Instructional technologies and technology innovations are infused within the themes. Vision: WSU community members are wise stewards of our resources who make decisions that allow future Warriors to carry on this tradition. The themes are written with the intent that existing and short-term future strategic planning will align with the strategic directions of the entire university. Vision: WSU is recognized as an engaged university where community and university members work in respectful collaboration to address campus and community identified needs, to deepen students’ civic and academic learning, to enhance community well-being, and to enrich the scholarship of WSU. Chancellor’s Senior Leadership Team 3. 2. These Master Plans include specifics on how the planning aligns with WSU Strategic Themes Framework and specifically address aspect of the Framework and how each items will be accomplished to achieve the higher level goals of the Themes. The three new committees: Long Range Planning, Finance and Facilities, and Improvement, Accreditation and Assessment, function as all-university advisory and visioning groups. Feedback from the campus communities at every step in our processes is an essential component that informs and shapes our new directions. Fall 2018: Diversity Plan revisions begin. About. Strategic Plan Framework. Strategic planning for WSU-W and WSU-R required the participation of the entire WSU community. Planning for WSU's future directions must be based upon data and implemented through data-informed decision-making. Planning and Budgeting Committee Members 5. Figure 1 provides the Themes and the specifics under each Theme. It does this by identifying four strategic drivers as the priorities that will guide our decision making over the next five years, to 2019. Vision: WSU is a welcoming and inclusive university preparing culturally competent students, faculty, and staff to live, work, and become valuable contributors in a global society. Too many university strategic plans are mostly outcomes or ideals (or unfunded “wish lists”), without an articulation of strategy. The University's activities are guided by the University Strategy 2017-2021 which was approved by Council in December 2016. ), Foster a supportive environment for faculty and staff to promote excellence in teaching and learning, Design and deliver academic programs that overcome barriers of time, place, and tradition, Foster an environment that promotes and supports student research and creative scholarship, Develop an extended campus that delivers appropriate academic programs that address regional economic needs through strategic partnerships and resource development, Engage and explore academic and co-curricular programs to support regional and community needs, Develop a university-wide assessment plan that includes student learning outcomes, methodology, measurement, measures, and improvement processes to “close the loop”, Assess the quality of delivery modes: synchronous, asynchronous, apprentice models, online, other, Share best practices in teaching and learning, Strengthen and maintain accreditation and standing for our academic and co-curricular programs (e.g., AACSB, NCAA, CSWE, ABET, CAEP, NASM, etc. Fall 2019: Revised and expanded Academic Plan to be approved. The mission of Winona State University is to enhance the intellectual, social, cultural and economic vitality of the people and communities we serve. Strategy has numerous definitions, and those people who work on strategy in other settings like health care or the corporate sector often disagree on its meaning. The framework is a major milestone in a strategic planning process that has been organized around a set of key questions about challenges and opportunities facing the University. Recent Updates. [Call for Initiatives (PDF)]. The Monash Strategic Plan is currently under development and the planning framework will need to be reviewed upon its release. Operationalisation of the University Strategy is underpinned by the following plans: Academic Plan; International Plan; Māori Advancement Plan; Pacific Plan; Research Plan University Strategic Plan. The Strategic Framework is a capstone to strategic planning at Queen’s. 1.19.10 Planning Framework 1 University Strategic Plan (2010-2020) Planning Framework . Year Three Implementation Report: January 2018 (PDF 800 KB), Year Two Implementation Report: February 2017 (PDF 284 KB), Year One Implementation Report: November 2015 (PDF 325 KB). On September 12, 2019, President Thomas LeBlanc discussed the framework for the strategic planning process with the university community and announced the formation of four committees to guide the strategic planning process. It states the university’s mission, vision and values. Some planning was already underway, while other plans had just begun in 2014. PROMOTE SUSTAINABLE FUTURES A Strategic Framework for the University of Victoria 2018-2023 | 7 Ensure access to an extraordinary education for all Minnesotans. The University of Victoria’s new Strategic Framework 2018-2023 articulates our shared understanding of our vision, values and priorities. UCT will inspire creativity through outstanding achievements in discovery and innovation. University Plans. Based on two years of data gathering and consultation, the Themes reflect the direction and will of the WSU community. Fall 2019: Diversity Plan reviewed and approved. Introduction. Level 3 Planning provides workplans and strategies to implement and assess the goals and objectives in specific plans to meet the larger university Theme goals. At the framework’s core