Save more with Subscribe & Save. Required fields are marked *. General choroid plexus toxicants usually accumulate in the choroid plexus and cause the substantial damage to the choroid plexus structure. The two formulas are not the same. I used to feed my pack Orijen, but switched to Acana as I was informed it had less protein…our food comes from the Morinville plant, which is easily accessible to me…I have several contacts to check this out, and will do so…. The problems occurred due to gamma irradiation treatment, which was mandatory under Australian law. Same with “dehydrated” chicken. That’s a common misconception. IMAGINE, just imagine the volume of incoming calls, emails, etc. People have criticized the plaintiffs for not knowing what they are doing. When you “tour” it again, or talk to your friends working there, ask theme why Champion can’t return the Pledge to Quality and Sourcing. In 2011, there was a recall of champion’s acana pet food brand. I will never recommend them again. IT IS NOT A RECALL! Your dog must be starving. Association for Truth in Pet Food is a a stakeholder organization representing the voice of pet food consumers at AAFCO and with FDA. It’s also good to get more information about feed contents, but I’m just suspicious about purposes of this suit and I can’t think of any meaningful benefits from it. 608 lbs. Food contamination is on the rise. Too bad. I assume the law firm in the suit obtained the data from a subpoena, but you would think a project that purports to be about openness and transparency in labeling would practice what they preach. (The aforementioned article in Forbes was as well. I wont give pigs ears either, don’t trust them. In March 2018, a lawsuit was filed against Acana dog food's parent. Performatrin Ultra Grain Free Dog Food To help Buddy get back on the road to health, Gagnon started feeding him high-protein dog food just twice a day, limited his treats to raw veggies and encouraged him to take short walks around the. However, if your dog or cat is more diet-sensitive, do a full transition when introducing a new ORIJEN food – after that you can change at will. The bigger issue is more contamination to come in the future because.. this administration has deregulated manufacturing plants so more dumping of toxins in grounds and rivers which means higher amounts of carcinogens in the food chain. I will never get my girl back, however. My dog weighs 3.3 kg (to convert to kg divide lbs by 2.2). No you havn’t Been duped. I tried Acana, she doesn’t do well on it either just doesn’t like it. Well that’s the thing. Does it look like fresh pure raw meat to you? My understanding is that there is a factory in Canada and one in the USA. The other 15% is a balance of botanicals, fruits, and vegetables. Pet Owner. I fed both my dog and cat Orijen for several years. It’s a HUGE selling point to consumers, so it would be a main bullet point on the front. The legumes are extremely fibrous, and are causing dietary deficiencies. My little 5cu/ft chest freezer already paid for itself. Certainly no heavy metals would be preferable, but 1.7% of the 2.3 mg/kg of body weight noted as a dangerous amount is not a whole lot. Also, lawsuits can be filed, but they may also be dismissed, like that one about arsenic in CA wines L-Valine 1.3 1.39 6.92% I now cook her food and she has no health issues like clumps hair falling out/itching. And you were correct in converting to 3.256 grams/kg. I think creating more distrust may be one of the goals of this lawsuit. Also, that way, she senses that she’s eating what we’re eating. It’s 2018 so shouldn’t we be able to see current information? I switched to Fromme and my pups are much healthier. The pet food industry is a multi-BILLION dollar industry. According to my research, Orijen has never been recalled in the US or Canada. She has been within 1Kg of the weight that she was at 10 months of age. Always remember lawyers start lawsuits and who leads Washington, the politicians. While studies have been done on chickens, hamsters, goats, miniature pigs, and rats, it appears that As is an essential nutrient for those specified. I wonder what they do to extract all the heavy metals out of what they eat? L-Alanine 1.63 1.64 0.61% The Acana brand is known for producing high-quality biologically appropriate diets for … Also the bag says “made with” a certain percent raw meat but it includes NO raw meat because they cook the whole kibble . We trusted this company but they are not telling the truth. That’s the first thought that came to my mind. I can only hope the CEO of Pedigree dog food realizes he or she are killing dogs. This is a Class Action lawsuit – currently representing consumers in Minnesota, California and Florida. Susan Thixton I’m still heart-broken. Period. Heavy metals can be found in organic human food as well. Once again please note that the values in this section are calculated using the products guaranteed analysis. Also, using units to artificially elevate results is suspect. There was also now digested blood in her stool – she was bleeding