The Ubuntu branding is a bit of misdirection, though. Fork of Elementary OS's Meta Package. As an evolving remix of Ubuntu, Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 20.10 has made a lot of progress in its aim to become an official community flavor of Ubuntu. But Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix is a new Linux distribution that brings the power of Ubuntu, with the Cinnamon flavour, which can be the solution for most users. The ex-developer of the now discontinued Ubuntu GNOME project and some members from Ubuntu team are also advising the team to help with the development. Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 則可以得益於較新的內核以及其他 6 個月周期內的功能升級和較新的軟體。 另一個關鍵的區別是,Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 將 「繼承」 Snap 支持 ,而 Linux Mint 則擁抱 FlatPak 。Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 使用 Ubuntu 軟體中心而不是 Mint 軟體管理器。 [*Editor’s Note – Dec. 20, 2019] It utilizes Linux Mint’s Cinnamon desktop environment on top of Ubuntu Linux’s codebase. I, Kai Lyons, will also be working on UbuntuCDE with Jaoheah. It aims to be an official Ubuntu flavor with an out-of-the-box Cinnamon experience for modern 64-bit computers. Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 20.04.1 LTS has been released today too, following closely on the heels of Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (Focal Fossa) and Ubuntu Unity 20.04.1.. While some users are welcoming the new flavor of Ubuntu with open arms, others are scratching their heads, wondering where it fits in. Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix uses the Ubuntu Software Center instead of the Mint Software Manager. The main confusion arises when you consider that Cinnamon is the official desktop for Linux Mint, based on Ubuntu. fork of Ubuntu's old Meta Package GPL-2.0 License 0 stars 0 forks Star Watch Code; Issues 0; Pull requests 0; Actions; Projects 0; … The latest release, Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 20.04.1 LTS is now available for download (links at the end of the article) and comes with a bunch of goodies. It combines solid Ubuntu 20.04 LTS foundation with the highly productive Cinnamon Desktop Environment. Ubuntu is an open-source software platform that runs everywhere from the PC to the server and the cloud. Ubuntu Cinnamon (website under construction) is a new Linux distribution that brings Cinnamon desktop to Ubuntu distribution. But, the Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix is a new project, and I don’t know, whether it is going to be a successful one, even though I am pretty optimistic about exploring the new distribution. Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix offers a beautiful Cinnamon experience with a gorgeous desktop theme that features red and dark grey colors. Follow their code on GitHub. The Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix brings together Linux Mint's Cinnamon desktop with the Ubuntu Core. Boot options I recently switched my Ubuntu 20.04 DE from Gnome to Cinnamon-Remix and I prefer the remix to Gnome. Its first stable version, released on Dec. 4, is based on Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine. Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix has 16 repositories available. Ennél a videónál többen azt írják, hogy bizonyos alkalmazások szebben néznek ki a Linux Mint alatt, mint az Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix alatt. The Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix project. I was wondering if there would be a potential problem with my system if I removed Gnome from my system and if not how do I do it. Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 19.10 использует рабочее окружение Cinnamon 4.0.10 (в последней версии Linux Mint 19.2 установлен Cinnamon 4.2), ядро Linux 5.3.0. Work on several release candidate and beta versions stretches back to […] По умолчанию установлена тема оформления Kimmo-Dark. Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix benefits from a newer kernel before updating the 6-month cycle and later software. Ubuntu-Cinnamon-Remix / ubuntucinnamon-meta. I just hope my custom Cinnamon + Caja setup works. It is just not where we belong. Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix já está disponível para download. The Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix brings together Linux Mint’s Cinnamon desktop with the Ubuntu Core. Several promising remixes have been introduced, including UbuntuDDE and Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix… Step 5: Select your user account on the login screen to access Cinnamon on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and newer. While some users are welcoming the new flavor of Ubuntu with open arms, others are scratching their heads, wondering where it fits in. Download Ubuntu desktop, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu for Raspberry Pi and IoT devices, Ubuntu Core and all the Ubuntu flavours. Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix Review This website can use cookies to improve the user experience Cookies contain small amounts of information (such as login information and … Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix is an open-source GNU/Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and built around the modern and beautiful Cinnamon desktop environment. This remix is designed to be ideal for use by the average computer user as a complete and user friendly alternative computer operating system solution. The last 6 months have given Ubuntu fans an abundance of choice. » Mr. Joshua Peisach has announced the release of Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 20.10. Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix arrived just in time for the holidays. I am currently on Mint 19x and If all goes accordingly I plan I'll be switching to Ubuntu 20.10 LTS Cinnamon remix after it's release in October 2020. Watch 0 Star 0 Fork 0 Meta package for the Ubuntu Cinnamon Desktop. Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 19.10 se basa como se puede deducir en Ubuntu 19.10 y se diferencia del resto de familia por usar el escritorio Cinnamon (4.0) y las aplicaciones y herramientas que lo acompañan, así como otros componentes ligados a este, por ejemplo el gestor de sesiones LightDM o, al igual que Lubuntu, el instalador de sistema Calamares. An Ubuntu-based Linux OS the replaces Unity with the Cinnamon desktop environment As its name suggests, Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix is a free and open source distribution of Linux derived from the world’s most popular free operating system, Ubuntu, and built around the Cinnamon desktop environment, a fork of GNOME 3. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 19.10 First Release Érdekes. Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix is based on the latest Ubuntu Linux release, namely Ubuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine), which means that it comes with all of its core components, as … make the “Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix” wording at least 1/3 of its size on the default wallpaper, configure the panel colour to match the default wallpaper, which is lovely, screenshot app is missing, had to install one to get a screeny, take one off, gthumb or … Another key difference is that Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix will “inherit” Snap support, and Linux Mint covers FlatPack. Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix is an Ubuntu-branded OS released as an unofficial flavor of Ubuntu, a Gnu/Linux computer operating system. I actually didn’t write at all about Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix in the past, so I’m happy to introduce you to it today. Wie der Namen bereits vermuten lässt, handelt es sich hier um Ubuntu, die als Desktop-Umgebung Cinnamon und als Dateimanager Nemo mit sich bringt. Once you do, select “Cinnamon” in the session menu. Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 20.04 comes with a unique theme and it makes the distribution to stand out from other distributions. Just like all the official and unofficial Ubuntu spins, it comes with its own customizations and some in-house built packages. Al igual que la semana pasada te hablé de la nueva beta de Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa, hoy vamos a hablar de un sabor no oficial de Ubuntu.Este no es otro que Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 20.04 Focal Fossa. The Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix is an unofficial remix of Ubuntu, a Gnu/Linux computer operating system. Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 20.04 Focal Fossa is a stable release from Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix project. Como cualquiera de nuestros lectores ya sabrá, en la actualidad hay 8 sabores oficiales de Ubuntu, pero pronto podría haber otro más. Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix quiere entrar a la familia de sabores oficiales. We love the community, but we find it in our best interests to no longer be a remix aiming for flavorhood. Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 20.10 is coming with the following highlights comparing to previous releases. We wish our friends in Ubuntu Cinnamon, UbuntuDDE, UbuntuCDE, Ubuntu Unity / UbuntuEd, and any future editions luck in the wonderful land of remixes. Joshua Peisach is the lead developer for the project and he is being helped by other volunteer contributors. Option 2: Installing Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix. Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix features the latest Cinnamon 4.0.10 desktop environment, UEFI support, Calamares installer, LightDM and Slick Greeter, Kimmo themes, and a great software selection. Es gibt eine neue, inoffizielle Ubuntu-Variante: Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix. Bem, alguém já trabalha com uma variante/sabor Cinnamon no Ubuntu há algum tempo, e ate já falei dele aqui no Blog.E agora, depois de muito trabalho, uma versão final está finalmente disponível para download do primeiro sabor não oficial do Cinnamon, que, por enquanto, é chamado Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix. Another way to try out Cinnamon on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and newer is to install the Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix. The layout comprises of a single panel located at the bottom of the screen, from where users can easily access the applications menu, … The reason being is that LTS distros are heavily out of date with packages and even though finding PPA's is easy for me. Jim C.