are four interconnected strategic drivers: the student learning experience; research prominence; financial sustainability; and internationalization. Its overarching goal of the strategic framework is to strengthen Queen’s vision as Canada’s quintessential balanced academy, ensuring we remain a university recognized equally for its research excellence and its transformative student learning experience. The Strategic Framework 2014-2019. Based on the Approvalof Academic Planning Framework Integrated Strategic Planning Steering Committee (Chaired by VPA with membership being representative of the University Community). The purpose of the scans was to prioritize key opportunities and threats to be addressed through the design and implementation of the plan. For example, technology planning cannot be completed without knowledge of academic planning, athletics, or enrollment planning. Vision: WSU offers the most innovative and highest-quality programs that serve our students and our communities. Deliver to students, employers, communities and taxpayers the highest value, most affordable option. Goal: Enhance a culture of learning and stewardship of resources at Winona State University, and prepare students to become responsible citizens and community members.  Coronavirus: Find up-to-date information on COVID-19. This final report on Taking Our Place: University of Manitoba Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020 summarizes the progress made on achieving the goals and priorities set out in the original plan.It provides a broad overview of the major highlights and insights into the many ways in which UM as a whole has worked together to advance our collective priorities. map for strategic planning at SUBR. Provide professional development opportunities for underrepresented employees to compete for leadership position. Delivering an integrated planning framework for the University, ensuring alignment of the strategic plan and subsidiary plans. Hanover provides a template with which SUBR can create a strategic plan suited to the needs and aspirations of the institution and its stakeholders. 1.19.10 . New plan implemented from 2020-2025. I am pleased to share the strategic directions for the Ohio State University Libraries: our collective purpose, aligned with the teaching, research, and engagement priorities set out in the university’s strategic plan — Time and Change — and designed to drive a new agile operating framework and participatory management structure. Our vision for UCT is to be an inclusive, engaged and research-intensive African university. The University of Notre Dame’s strategic plan, “A Legacy Expanded,” builds on the University’s five goals as outlined by Rev. A strategic plan serves as an organization’s roadmap that guides it in effectively achieving its vision. Based on the Strategic Directions Framework with its five organizing Themes, WSU aligns current and future plans under the Strategic Framework (see Figure 3). New plan implemented from 2020-2025. Identify and empower diversity champions. February 2019: President Christopher L. Eisgruber has posted a president's letter: The State of the University… 1. The Improvement, Accreditation, and Assessment (ImPAACT) Committee charge is: Propose, review, initiate and coordinate short-term initiatives for university improvement that are based on analysis of institutional-level data in preparation for the next accreditation, and develop assessment tool for evaluation of initiatives from the Long-Range Planning Committee. The University of Cape Town’s Strategic Planning Framework 2016–2020 Preamble The 2016–2020 Strategic Planning Framework has been developed against the backdrop of widespread social action on campuses throughout the country. A fourth component, including the Our Values statement and the University Student Learning Goals, provides general principles and characteristics that underly strategic and tactical planning. Annual progress reports on the Queen's University Strategic Framework will be shared with the Board of Trustees, the Senate and the Queen’s community. Fall 2021: Technology Plan reviewed and approved. NMSU LEADS 2025. This strategic framework serves as a capstone to a number of years of strategic planning at Queen’s and its purpose is to help the university achieve its vision. Planning Framework. Home > Explore UCT > Strategic Planning Framework . Level 1 Strategic Directions Framework The university strategic themes had to be broadly written to include the whole university community and to help all of us identify and support the under-lying goals. The constituents consulted span all five campuses and include: 1. Therefore, this strategic plan sets the course to bring scholars together in even more creative and innovative ways. Framework. It works like this: The division’s priorities and projects are driven by Framework elements--our guiding principles, key performance indicators and key activities. Deliver to students, employers, communities and taxpayers the highest value, most affordable option. Box 5838 | 175 West Mark Street | Winona, MN 55987 | 507.457.5000 | 1.800.342.5978, Winona State University is an equal opportunity employer and educator | Title IX & Sexual Violence Resources | Privacy | Contact Us, Diversity Mapping, Campus Climate Survey, Inclusive Excellence Committee, AVP for Inclusion/Diversity, 1A.1, 1A.2, 1A.3, 1A.4, 1B.1, 1B.2, 1B.3, 1C.1, 1C.2, 1C.3, 1A.3, 1A.5, 1A.6, 1B.2, 1B.3, 1C.1, 1C.2, 1C.3, 1A.4, 1A.5, 1B.1, 1B.2, 1B.3, 1C.1, 1C.2, 1C.3, 2A.1, 2A.2, 2A.3,2A.4, 2A.5, 2A.6,2B.1, 2B.2, 2B.3, 2B.4, 2C.1, 2C.2, 2C.3, 2A.1, 