Last year the decoy hunt … Building the Delta’s Wildlife. Conducted each May by the U.S. Terms and Conditions, We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with Canadian orders. Get it Mon, Nov 23 - Wed, Nov 25. Delta Waterfowl2019-08-21T09:36:47-04:00August 20th, 2019|0 Comments, The Pond Count: A Tale of Two Countries Delta staff discuss the impact of a very wet U.S. prairie and very dry Canadian breeding grounds on this year’s survey results. Magazine. Read Digital Issue . Delta Waterfowl2020-06-16T09:49:13-04:00June 16th, 2020|0 Comments, North Dakota Survey: Ducks Up 18 Percent Good news, waterfowlers: The North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s spring survey indicates a breeding population of 4 million ducks — an 18 percent increase [...], Delta Waterfowl2020-07-02T16:50:33-04:00June 6th, 2020|0 Comments, Delta Re-Doubles Efforts to Keep You Connected During this unprecedented time of isolation, Delta Waterfowl is increasing communication to keep you in the loop on its never-ending work on duck production, habitat conservation, [...], Delta Waterfowl2020-05-21T16:57:47-04:00May 21st, 2020|0 Comments, Exciting Times! Media Kits; Press Releases; Reports; Shop. David Bernhardt, right, of the U.S. Dept. Beyond the Birds. Magazine. Bolt-Actions; Semi-Auto; Rimfire More than 4,000 men and women [...], Delta Waterfowl2019-07-10T15:59:14-04:00July 10th, 2019|0 Comments, North Dakota, Wisconsin, California Spring Surveys Show Promising Conditions for Ducks and Geese By Bill Miller Waterfowl hunting gear catalogs have begun to arrive in mailboxes, and those decoys in the [...], Delta Waterfowl2019-06-10T11:55:38-04:00June 6th, 2019|3 Comments, Delta Waterfowl Applauds Modernization of Canada’s Migratory Bird Hunting Regulations Canada is updating its migratory game bird regulations to make it easier to be a waterfowl hunter. 2018 Year in Review Your support made 2018 a standout year for Delta’s mission to produce ducks and secure the future of waterfowl hunting. The Fall Issue of Delta Waterfowl magazine provides a must-read story for every North American waterfowler: the 2020 Flight Forecast. Webster’s dictionary defines ‘weed’ as, “Any undesired, uncultivated plant.” However, an ecologist recently said a weed was, “A plant without a home.” The latter definition seems fitting for a community of wild grasses and sedges that many waterfowl managers and hunters call ‘moist-soil’ plants. thanks . Please call toll free at 1-877-667-5656 to complete your transaction. Bernhardt: ‘More Access to Hunting and Fishing to Come’ Sec. By Randy Sewall. From the Spring 2007 issue. For Ramsey Russell, duck hunting … In further celebrating mentorship, you’ll relish in the photo feature, “Passing the Torch,” in which stirring images reveal the making of a new waterfowler as he takes his first mallards, pintails and Canada geese. We do not have a shortage of ducks. Brice, vice president of waterfowl and hunter recruitment programs for Delta Waterfowl, [...], Bryce Seefeldt2020-08-14T15:05:00-04:00August 14th, 2020|0 Comments, Fall Flight 2020 Outlook Will more ducks head south this fall than last season? Delta Waterfowl | Delta Waterfowl - The Future of Waterfowl and Waterfowl Hunting You won’t want to miss the Traditions column, “Counting North America’s Ducks,” in which editor Paul Wait dives into this fascinating chapter in waterfowl history. Pintail . 