internally somewhere. Gus, I don’t think you can import dog food unless as others have stated cross border shop. Champion is/nearly human grade food. Thank you for that pearl of info. (the group is just a local online dog lover group where I am in San Francisco) Almost all the plastic that has been produced in the last 20 years is still here, and a lot of it ends up in the oceans. The catfish raised for us are raised in above ground ponds (no run off) 10-20 acres in size. Trying to check the nonspecific footnote given in the article cited for this table, I found some of the same amounts given above in the first column in a table with this heading: “The values presented in this table represent permitted concentrations in micrograms per gram for metal impurities in drug products, drug substances and excipients. For rodents, the maximum tolerable level of arsenic is: 30 mg/kg. Thank you for your information. And one does have to consider the tastes of individual dogs. I thought it was to many treats or table food. Have faith, we can’t say yes continue to feed BUT I have 3 dogs 15,12 and 10 and 2 have been on Champion products for their lifetimes. So ~3mg in 1kg of food. Although we’ve (as Followers) have always assumed that labels must be perfectly accurate, we’ve also found out that not to be true. To find the publication on Mineral Tolerances from the National Research Council mentioned in Susan’s article above, see I switched to Petcurean Go fit and free, also high protein, he quickly recovered his panther-like good looks. For specific information on heavy metal health risks to animals and fish, consult the following link: Your comment is certainly a consolation to a grieving (apparently feeling guilty) pet owner. Hello Sir I have been feeding my dog Orijen since 2015. For a 28.6-pound bag of Adult Grain-Free dry food you will spend about $85. One big circle of people trying to eliminate the good in society. Anyone can do the necessary calculations using Susan’s figures if you know your dog’s weight in kg and how much food in kg he or she eats per day. I think home made food is wonderful, and I have years of experience with it. If your pet required veterinary care, ask your veterinarian to report to FDA. I wonder wonder wonder if this is the basis of this lawsuit. Be sure to ask Champion why they’ve always promised to (but never have) responded to Susan’s inquiries, in order to be part of her List. Since your dog wouldn’t eat any Champion foods, its problems (such as hair falling out) could not have been caused by Champion’s foods. ? Yes. The Kentucky plant holds the same if not higher procedures for quality control. They don’t care. feed stuff that uses “seconds” (or not fit for retail). Guaranteed Analysis shows Orijen Six to be high in protein (38.0%) and contains low-glycemic carbohydrates (18%). This is a very “busy” (intricate) recipe and I wonder if listing “all” these ingredients permits Champion/Orijen to shift around the distribution of them, as supplies permit. I’d be very interested in hearing about what you find out. 99. The closure consists of a three-phase approach involving application of lime and fertilizer, regrading and revegetation, and ground water/surface water monitoring. Did you try Acana? I too had great nutrition from Canidae Grain-Free Limited diet Lamb, Fish, Boar, and I like that they have their own plants, best quality control. These bags are protective coated on the inside. I’m also curious if the Canadian food would be the same as American and if it’s been tested. This study was most likely done by a sham group called Clean Label Project. Orijen Regional Red is human grade food. As you can see by the aerial photo, it is a small size pond of just a few acres in size plus you have all the farmed land which unless they are totally organic will produce fertilizer and pesticide runoff into that pond. I lost my soul mate and best friend this week. Fats are needed for the proper development and function of the canine body.. If you do the math- there are 1000 ug to 1 mg- which equates to EXACTLY what Champion Pet Foods reported in their white paper. What’s in Your Pet’s Food? I don’t expect this lawsuit to go very far, similar to the recent one against Blue Buffalo. Please contact me directly at and I can share more info. I’m curious as to the source of this data used to “research” and have as foundation for this lawsuit. Because of high degree of pollution there is ‘plastics’ in anything that comes from the oceans. They used to call it meal, but are now listing it on the bag as “dehydrated” . forgot the link! Totally freaked out about this information. The only alternative I felt I had was to switch to raw & home made meals. He gets a few treats of cooked zucchini and raw apple, and takes his thyroid medication with very small pieces of potato. When you buy a bag of dog food, you’re trusting the manufacturer with your dog’s health and safety. then at least ROTATE your poor pet’s diet. I find these posts interesting because my dog wont eat any of these foods, I’ve tried her on all of them. Just