2A.4,2A.5, 2A.6, 2B.1, 2B.3, 2B.4, 2C.1. Thus, the group sought to develop themes that could achieve broad buy-in by many campus focus areas. New plan implemented from 2021-2024. The Strategic Framework is a capstone to strategic planning at Queen’s. Over the past ten years, our research enterprise has flourished and sponsored research awards to Northwestern have doubled; faculty have garnered prestigious honors and students have been Northwestern's Strategic Plan, NorthWEstern WILL, has since 2011 provided a framework in which to define our shared goals.It builds on our many strengths and focuses our energies and resources on the most pressing issues that we are distinctively positioned to address. In 2017, WSU-Rochester will celebrate its 100th anniversary serving the community of Rochester, Minnesota and its continuing partnership with what is now Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC). VP of Enrollment Management & Student Life, VP of Enrollment & Student Life and VP of Academic Affairs. The Vision and Goal statements under each Theme further define and articulate the focus of the Theme, with the understanding that there are many interconnections between and among Themes and intended outcomes. The Monash Planning Framework outlines our intentions for the future of the University – and includes strategic, academic and international plans. The new plan, called “Choosing Promise,” articulates the university’s strategic direction and will serve as its roadmap through 2024. ... the plan is a culmination of a robust strategic planning process and draws on an extensive analysis of AU’s current strengths, opportunities, ... As a research university on the rise, scholarship is central to AU’s future. Our students, faculty, staff, and administrators know our mission as: “A Community of Learners Improving Our World.”. May 2019: Diversity Plan revisions submitted for review in Fall 2019. A strategy map is a visual tool designed to clearly communicate a strategic plan and … Planning must be based on more than opinions, perceptions, or reactions to outside potential challenges and opportunities. As the Winona State University community faces the future, we recognize the traditions and successes of the past. 5P Planning Priorities outlined by President Olson in August 2013. Goal: Increase diversity in the university community and embrace a culture of inclusive excellence. ScopeThe University Strategic Plan sets out a framework of priorities for the University, its divisions and departments. At that time, the board and the administration committed to “conduct a Somsen 211 Established a Continuous Strategic Planning Committee (CUSP) to guide new planning initiatives. Engaged the full University community in crafting the Framework, reviewing its structure, conte… PO Box 5838 Ph.D., a visionary leader who created the necessary framework and guiding principles for this important process and related work to occur in a supportive community and accepting environment. Founded in 1858, Winona State University in Winona (WSU-W) was the first normal school west of the Mississippi River. University Strategic Planning: A Process for Change in a Principal Preparation Program This manuscript has been peer-reviewed, accepted, and endorsed by the National Council of Professors of Educational Administration (NCPEA) as a significant contribution to the scholarship and practice of school To further illustrate the relationship between the Chancellor’s categories, WSU Strategic Themes, and the specifics within each Theme, see Figure 2. Initially, we introduced The 5 P’s (People, Programs, Price, Place, and Pride) as broad categories and planning priorities. Its overarching goal of the strategic framework is to strengthen Queen’s vision as Canada’s quintessential balanced academy, ensuring we remain a university recognized equally for its research excellence and its transformative student learning experience. The Long-Range Planning Committee charge is: Review and proposal major long-term projects and programs related to facilities and programs at WSU and make recommendations through WSU's shared governance process on the future direction of the university. 4. Each theme has a Goal and Vision statement. Be the partner of choice to meet Minnesota’s workforce and community needs. New plan implemented from 2020-2025. The themes framework reflects the collective wisdom, ideas, hopes, and dreams for the future of Winona State. Theme I: Student Learning (programs and people), Theme II: Student Success (people, programs, price), Theme III: Stewards of Place and Resources (place, programs, price, pride), Theme IV: Inclusive Excellence (people, price, programs), Theme V: Relationships (people, place, pride, programs), Theme III: Stewards of The University of Victoria will be a global leader in environmental, social and institutional sustainability through our research, academic programs, campus operations, and the impact and influence of our students, faculty, staff and alumni. The group sought to identify overarching themes as a means of organizing campus input on Hopes and Dreams, visioning the future, and initiatives. [A model is] a template: You use it at the beginning of the planning process. We prepare our graduates to serve generously, lead responsibly and respond imaginatively and creatively to the challenges of their work, their lives and their communities. The focus of the social action has Winona MN, 55987, The oldest member of the colleges and universities of Minnesota State, Winona State University | P.O. The Mission of the university will be reviewed as the