Björk sings "It's Oh So Quiet" in a musical number set in and around a tire store. I listened, thought it'd be a great blog post, changed my mind, continued to listen, then decided to run with it. LOVE WILL FIND YOU - A book by Denitsa Boyadzhieva and PUNKT. Yet it is also the most confusing. 9 Add to Cart. [83] The song was also sampled in Kerli's "Love Is Dead" from her 2008 album of the same name. Search for "Björk: All Is Full of Love" on, Title: Music video for "Hyperballad" performed by Björk. [16] In opposition to the sonically minimalist mix included on the album, this version has been described as "lushly produced"[15] and includes "fluttering" harps and "shivering" strings. We need to watch what goes in through the eye-gate, and if you are sensitive and easily aroused by something like this, I would say stay away.EDIT: My review got downvoted four times now, and I think it's because of the fact my criticism aimed at it is extremely minor considering sexual imagery such as this is common in cinema today. Products; Feed; Order By. "All Is Full of Love" is a song by Icelandic musician Björk from her third studio album Homogenic (1997). "All Is Full of Love", the closing track of Homogenic, was the album's last song to be written and recorded. [26] Sal Cinquemani of Slant Magazine called it a "sublime rebirth",[12] and Tiny Mix Tapes commented that "the album ends on an optimistic note" with the "exquisite" song. "Bjork: All Is Full of Love" is not horrible, and it does have positive aspects, but the main thing that didn't allow it to work for me outside the rather bland aspect of the action included the risque manner in which the message was presented.First of all, allow me to say that the effects are great in what they do for the overall look. “I chose the setting for ‘Love Is All You Need?’ carefully,” said Shields. It is impossible not to see this: the whole thing is made so obvious and depicted in a very pornographic and suggestive manner that anyone who has seen enough modern cinema would notice. She complemented saying she mentioned that the video should be "white" and "frozen", and then it "melts because of love" and "making love". Immature. [16] Reportedly the best known and the preferred version by Björk's fans and herself, it is further known under the names of "Mark Stent Mix" and "Video Mix". In 1999, "All Is Full of Love" was released as a single with a music video directed by Chris Cunningham. With Björk. Björk's original version is a trip hop ballad with soul influences, harp, strings, and electronic beats; the version on Homogenic is a minimalist remix by Howie B, emphasising Björk's vocals. [22][23] In the United Kingdom, it was also made available as two different promotional singles in 1999, and as two VHS singles. Bjork's "All is Full of Love" began to play. [4] The treatment described the set as an "elegant" and "white environment" with "a Japanese feel to it". Submit Lyrics; [3], In August 1998, a 12-inch single of "All Is Full of Love", containing a remix by German IDM duo Funkstörung, was released through FatCat Records as a limited release. "[28] Entertainment Weekly's David Browne was less enthusiastic, considering it "the weakest track" of the album. [77] The song was performed only once on the 2015 Vulnicura Tour. The lyrics were inspired by love in spring and Ragnarök of Norse mythology. The single reached number 24 on the UK Singles Chart and became a dance hit in the United States. Here are some of our picks to get you in the spirit. The accompanying music video for the single was directed by Chris Cunningham and depicts the assembling of a robot with Björk's features, and her passionately kissing another robot in front of an ethereal and sterile backdrop. Bjork's DVD single All Is Full of Love is another brilliant fusion of emotion and technology, featuring Chris Cunningham's starkly beautiful video as well as two remixes of the song. The music video is a Lego animation directed by Michel Gondry. It smiles and extends its hand to the sitting robot, joining in the song. Throughout the many different types of film I've seen, music videos have never been particularly appealing to me, especially if the music is largely generic-sounding. [34] At the D&AD Awards, the video was awarded prizes in Video Direction, Cinematography, Animation, and Special Effects. As a father, husband, brother, son and a friend to so many - he was a devout supporter, always full of hope. And I think that with the video that was the most extreme example of that, I mean it really was a disaster [...] In the Avid, looking at this stuff, it just looked awful and I actually had a panic attack when I went to the telecine to look at the rushes. As the room lightens up, two mechanical arms begin to assemble the robot, which opens its eyes and begins to sing the song. [53] The music video was also on permanent exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. If it's not helpful, click 'no' and move on. [64][65] A live version of the track can also be found on the tour documentary DVD Minuscule of 2003. "[38] NME also