait allié de l’enlumineur corps Body Lava. Rihanna Continues to Dazzle With Fenty Beauty by Bill McCool on 09/07/2017 | 2 Minute Read If you happen to follow Rihanna on Instagram with an alarming regularity like we do, then you’re already well aware that she had some major news for her fans this past week. Sur son Instagram, même stratégie, beaucoup de photos des consommatrices et des produits, mais seulement quelques photos de Rihanna. Le Gloss en lui même est présenté dans un joli tube transparent équipé d’un bouchon argenté où l’on peut apercevoir un F et un B entremêlés. Jun 12, 2019 - Fenty Beauty by Rihanna was created with promise of inclusion for all women. Fenty Beauty Retail. “I made it because I wanted the girls to get kissed more.” Cheeks Out: "When I'm on the go, this cream formula comes in clutch. Overall, these designs are minimal and clean, drawing on a modern and millennial aesthetic that has been known to sell quite well. Fenty Beauty Is Ushering in a New Era of Inclusivity In Beauty Packaging — GTI Industries Inc Business, fashion brands, High-end Packaging, How it's made, iconic packaging, innovative packaging, Label Packaging, Labeling, Labels, Luxury Packaging, luxury packaging, Packaging … When Fenty Skin launched earlier this year, skincare fanatics wondered why a night cream wasn't included with the toner, cleanser, and SPF moisturizer. Le packaging est magnifique mais il est extrêmement salissant. "Rihanna ne cesse de nous surprendre", peut-on lire sur le réseau à l'oiseau bleu, "grâce à elle, j'ai pu retrouver la boucle d'oreille perdue au fond de mon sac sans le vider". Je vous avoue que j’ai une petite préférence pour le packaging du Fenty Beauty, il est original, fin, raffiné, rond et ne ressemble a aucun autre fond de teint. C'est en effet l'aimant du stick qui fait sensation puisqu'il permettrait de trouver même une épingle invisible au fond d'un cabas remplis de plein de choses. L’association du rose/beige poudré et du noir me fait totalement chavirer. This shows that the brand is in-tune with the times and the market. Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid : canons au naturel et sans maquillage, Politique de protection des données personnelles. On veut voir la vie en rose avec le nouveau lipstick de Rihanna ! That same inclusivity ethos is found in her new beauty care brand extension, Fenty Skin, but innovates in an area that still proves a challenge to the industry as a whole— sustainable packaging. "Rihanna est la plus innovante", "Rihanna reine dans tous les domaines", les compliments se sont multipliés sur le talent de la chanteuse qui ne doit pourtant pas être l'ingénieur à l'origine de ce packaging. Sustainable Pkg/Practices. This fresh and exciting new makeup line showcases a variety of different shades and color so as to appeal to all makeup wearers. Rihanna’s beauty brand, Fenty Beauty, announced its collaboration with the popular Chinese tea shop HEYTEA for the promotion of its “Cheeks Out” Cream Blush ($20) on Wednesday, April 29. Le packaging élégant & un large The edginess comes from the graffiti print, the sharp lines and the bold angles. In addition to these obvious design elements, the logo sits as a focal point that draws the eyes in and brings context and clarity to the brand. Rihanna : la nouvelle lubie de ses fans qui déchaîne Twitter, Oui, il existe une box de sous-vêtements Rihanna. Cosmetics Partners with Popular Twitch Streamer Loserfruit Looks to build connections with Gen Z audiences in an authentic way. Follow our journey See the end result. Minimalism is freeing and fun. This brand wants to align itself as one that is inclusive, one that cares. Fenty Beauty apporte la réponse à toutes ces questions. Blue in the Maze. Here are the swatches of Fenty Beauty's Diamond Ball-Out … 18, 2019 by Armin No Comments on New Logo, Identity, and Packaging for FENTY by Commission Industry / Fashion Tags / #blue#commission#fashion#foil stamp#monogram#packaging. The case for copycat cosmetic packaging is a little clearer in the other callout, which shows Rare Beauty's glass bottle alongside a Fenty counterpart. I threw all my earrings in my makeup bag and my FENTY set caught all of them... wow @rihanna never stops giving back pic.twitter.com/rZq5mrNvbi. More… UnderConsideration is a graphic design firm generating its own projects, initiatives, and content while taking on limited client work. And the clever way the N sits in reverse jumps out at you. Le fond de teint Pro Filt’r de Fenty Beauty Quand Rihanna signe une réussite. Très pratique pour être rangé dans la salle de bains sans prendre trop de place, ce maquillage fait le buzz depuis son lancement. Découvrez-les ! And this packaging captures that essence beautifully. Durant sa trentième année, Rihanna s'est donnée niveau look ! The Fenty Beauty packaging is so beautiful I'm literally obsessed!

fenty beauty packaging

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