Marvel Comics: Genre: Superhero : Publication date ... and Brian Braddock trick regent Saturnyne into forging the Starlight Sword, while also getting the Sword of Might. You’re gruff, grim, and frankly you don’t have time for this. Lead Designer [16] Using Excalibur, Captain Britain was able to defeat and decapitate the Skrull mystic. All new images added to the database should be added to the appropriate gallery … The blade empowered by Merlyn and Roma, and a source of Captain Britain's power Twilight Sword. In Excalibur #13 he finally allows himself to draw the Sword of Might in defense of his brother Jamie Braddock, now ruler of Avalon. Marvel Comics. Unfortunately, Kelsey chose the sword and could not be reunited with her children. This left an embittered Kelsey to be taken in and trained by Albion, a villainous Captain Britain who also chose the path of the sword. Sword of Might Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [8], When Brian Braddock was initially offered the choice by Merlyn, he chose the Amulet of Right. 12:36AM Quantum Sword. Few heroes across the parallel space times of the Marvel Universe have made the choice of the Sword of Might. The power of Reason seems to be the choice most of the parallel Captain Britains prefer to make. Deciding that he's no killer, Brian chooses the Amulet, … Odinsword. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Secretly planning to make Brian the one true Captain Britain, Saturnyne had secretly created the Starlight Sword for him to wield as her own knight. While your outlook on life may be bleak, it’s completely justified! But now, Brian Braddock has found a new way to help protect the world in Marvel's X of Swords crossover. Before the tournament, Saturnyne tried to force Betsy to step away from the mantle of Captain Britain and return the Amulet of Power to Brian. Roma Along with the Amulet of Right, the Sword of Might is one of the two items offered to the potential candidates for the Captain Britain Corps. While the blade has been rumored to be the one true Excalibur, Braddock is given the choice between the Sword and the Amulet of Right as a boon while Brian is being attacked. Sword of Dracula. Sword of Might The dark night of the soul" reads Marvel's succinct solicitation for Excalibur #13. See, Red Sword of War? Origin Looking to get into X OF SWORDS? This mystically infused sword had the unique ability to kill immortals. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll For the Sword of Might’s first appearance, read CAPTAIN BRITAIN (1976) #1. Object » [6][7][5] Generally, Merlyn and Roma seek those who choose the path of the Amulet, but, on occasion, one who chooses the sword may become a Captain Briton. She also seemingly chose to relinquish her powers and was finally reunited with her children. Otherworld seems set to play a substantial role in X Of Swords, having been a key setting in the early issues of Excalibur and the focus of … Which item they choose will affect their overall powers, as well as general costume. In an instant, the blue foam pouring from the X-Men's mouth turns black, and Cypher is … Unfortunately, Mastermind impersonated Roma to seized control and obtained the Amulet of Right with plans to concur the cosmos. Place of Creation He also destroyed the magical, converted chain restoring magic. It's sometimes called the Sword of Death.Those who has wielded the Sword of Might includes: You can search for For a time, the sword was in Wolverine’s possession, but it was eventually stolen and melted down to create lethal mystical bullets. Captain Britain #1(October, 1976), Along with the Amulet of Right, the Sword of Might is one of the two items offered to the potential candidates for the Captain Britain Corps. The Sword of Might is one of the items offered to Brian Braddock when he was first visited by Merlyn and his daughter, Roma in Chris Claremont and Herb Trimpe's Captain Britain #1. 12. The Sword of Might is one of two items offered as a choice to would-be inductees into the Captain Britain Corps. any Comic Vine content. Advertisement. According to Mastermnd, the Sword of Might was forged in the fires of creation and tempered by the power of the universe. Sword of Might last edited by Brian is transformed into a new superhero, and Jamie christens him Captain Avalon. Sword of Demonicus Ghost Rider #76 (1983) Used by Mephisto to remove briefly Zarathos from Johnny Blaze. According to Mastermnd, the Sword of Might was forged in the fires of creation and tempered by the power of the universe. fesak Previous Owners Fires of creation[3][4] [15], During the Skrull invasion of Earth, Skrulls raided Otherworld stealing the Amulet of Right, the Sword of Might, and the Holy Grail. Sword of Might appears in 40 issues. [18], Betsy offering to return the Amulet of Right to Brian, While visiting Avalon in Otherworld, Captain Britain was infected by Morgan le Fay's magic becoming her dark champion and giving up the Amulet of Right to his sister, Betsy Braddock, who donned the Amulet to become the new Captain Britain. Both Betsy and Brian, as well as the Sword of Might and an unknown Starlight Sword, were prophesied to be part of the contest. Even though he may no longer be worthy of Captain Britain's mantle, Brian Braddock officially takes up a new blade, the Sword of Might, in Excalibur #13… Saturnyne then forged the Starlight Sword … [11] Not long after Kelsey joined them, the Avengers disbanded. EXCALIBUR #6. History. 10. Official Name Albion,[8] Captain Britain Corps, Captain Britain (Earth-98125),[20] Kid Briton,[21] Lionheart,[2][15] Mastermind,[1] Merlyn & Roma, Reaver (Joshua Stragg), Shadow-Captains[22] Additionally, Warlock is not a sword, but he is joined with Douglas Ramsey.

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