The expression “city of Tokyo” usually refers to the 23 wards (ku) that constitute the city proper. The National Capital Region (首都圏, Shutoken) of Japan refers to the Greater Tokyo Area as defined by the National Capital Region Planning Act (首都圏整備法, Shutoken-seibi-hō) of 1956, which defines it as "Tokyo and its surrounding area declared by government ordinance. The Tokyo metro, along with the Yamanote Line, the easiest way to get around the city and its surrounding regions. Management Section, Community Education Support Division, Tokyo Metropolitan Office of Education Nishi-Shinjuku 2-8-1, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 163-8001 Tel: 03-5321-1111 Return to … In addition to Tokyo's two subway systems — Tokyo Metro and Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation (Toei and Toden lines), Yokohama also has two subway lines. We hope you will read and enjoy it. Both Yokohama and Kawasaki are in Kanagawa prefecture. The current metro area population of Tokyo in 2020 is 37,393,000, a 0.11% decline from 2019. Until 1991 City Hall, which might more properly be called the Prefectural Office, was near the old centre of the city, just east of the palace and within the outer moat of Edo Castle. Two other rivers of note in the region are the Tama, the lower reaches of which form the eastern boundary between Tokyo and Kanagawa prefectures; and the Tone, the main course of which lies some distance north of Tokyo. Tokyo's thriving population shows no signs of stopping. Get exclusive access to content from our 1768 First Edition with your subscription. Notes & Sources: All figures issued by Japan Statistics Bureau,[10][11] except for Metro Employment Area, a study by Center for Spatial Information Service, the University of Tokyo. Tokyo Heliport serves helicopter traffic, including police, fire, and news. Book your tickets online for Tokyo Metro, Tokyo: See 2,379 reviews, articles, and 1,362 photos of Tokyo Metro, ranked No.5 on Tripadvisor among 6,367 attractions in Tokyo. Tokyo subway has 13 metro lines (Tokyo Metro 9 and Toei 4) as well as numerous overground options. In 2015, the CSA had a GDP of $1.83 trillion, which would rank 8th among countries. Tokyo Metro is a rapid transit system serving the capital city of Japan. Updates? The metro system is comprised of nine lines with a total operating length of 203.4km. Private Kamakura Tour from Tokyo Metro Area Full Day, Shinagawa Picture: Private Kamakura Tour from Tokyo Metro Area Full Day - Check out Tripadvisor members' 8,468 candid photos and videos of Private Kamakura Tour from Tokyo Metro Area Full Day The metro area population of Tokyo in 2018 was 37,468,000, a 0.19% increase from 2017. Fares: Rides on both the Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway (which are two separate systems, but share a common design language, which makes the system to which most stations belong indistinguishable) cost between 170-310 yen for a one-way ticket, while a one-day pass costs 600 yen. It commands the southern approaches to the Kantō Plain, the largest in Japan. The eastern districts, because they lie on unconsolidated, geologically unstable land and because they have been the more crowded and less affluent parts of the city, have been prone to disaster. 1,000,000) to the north. 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The metro area population of Tokyo in 2019 was 37,435,000, a 0.09% decline from 2018. Some 57 percent of all Greater Tokyo residents used rail as their primary means of transport in 2001.[17]. Discover specially curated and furnished modern apartments from over 400 apartments in 50 locations in Tokyo. [2] It covers an area of approximately 13,500 km2 (5,200 mi2),[4] giving it a population density of 2,642 person/km2. The Greater Tokyo Area has two major airports, Tokyo International Airport, commonly known as Haneda Airport (once chiefly domestic, now turning international) and Narita International Airport (chiefly international as well). Within the Route 16 loop, the coastline of Tokyo Bay is heavily industrialised, with the Keihin Industrial Area stretching from Tokyo down to Yokohama, and the Keiyō Industrial Zone from Tokyo eastwards to Chiba. Central Tokyo, situated in the eastern portion of Tokyo Metropolis, was once incorporated as Tokyo City, which was dismantled during World War II. The twenty three special wards currently have the legal status of cities, with individual mayors and city councils, and they call themselves "cities" in English. Tous Ce soir Ce weekend Ce mois-ci oct. nov. déc. The Tone is the second longest river in Japan, and its drainage basin is the largest. The shift may be taken as a concise summary of what has transpired since Edo became Tokyo. Tokyo Station Map/Area Map|Tokyo Station City Using Tokyo Welcome to the official website of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG). Deux compagnies de Metro, le Tokyo Metro et les lignes Toei, opèrent avec des tarifs légèrement différents. 