planning evolves during the 2015-2016 academic year. Strategic Plan Framework and Template Prepared for Southern University and A&M College March 2014 He characterized the data as falling under five general headings (The 5 P’s) that have since emerged as our guiding values: People, Programs, Price, Place, and Pride. The themes and key ideas were essentially "written" by the entire campus community and form the core of WSU’s Strategic Planning. Fall 2020: Strategic Enrollment Plan revised and approved. The terms strategic planning framework and strategic framing models are often used interchangeably, but some say they are different. Alignment of plans to the Strategic Directions Framework Themes includes developing the interconnections between and among the plans to serve the entire university. Faculty Asse… An overview of the University’s planning framework. The President required that planning at WSU be an organic process rather than a top-down or highly structured task. By providing strategic direction, Beyond Boundaries will guide Marquette, along with the campus master plan, enrollment plan, academic planning and an upcoming comprehensive campaign. 3. The three committees are evolving into strong shared governance bodies that will take on more detailed responsibilities as the committees adjust their roles within the larger planning and strategic direction-setting process. Ensure access to an extraordinary education for all Minnesotans. It positions and inspires us to apply our commitment to excellence in research and creative activity, teaching, service and engagement to serve … The 5 Ps (Place, Programs, Pride, Price and People) are foundational values of the hopes and dreams of the institution and cross all aspects of the University. Choosing Promise - Adopted 2019. During the “foundational” 2015–2016 academic year, Fordham accomplished the following objectives: 1. The University’s strategic and subsidiary plans … Part of Strategic Planning Kit For Dummies Cheat Sheet . Goal: Create and sustain a coordinated and rigorous set of learning experiences inside and outside the classroom in order to prepare students for their post-graduate life. Strategic direction informed by DFA Framework for Success The DFA entered the final phase of our Framework for Success implementation in 2019, and it has begun to inform the division’s strategic direction.. On behalf of the Task Force, we thank you for serving as dynamic partners in the development of Radford University’s 2018-2023 strategic plan. Strategic planning has a basic overall framework. Assess and improve search processes and remove barriers to the recruitment of quality employees, Improve access to professional development opportunities among all employees, Promote lifetime personal well-being of all employees through active and engaged participation in the WSU “Seven Dimensions of Wellness” (intellectual, physical, occupational, social, environmental, emotional, and spiritual), Strengthen alumni/ae and donor connections to and pride in WSU, Explore career counseling for life, increase outreach programs for p-12 students and families, and increase camp offerings and participation, Expand and enhance academic and co-curricular programs to support regional industry and community needs (Foster strategic and mutually beneficial partnerships that leverage strengths and build capacity through consultation and collaboration with our Winona, Rochester and Southeast Minnesota communities), Establish ways to track, monitor, and recognize student community engagement. 2A.1,2A.3, 2A.4,2A.5, 2A.6, 2B.1, 2B.2, 2B.3, 2B.4, 3A.1, 3A.2, 3A.33A.4,3A.5,3B.1, 3C.1, 3C.2, 5A.1, 5A.2, 5A.3, 5B.1, 5B.2, 5B.3, 5D.1, 5D.2, 5D.3, 5D.4. NMSU LEADS 2025 is the university’s strategic plan. It serves as a living document, providing the entire university system with guidance for understanding priorities and focusing resources. Level 2 Planning includes all planning across the university: academic, athletics, facilities, enrollment, student life, technology, library, foundation, etc. The Strategic Directions Themes were developed by a small work group, made up of members of the Long Range Planning and the Improvement, Accreditation and Assessment committees, with several objectives in mind: 1. Self Assessment and Institutional Review 1. Review previous and existingstrategic plan, priorities, strategic actions and outcomes, and assess performance outcomes. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., in his inaugural year (2005) as president and provides focus, transparency, and accountability for Notre Dame’s activities for the next 10 years (2014-2024). The main campus is located in southeastern Minnesota in the Mississippi River bluff “driftless” country and shares its campus grounds with the island community of Winona, Minnesota. The theme development process considered: 2. Vision: WSU is recognized as a student-centered university, where faculty, staff, and administrators are dedicated to promoting a culture of student success, which includes eliminating barriers, and maximizing students’ academic, emotional, and social growth and development as they reach their educational goals. 2. (e.g., transcript notation, research project awards, certificate programs), Establish ways to facilitate, track, monitor, and recognize community engagement in employee activities, including assessment and measurement of the impact of institutional and community engagement, Strengthen the relationship between academic programs/departments and University Advancement, Strengthen community connections with underrepresented populations.