The only part of my body that did not feel extra stressed due to heat were my feet. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Lastly, the low to the court profile help with lethal movements on the court. For example, the roominess of the shoes is not just lateral, but the top side of the shoes provides so much comfort that it is hard to ignore, which contributes to comfort under varying circumstances, before and after a match. The Babolat Men’s Propulse Fury All Court Tennis Shoe confirms this notion. One of my pet-peeves is about the tongue of the shoe moving or creasing inside, which then leads to foot pain or at least discomfort; all my shoes exhibit some of this annoying trait. In terms of the upper, it is made of mesh material. Your email address will not be published. Still worn by Roddick and many other players of all levels, the Propulse 3 has new features that address some of the The outsole of the shoe may not be the best durable shoe on the market. Then, I switched to Asics, same thing, it got worse actually. It’s also very easy to lace and it got an extra hole for a secure fit. If you manage to pick up these shoes I wish you the very best on your future matches. If all I have to compromise is few grams of weight, I am all good with that given all of the other benefits of these shoes. In comparison, the Babolat Propulse AC comes in at 344.12 gm at size 8.5 and my Puma’s come in at 353.07 gm at size 8.5. Cart (0) Call. ORDERS OVER $50. This is going to add to the comfort and cushioning of the shoe when you wear them. Gear Review The concept of the Babolat Jet has always been simple: Create the lightest shoes on the market while maintaining the support the most aggressive movers demand. The Michelin rubber outsoles are featured in most Babolat men's shoes, as they provide excellent durability. Review by Jose Santos on April 2020 Ive had these shoes for a few months ago, and really enjoy the way they feel when I play on the court. The Babolat SFX shoe is perfect for players who have wider feet. Although even just ounces matter in shoes, especially in long matches, I have never felt that the SFX3s were holding me back. Babolat CHOOSE YOUR COUNTRY. This is fantastic because it helps give your feet a glove-like fit while staying supple enough for easy movement. Babolat SFX3 Shoes - Review. Great shoe when you are going to play in a hot condition for long hours. Large selection with clearance prices. Sean - "The SFX3s are very comfortable and would probably last a long time.". I tend to tighten laces once or twice during matches. Likes. It’s also going to provide you with excellent traction on the court. It’s very quick on your feet and at the same time providing you with good stability and comfort. The Propulse line takes a leap forward and is re-engineer… The badminton spirit. Don't buy a Babolat tennis racket before reading these reviews. My first thoughts putting them on were how much larger the shoes felt for size 9, I should have gotten them in 8.5 size. In terms of design and colour options for this shoe, I don’t think it’s the best on the market. Also, this shoe took the SFX series to a whole new level that players enjoy wearing them. Only very few brands fit me well; Puma, Fila, Nike and handful of Adidas models. . This Powerbelt response system ensures your footwork is backed by superior durability, comfort, and stability. The comfort isn’t the best, and you might want to settle for other options if this is what you’re in search for. Quick Order. On top of these tennis shoes, you can also find the Babolat Jet Mach I, the Propulse Blast or even the Babolat Pulsion shoes. This shoe is driven by durability and support. One of the downside to this shoe is the size. This is a key feature worth mentioning because it’s one of the best lightweight tennis shoes you would get on the market.