2020 2021 Filtrer par genre. … The Landmark Tower rising above Yokohama Harbour. Money Exchange Services. Network consists of 16 lines and 223 stations when both operators, Tokyo Monorail and Rinkai Line are combined. There’s Tokyo City, Tokyo Prefecture, Tokyo Metropolis, Tokyo Metro Area, Greater Tokyo, Metropolitan Tokyo, Kanto. There are three other major cities within the metropolitan area. Ascott Marunouchi Tokyo is linked to the Otemachi subway station and is also a 10-minute walk to the main Tokyo train station. Pop. Each definition has a different population figure, granularity, methodology, and spatial association. The agglomeration of Tokyo is the world's largest economy, with the largest gross metropolitan product at over $2 Trillion purchasing power parity (PPP) in the world according to a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The most important carriers include Keihin Kyūkō Electric Railway (Keikyū), Keisei Electric Railway, Keiō Electric Railway, Odakyū Electric Railway, Seibu Railway, Tōbu Railway, and Tōkyū Corporation. To the southwest is an area known as Shōnan, which contains various cities and towns along the coast of Sagami Bay, and to the west the area is mountainous. Metropolitan Area information about TYO - Tokyo [Metro Area], 13, JP It has 179 stations in total. Tokyo is legally classified as a to (都), which translates as "metropolis", and is treated as one of the forty-seven prefectures of Japan. Travel to East Asia and sort out the facts in this journey through Japan. Metropolitan Area information about TYO - Tokyo [Metro Area], 13, JP Je kan ze zelf uit de automaat “toveren” na betaling van de kaart (500 yen) is een soort borg en na gebruik krijg je deze kosten terug (een vorm van statiegeld). Restrooms. Metro looks to the community around the Little Tokyo/Arts District Station to answer this question. A how-to guide for the Tokyo subway pass that saves you money and time. Book online with live calendar availability. The industrial city of Kawasaki lies between Tokyo and Yokohama. Latest Tokyo Destinations. Three prefectures (ken) bordering it—Saitama on the north, Chiba on the east, and Kanagawa on the south—may be said to make up the remainder of the complex, but there is more than one definition of Greater Tokyo, and large numbers of people live beyond the four prefectures and commute to work in the region. Filtrer par date. At its centre is the metropolitan prefecture, or metropolis (to), of Tokyo, Japan’s capital and largest city. -Tokyo Metro Area, Tokyo Metropolitan Area, Metropolitan Tokyo generally refers to the 23 special wards in Tokyo, occupying the area which used to be Tokyo city. The metro system is comprised of nine lines with a total operating length of 203.4km. [citation needed], (populations listed for those over 300,000). Please select which sections you would like to print: Corrections? Add an airport transfer from only ¥15,000 from Haneda and Narita! Minor facilities include the Chōfu, Ibaraki Airport, and Honda Airport. Yokohama, about 20 miles southwest of Tokyo, is the second largest city in Japan. 3. The area surrounding the future Little Tokyo/Arts District Station has been the subject of numerous community visioning exercises, planning efforts, studies, charrettes, and academic analyses. De maatschappij heeft een netwerk van 9 lijnen met 179 stations. In both the one really uncomfortable season is the summer, when humidity is extreme, and the temperature may rise to above 100 °F (38 °C). Metro and an urban design consultant team developed an "Opportunity Overview" of the Little Tokyo/Arts District Station. In Tokyo, there are various cultural heritages. Along the periphery of the main urban area are numerous new suburban housing developments such as the Tama New Town. Tokyo Area Guide. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. While this includes all of Greater Tokyo, it also includes sparsely populated mountain areas as well as far-flung Bonin Islands which are administered under Tokyo. Vous y trouverez toutes sortes d'informations sur l'ensemble des zones de la métropole, comme les itinéraires touristiques, comment accéder ou profiter des sites renommés, une fonction de recherche d'hébergement ou encore des infos sur les événements. NOW 50% OFF! The site was chosen for strategic reasons. Tous Tes artistes favoris. "[12] The government ordinance defined it as Tokyo and all six prefectures in the Kantō region plus Yamanashi Prefecture. The area surrounding the future Little Tokyo/Arts District Station has been the subject of numerous community visioning exercises, planning efforts, studies, charrettes, and academic analyses. Information. Network consists of 16 lines and 223 stations when both operators, Tokyo Monorail and Rinkai Line are combined. This includes convenient sightseeing lines such as the Marunouchi Line or the Yūrakuchō Line that go around the Imperial Palace, as well as the Hanzōmon Line that takes you to shitamachi (old downtown) areas in the east. Tokyo-Yokohama Metropolitan Area - Tokyo-Yokohama Metropolitan Area - Climate: Although Tokyo lies somewhat farther south than Washington, D.C., the two cities have similar climates. … The palace lies at the boundary between the flatlands and the more prosperous and geologically stable hilly regions. Author of. The JR Tokyo Wide Pass is a rail pass for exclusive use by non-Japanese passport holders, providing unlimited travel on JR trains (including shinkansen and limited express trains) and selected non-JR trains in the Kanto Region on three consecutive days.