who is filing this lawsuit? Orijen Six Fish for Dogs – Best Fish-based Dog Food. You could try it via this link: it’s my local pet store. I had read that before.). I’m sorry that this lawsuit missed the mark on Champion’s deceitful switch of ingredients when they moved to Kentucky. Top 4 Orijen Dry Dog Food Options. Champion responded to them but would not literally BUY IN to their–my words–extortion attempts. Based on phone conversions with Champion Reps, The US Kitchen only supplies the USA Market. And for you Diane, don’t worry, if the cat food wasn’t good, would your cat be 20? And pork as a general ingredient in any capacity.. Heavy Metals build up over time in the brain… if there is enough heavy metals each day in the dog food being consumed it can cause major issues. When we fed Orijen we maybe went through a bag every month and a half. Crude Fat Comparison For Dog Food. I won’t be swayed from feeding this brand. The sludge was generated from a CHROMIUM or vegetable tanning solution (water-soluble extracts from various plant parts) used to stabilize collagen fibers so that they are no longer biodegradable. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but it’s almost like a counter-intelligence ploy. The lawsuit cites testing of Orijen and Acana BPA levels from zero to 102.70 ug/kg. Keep us posted on what you find out. Same concerns and also switched to avoid increasing fish content. I don’t have a lot of money I’m a retiree so the stuff is expensive. Nanogram per gram (ng/g) results stated in this study is the same as microgram to kilogram (ug/kg) stated in the lawsuit. It makes sense that a meat based (especially organ meat) kibble would have more heavy metals than kibbles that are largely plant based. Orijen Recalls history. But indeed, a comparison such as you mention might be welcomed by pet lovers. Orijen cat food recall. I think the false advertising that is rampant in pet feed & food as well as people food needs a closer look but that is a regulatory issue in my opinion. I want to stay in the loop of this. It’s happened in many competitive industries. Both chicken and rice can have higher levels of arsenic. That sounds to me like there may be some dishonesty here. I took her to the ER vet, who told me all of her symptoms were pointing to end stage liver failure, and her kidneys were shutting down as well. I’m still heart-broken. The problems cited in these dog foods include Heavy Metal Toxicity specifically Arsenic, Lead, and Cadmium as well as contamination with Bisphenol A [BPA]. Could’ve been something else, after all. No Orijen product has been recalled in the United States or Canada. Chances are if you change the food, the other company has its detractors as well. The difference with them, is they ate two different kinds of food, so they didn’t receive as much toxicity as our dog. I fed her Orijen Regional Red for her entire eight years of life. Last week it was pork loin LOL Meaning how they profit from “feed” for animals …. but if that amount per day is stored in body tissue and brain tissue what about the cumulative effects of feeding this food daily over a long term? Fish provides high-quality nutrients that can be great for your dog’s overall health, especially their skin and coat health—and it just so happens Orijen Six Fish Formula is one of the best fish-based dog foods on the market. So my girl now gets: real beef, real chicken, real rabbit & whatever else is on sale. Interesting. Trying to cover the use of rendered meals by using the term dehydrated that has meant better quality food in the past. I wonder whether similar testing was done on foods made in Canada and whether it is either about sourcing or the plant itself. The reported acceptable daily intake amounts are reflected in mg/kg (the commonly accepted method of reporting) yet the lawsuit “contamination chart” reports their findings in ug/mg, which instantaneously puts people on edge because it seems extremely elevated. I agree with you Sandy. I fed my pooch, a 125lb girl, Orijen from Canada since she was a pup, for 4 years had ZERO issues. Especially at their volume of production! Performatrin Ultra Turkey Stew Canned Cat. So what are we supposed to feed our pets?? Shots up to date., So is dead animals like rats used in the food. 24 25lb bags. We had the Acana Pork and Squash formulas tested at an independent laboratory from both the Canadian factory and the Kentucky factory. , I feed a balanced raw diet. They are still Canadian who opened a division in the USA. But for dogs it could even be worse?? For the past two weeks one of them has been throwing up at least every couple of days. I think that you would be very interested in it. Unless the Analytical Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) data are made available for the lab(s?) I would choose something else if your dogs are too high in arsenic. It would be interesting to know what levels of heavy metals were found in human grade food produced in the same area. In July 1983, KNREPC detected CHROMIUM, including the most toxic hexavalent form, in a private well 1,200 feet from the landfill area. For some context, there’s cyanide in crushed/chewed apple seeds but the level is so low that nothing happens. Rhodium (combination not to exceed 10 100) I’m so sorry to hear that. This Class Action Law Suit involves two brands of dog food made by Champion Pet Foods: Orijen and Acana.. The closest surface water intake is in Auburn, approximately 2 miles southeast of the site where Black Lick Creek originates., what’s wrong with some synthetic ingredients if they’re just vitamins and minerals? I didn’t need to feed as much and my dogs were satiated and maintained perfect weight, coats and health. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes. It’s made of 6 fish grain formula with 80% fish and 20% of fruits and vegetables. If I had been feeding this food, I would contact my vet and see about having my dog(s) tested for mercury & led. The following list (if present) includes all dog food recalls since 2009 directly related to this Champion Petfoods product. The best way is to have people submit their dog food for testing to the different labs. I’m following the lawsuits very closely. From what I’ve read, it seems an awful lot like a scam. They distribute this food to UK and European nations which holds a MUCH HIGHER standard of quality and living for humans and animals. The 2018 List Makes you think that this is the crappy foods that want to get some heavy players out of the way. But I can say, due to the ingredients being regional, the change in the formula for the USA made Orijen did not work for my girl. Just in case of situtations like this. Idk what bag you are grabbing off the shelf but their ‘chicken’ one with zero fish in it, is wild prairie. Many of their bags do not contain fish. I do not know if it was the Orijen, but I am so suspicious. The store first broke (from what I could tell) by cbs San Francisco. Ours was there for 2 days and in that time, it turned out to be enough time to develop pancreatitis. The issue, as I stated in a previous post, is the lack of taurine due to Acana’s replacement of meat with legumes. The best thing you can feed your dog is a RAW diet that is formulated with the correct levels of vitamins and minerals so you can make sure no deficiencies would occur. Author Buyer Beware, Co-Author Dinner PAWsible Here is a link to the NRC report mentioned above:, They set these levels as the “maximum tolerable levels” in animal feed (rodents shown below). As others have pointed out, check out, Pingback: Lawsuit Filed Against Orijen, Acana Claims Dog Food Contains Heavy Metals & Other Toxins - The Dogington Post, Wouldn’t trust this brand..its all marketing and labelling gimmicks on their bags.. Dont forget they are own by a investment group…they don’t care about pets..more about dollars and cents…. 4-D meal? I am done! Its as simple as the bags coming out of Canada are still vacuum sealed while the US bags are not. . Their standards are far above the US standards. When his bodyweight is taken into account, this works out to 0.132 mg/kg of Arsenic a day, which is far below the numbers as they are misleadingly presented in this article. If they can’t be honest on the packaging, how much further does it go. (We have 2 dogs that didn’t always eat the same flavor so it’s hard to tell). I used to feed Orijen when it was only made in Canada. I’m fairly new to raw feeding! It’s a lawsuit, not a recall, which tells me politics and deep pockets are involved. I started to feed homecooked about 4.5 years ago when my 12 yr lab mix was diagnosed with failing kidneys. Very small traces of heavy metals will be found in many (if not most) food products, and we know nothing about the lab that performed these tests or their methods. Don’t forget the Fukushima nuclear explosion which also sent a hefty amount of radiation to USA and California, which is one of the major food belts. So much this! is excellent I took mine off the Grain free and have seen vast improve st in coat and overall health …check it out. .2%. Or do you know otherwise? Molybdenum 25 250 The improvements in my fur babies was unbelievable in a very short period of time after the switch. All had normal blood tests. The store where we purchase our dog food said they had many clients experience the same thing. Orijen Original Recipe Dry Food. Save 35% with repeat delivery orders at! While a dog can survive those symptoms short term, they are terribly hard on the system while it persists. Read more here. Anyone else may contact me too. Fukushima is a good example. The Orijen 6 Fish Grain-Free Formula Dry Dog Food is a protein enrich diet compare than any other dog foods. Champion Pet Foods actually publishes this data themselves. In the end, I lost my best friend. L-Cystine 0.27 0.25 -7.41% Comparisons to drinking water makes no sense (need to compare meat with meat). the ratings are very mis-leading as they are not about nutrition but metals……Kevin Hick’s has a so so reputation so that does not help. Then after tonight’s vomiting episode I wondered if the fish in their dog food might be problematic