George Gruhn began hunting for rare instruments in the mid 1960s in Chicago and went on to found Gruhn Guitars in Nashville; a mecca for vintage collectors and connoisseurs. George Kaiser. These things do happen, so I can’t tell you that nothing good ever turns out on eBay. There wasn’t much out there that would cost more. Conversations with George Gruhn, September 18, 2020. Thanks! There’s also one out of Long Island, New York – 20th Century Guitar – and then other magazines like Premier Guitar and Guitar World and Guitar Player will do an occasional article about something vintage. I found that I just couldn’t help myself. They weren’t going to buy me all these other things that I wanted to keep, and the only way I could afford to keep any was to wheel and deal. Registered Member. As far as Generation Y, they buy guitars, but they’re not collecting them. Since 1991 I have purchased four copies of George Gruhn’s guide in the First Edition and three copies in the 2nd Edition. Jay Myer has worked at CF Martin Guitar for 16 years. Maple short scale. You have an accumulation of utility guitars. provides free information about company directors, company owners and shareholders from United Kingdom. A classical guitar or a Flamenco guitar is tuned as same as a Stratocaster, but it doesn’t feel the same, and it doesn’t sound the same. This week Jay Myer of Martin Guitars will be joining us. Also pictured on Pg 131 of George Gruhn and Walter Carter's definitive acoustic book entitled "Acoustic Guitars and Other Fretted Instruments" $20,000 - Hard Case - Pearl Tuners Absolutely no electric guitars. I still like pretty much the same things that I started out with, but I don’t have that much of a collection now. George Gruhn is a writer, businessman and ophiophilist. George Gruhn continues talking about the difference between vintage and merely old instruments - this time, focusing on electric guitar. But with guitars, there’s not really one particular image. The 45 was their top-of-the-line and they’re extremely rare. Whatever speaks to you in a way that makes you more creative or more in the moment while you play, then it’s worth it. Back before the Internet, we printed a monthly paper catalogue. It’s just like with antique furniture. George Gruhn, owner of Gruhn's in Nashville, says the first one has the serial number 0100. DM: How did you get started? I don’t know of any Generation Y collectors. I recognized that they were valuable, and valuable back then meant that they were asking $50 or $75 for something that I could sell for $150 or $200. Warning, DO NOT buy George Gruhn’s Guide to Vintage Guitars 3rd Edition. They started inviting people like Buddy Guy and Little Richard and Muddy Waters who were right there on the south side of Chicago, often literally walking distance from the university. With Fender, the people who seem to have been involved with the design of the Stratocaster, guys like Bill Carson and Freddie Tavares who worked at Fender, they were not really given much direct credit. Since 1963, George Gruhn has been buying and selling used instruments, but there’s an intriguing story behind the start of the company. The real collectors, they’re just like stamp collectors and coin collectors. There was an active folk music scene in Berkeley, California as well as Greenwich Village, New York, and, to a considerable extent, these people kept in touch with each other. "George Gruhn (Nashville TN) knows more about guitars than anyone on earth” says Tom Wheeler, former editor of Guitar Player magazine. If they’re buying a rocking chair, they like one that’s comfortable because they’re going to sit on it, and it has to fit the decor of their house. They have an agenda and they’re keenly aware of the gaps in their collection. Sometimes I feel almost like the Rolls Royce salesman who’s driving a Chevy. D18GE.e. There was already a clique of people as early as the 1960s who were interested in vintage acoustic guitars. As I told you, Mom and Dad were willing to buy me one. They’re not overly concerned with how original it is, and they often don’t take very good care of them. 109. Same with a saxophone or clarinet or piano. This Friday, October 2 at 12 pm EST and 11:00 am CST watch this live Zoom call with George Gruhn. For over 25 years I’ve been a full-time picker and on most of those trips it was just me, my van, and a radio. He certainly didn’t invent solid-body guitars in spite of his claims to that effect. Some crossed over. If somebody has two guitars, by definition, they’re not a collector. The places that I see overseas that collect American guitars tend to be areas where Armed Forces Radio was big. It’s a rare event to see a decent guitar advertised in the paper anymore. Elderly – Lansing; Along with Dave’s, another of those stores that stand out for vintage and are among the most recognized in the country. As a dealer, one of the things that I don’t like is that if I list something that’s special, it doesn’t take an hour or two before it’s being discussed in chat rooms. 