praised the "All Is Full of Love" clip as one of Björk's best, and particularly commended the wide angle shot of the cyborgs kissing as the chorus kicks in. The video begins with what the Institute for the Unstable Media has described as "a dark uterine environment wrought with cables and faintly pulsating with light." The Redford Center extends our deepest sympathy and love to Jamie’s family. Two stereotypical gangster wannabes try to get lucky with two young women when the man himself, Aphex Twin, interrupts their crude discussion to show off his dancing skills. She had a rough winter and then she realised it was spring after she could hear the birds singing. [8] The Vitamin String Quartet, a musical group widely known for its series of tributes to popular music acts, covered the track as part of their 2005 tribute to Björk Violently: The String Quartet Tribute To Bjork. [67], The headliner of the 2002 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Björk opened the set with the track, wearing a white Comme des Garçons dress. [6] MusicRadar considered the music video to be "one of the most visually striking promos of Björk's career. "[40] Writing for Pitchfork Media, Scott Plagenhoef considered that "the strongest single images from any video of the 1990s come from [the clip]", also calling it "strange and moving". An experimental music video about a wheelchair-bound boy who morphs and moves to an Aphex Twin song. To coincide with this announcement, Funkstörung's remix was made available again and an official logo for the release was unveiled. It was subsequently included on the official soundtrack, Stigmata: Music From The MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack. [25], Both versions of "All Is Full of Love" received acclaim from music critics. News contacted Cunningham and 20th Century Fox—the studio behind the film—but neither of them returned calls for comment. [47] The music video also received the Best Special Effects in a Music Video and Best 3D Animation Music Video during the 2000 International Monitor Awards. [7] This is musically effected by Björk's vocals as she sings the lyric "All is full of love" in counterpoint with herself. This resulted in Björk contacting him to meet at his London office; she brought a Chinese Kama Sutraas a guide to what she wanted. [36] The camera follows these cables to an ethereal, white room where a robot with Björk's features lies in a fetal position. However, he admitted that he "would probably not have been particularly impressed" if he hadn't seen the music video. [36], The music video was greeted with widespread critical acclaim. [41] CMJ New Music Monthly's Douglas Wolk called the video "magnificent" and praised it for "[bringing] out the beauty of the song". Music video for "Big Time Sensuality" performed by Björk. View production, box office, & company info, Channel 4's 100 Greatest Pop Videos Of All Time. [76] The track was also performed a few times during Björk's Biophilia Tour (2011–13). "[3] However, she also described it as "taking the piss", considering it the most "sugary song" ever. Cunningham's innovative clip is as precise, delicate, and startling as the android-ized Bjorks that populate it, and the Funkstorung and Strings mixes of "All Is Full of Love" are welcome additions. [29] Douglas Wolk of CMJ New Music Monthly also gave the single a positive review, commending its B-sides and writing it "was hardly the most striking piece at the time—but the tune turns out to have been something of a sleeper. * – All Is Full Of ...", "Official Scottish Singles Sales Chart Top 100", "Official Independent Singles Chart Top 50",, Music videos directed by Chris Cunningham, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using infobox song with unknown parameters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Björk mit Funkstörung – "All Is Full of Love (In Love With Funkstörung Mix)" – 5:29, Björk mit Funkstörung – "All Is Full of Love (Secondotted by Funkstörung)" – 4:37, "All Is Full of Love" (Radio Strings Mix) – 4:46, "All Is Full of Love" (Guy Sigsworth mix) – 4:22, "All Is Full of Love" (Funkstörung Exclusive mix) – 4:36, "All Is Full of Love" (video version) – 4:50, "All Is Full of Love" (album version) – 4:32, "All Is Full of Love" (Album version) – 4:32, "All Is Full of Love" (Funkstörung Exclusive mix) (audio) – 4:36, "All Is Full of Love" (Strings) (audio) – 4:46, "All Is Full of Love" (μ-ziq 7" mix) – 3:51, "All Is Full of Love" (μ-ziq 1" mix) – 1:05, "All Is Full of Love" (Plaid remix) – 4:15, Assistants – Rebecca Storey, Russell Polden, Paul "P-Dub" Walton, Jason Westbrook, Danny Brown, Kirsten Cowie, Sie Midway-Smith, James Loughrey, Rob Murphy and Jason Groucott, This page was last edited on 2 December 2020, at 02:43. From shop edieart. [39] Eric Henderson of Slant Magazine dubbed it "the perfect pre-millennial precursor to our current gadget-assisted culture of self-love" and also wrote, "When it was released, I thought it looked cool and stressed the importance of loving yourself.
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