and googled symptoms . It’s got even more fish than when I stopped using it. I’m devastated. Thank you! Orijen also does not produce limited ingredient dog food or anything specifically targeted in the hypoallergenic market. Golden breeders have access to data that can help you make feeding decisions. I think she is doing well with the food. FYI, Nestlé is looking to buy Champion, which means many independent pet food stores will probably stop carrying their brands. They look great and have beautiful coats. I’d also like to know how the metal levels compare with other kibble. Vegans who eat a lot of legumes also develop problems. I think your going to find some mega corporations behind this lawsuit and I pray that Champion comes out smelling like a rose. FWIW – Pancreatitis may develop from a dog being fed just a few strips of cooked bacon. People on this site care about our companions, and a loss hurts so much. I will never get my girl back, however. However, I do reject the assertion that the numbers imply toxicity. ( So does that mean ALL pet food has Vitamin B6 sourced from China?) Taurine 0.046 0.018 -60.87% I’ve been feeding my dog with Orijen since she was 8 months old, then I switched it to Go Sensitivity when she was 2 years old, still with the same Company. So before leaping to any conclusions, may I suggest that all of the above be published. Now that all of my dogs are off this CRAP food and on a better dog food, they are all recovering nicely. I don’t know if it’s from that food who knows! I have been feeding acana for many yrs.the highest level or arsenic found in Acana and Orijen dog foods was 3.2564 mg. Why would there be arawnuc in the food. Lead 1 10 Hard enough to accept death from old age, but other reasons, just heartbreaking. The lab that came up with this won’t free their methods on how they came to those conclusions. The judge recently granted in part, and denied in part, different claims of the lawsuit. Asenic @ 30,000ppb Your cat is 20! This kind of nutrition is very satisfactory and suitable for dogs of all activity levels including those who are very active. I have personally toured the Kentucky plant and met some of the people that supply their Botanicals and their fish. just bought a huge bag of Acana…and it is being avoided. Please tell me a name of a Safe,Excellent Quality Dry Dog food . That was it- vet gave me a standard recipe & changed & never looked back. I’m taking them in for arsenic poisoning tests tomorrow, and cooking rice and chicken for them tonight. I used to feed Orijen to my cat. Some eat the very same diet repeatedly, while also being exposed to environmental hazards. This recipe features free-run chicken and turkey as well as wild-caught fish and nest-laid eggs in a formula that consists of 85% poultry, fish, and egg ingredients with 15% fruits, vegetables, and botanicals. The issue (whatever the degree) is about exposure, accumulation, compounding, and repetition. The FDA released the following animal safety review with MTLs listed in Table 1. Should you have any questions going forward, please keep TAPF in mind. Overall, standards should be higher and as Susan said, the effects of lots of things being fed to an animal every day, for years, needs to be considered. All this since the food started coming from Kentucky. Yes, when we talk about Morinville, Edmonton or Alberta it’s Canada and the class action is against the US division run out of Kentucky. #Performatrin Ultra Grain Free Turkey Stew Adult Canned Cat Food 13.2 Oz. Our dog is over 10 years old, was on Acana puppy kibbles and then has been on Regional Red for 10 years. Orijen Six Fish With New England Mackerel, Herring, Flounder, Redfish, Monkfish, Silver Hake Dry Dog Food. I thought the exact thing when I heard about the Kentucky plant. I feed my dogs Orijen and Acana. At least the Canadian bags do, I can not speak for the States company. I used Acana for many yrs…but NEVER again. we all have BPA in our bloodstream from exposure to plastics, so it would stand to reason that feed animals do as well (perhaps via their feed, or at least the plastic container for feed, water, etc). I see your claim I fail to see any cited proof therefor your post is nothing more than rhetoric – She just would not eat it. My heart goes out to you. Many people use fish to increase the quality of their pets skin and/or skin. Free shipping on $49+ with 1-3 day delivery! Thanks Mike! Yes Zac I also started looking into the location when they said the Champion plant would be in KY. My dog has been on Acana and orijen for years (almost 10), he is a lab mix who I have been told by everyone that he does not look his age, he has no health issues and never has. That is used to kill rats. How much BPA was found in Champion Pet Foods as compared to canned pet food? Not the Six Fish, but the chicken. How could this happen. I spent thousands of dollars hospitalizing her to flush her organs of the toxins and give her IV antibiotics, followed by weeks of a dozen pills per day. This is a very expensive food, with increasingly inferior ingredients.