112. I didn’t necessarily like all that, but it is what it is. I would’ve been better off with a steel-string guitar, because what I liked was Appalachian string band music. You just do a Google search and you see who’s got one for sale and things can crop up. I started out primarily as a collector and the business aspect of it evolved over time, almost by accident. Gibson SG, George Harrison and John Lennon – $570,000. Gruhn: The Internet certainly makes it easier for people to contact each other and for somebody who’s looking for something to find it. George's personal network of family, friends, associates & neighbors include John Gruhn, Julia Atzert, Nancy Gruhn, Mary Gruhn and Timothy Malone. There are some in England, some in Germany, a bit in Scandinavia, a little bit in Italy, none in Spain except for classical and Flamenco guitars. Electronics need to be serviced. There are other people who are collectors, and they will pay far more money than the people who simply wanted a utility piece of furniture or a utility guitar. They’re rare, so you wouldn’t find very many even back then. ( Members Only - password required) A portion of the groundbreaking 1973 booklet by the late Gibson historian. Since 1991 I have purchased four copies of George Gruhn’s guide in the First Edition and three copies in the 2nd Edition. George Gruhn, the well known Nashville instrument dealer talks in this 2010 interview with "Guitar International" magazine about his one time considerable collection of vintage style 45 Martin instruments including 6 pre-war D-45s. They played Ventures and Beach Boys, but they didn’t play R&B. I will respond promptly. View Full Background Info. Both of these were extremely well researched and useful resources for the guitar collector and researcher. Gibson Bella Voce Tenor Banjo. Gruhn sold 0100 to an anonymous buyer for $250,000 in 2014. Back when I was a student at the University of Chicago, there were pawnshops in walking distance. That would be no fun. Condition: Fair. That started more with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. But the earliest Gibson mandolins, for example, were introduced in 1922 and had an interior paper label signed by the acoustic engineer Lloyd Loar, and those bring more money than any other mandolins. All of a sudden I had to compete against a lot more people. D18GE.e. They want to hold it maybe six months to no more than a year, and then flip it. A few years back George Gruhn toured a Chinese guitar factory, he stated in VG that these acoustics were the equal of the Best Martin or any other US maker was building. (All images in this article courtesy George Gruhn of Check your bussiness partners or competitive companies for free. Gruhn has written articles for The Music Trades magazine and other periodicals. Epiphone’s Zephyr Emperor Regent of the early 1950s represents not only the most deluxe electric guitar the company ever made, it also marks the culmination of a 20-year rivalry with Gibson that kept both companies at the … This week Jay Myer of Martin Guitars will be joining us. George Gruhn. I’d also check the pawnshops, because there were a fair number of them in walking distance of the university. Its global. Gibson Style o 1924. With the Internet, if you’ve got 10 guitars, you can make your own website. ... net to me, for $3000 more than I was offered when trying the shows. They tend to be more sophisticated in their knowledge. Gruhn: Vintage Guitar is certainly the best known vintage guitar publication. Before George Gruhn opened a vintage guitar shop in downtown Nashville, he pursued a different passion: zoology. He is recognized worldwide as a leading expert on vintage guitars, mandolins and banjos. Conversations with George Gruhn, October 2. Some may be because people embellish, and some because people can be quite ignorant and they don’t know what they’ve got. Read Full Summary. “I feel very honored to be able to represent the estate for these pieces,” said George Gruhn, who opened Gruhn Guitars in 1970 and was a friend of Dickens for more than 40 years. by George Gruhn When I opened up my store in 1970, many of the most sought-after instruments were between 5 and 45 years of age. I collected those, and I would sell basically everything else I’d find. 2. Please chime in and give me a good reason to buy or not buy. 1,630 1. In fact, when I saw the folklore society’s festivals and performances at the University of Chicago – they had concerts and an annual festival – they permitted acoustic instruments only.

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