2019 Fall Flight John Devney and Matt Chouinard of Delta Waterfowl explain how prolonged wet conditions in the Eastern Dakotas this year will boost the fall flight. Bernhardt: ‘More Access to Hunting and Fishing to Come’, Webfoot Outdoors of Clayton, NY Hosts Successful Delta Waterfowl University Hunt, Winter Issue Highlights Delta’s Defense of Hunter Access, Details Public Land Strategies, Alabama Artist Wins Federal Duck Stamp Competition, Fall Issue Explores Hunter Recruitment, Forecasts Fall Flight, Eastern Survey Area Reveals Mixed Results, Historic Sandhill Crane Season on Deck for Alabama, Delta Helps Save Hunting on Ontario’s Gravelly Bay, Alberta Lowers Waterfowl Hunting Age to 10 Years Old, Delta Waterfowl’s 2019 Hunt Annual Celebrates Opening Day, Delta Waterfowl Announces 2019 Volunteer of the Year Finalists, North Dakota, Wisconsin, California Spring Surveys Show Promising Conditions for Ducks and Geese, Delta Waterfowl Applauds Modernization of Canada’s Migratory Bird Hunting Regulations, Wildlife Habitat Canada Grants Support Hunter Recruitment, Hen Houses, Delta Waterfowl Awarded $100,000 Grant for Hen Houses in Manitoba, 2019 Canadian Duck Stamp Features Canvasbacks, Spring Issue Highlights Snow Geese, Nesting Ducks, Sunday Hunting Bills Advance in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Delta Waterfowl Welcomes New Regional Director for Ontario, Delta Waterfowl Hires Burns as Development Director, 2018 Farm Bill Provides Numerous Benefits for Ducks and Duck Hunters, Winter Issue Celebrates Late-Season Hunting, Delta’s Conservation Legacy, Atlantic Flyway Goose Seasons Shortened, Mallard Limits Reduced for 2019-2020, Delta Restores, Expands Hunting Access at Prime Kansas Location, Minnesota Artist Wins Federal Duck Stamp Competition, Fall Issue Celebrates Delta Waterfowl’s Legacy Property, Forecasts Fall Flight, Increased Black Duck Limits, Longer Dove Season Among Changes to Canada Hunting Regulations, Must Read: Hunt Annual Focuses on Gear, Travel, Hunt Tips, Mallards Increase in California, Wisconsin and Minnesota, Breeding Duck Numbers, Pond Count Down in North Dakota Spring Survey, Delta Waterfowl Welcomes Carlson’s Choke Tubes as a Corporate Sponsor, Senate Ag Committee Advances 2018 Farm Bill, Summer Issue Highlights Delta’s Voice for Duck Hunters, Local Impact, Wood Ducks Featured on 2018 Canadian Duck Stamp, Go Airborne with Delta’s Predator Management Guru, On the Air: Track the Migration of Delta’s Radio Ringnecks, Canada Proposes Increased Fees for Duck Stamps, Migratory Bird Permits, Spring Issue Highlights Ring-necked Duck Research, Snow Goose Hunting, Getting the Most Out of Predator Management, Wildlife Habitat Canada Grant Boosts Hen House Program, Winter Issue Highlights Mallard Hunting, Wetland Conservation, Another U.S. Duck Stamp Contest, Another Hautman Win Mallards will grace the 2018-2019 Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp Robert Hautman, of the talented trio of wildlife artist brothers from Minnesota, won the [...], Delta Waterfowl2017-09-12T17:41:58-04:00September 12th, 2017|0 Comments, Fall Issue Celebrates Canvasback Hunting and Drone Research To study ducks, you first have to locate their nests. Delta Waterfowl’s Fall Issue Forecasts Fall Flight, Delivers Mentoring Advice The Fall Issue of Delta Waterfowl magazine provides a must-read story for every North American waterfowler… To join Delta Waterfowl, call (888) 987-3695 or visit Habitat and Conditions Update Has it been a good year for duck production? Following in the footsteps of the best-selling patent-pending Zero Gravity Layout Blind, comes the Legend Layout Blind, which is designed for hunters braving the harshest elements. Tens of thousands of migrating ducks stage there each October, and it’s where Delta [...], Delta Waterfowl2018-08-24T12:31:56-04:00August 22nd, 2018|0 Comments, Ducks Decline in Eastern Survey Area The Waterfowl Population Status Report’s eastern survey area is a key fall-flight indicator for Atlantic Flyway waterfowlers. We simply don’t know much about them. Delta Waterfowl News and Events in the Atlantic Flyway. Please PM if you can help. Saves you $$$! Delta Waterfowl is recruiting the next generation of U.S. and Canadian hunters through our comprehensive mentored hunting program. Fish and Wildlife Service [...], Delta Waterfowl2019-08-20T16:58:41-04:00August 20th, 2019|1 Comment, Goose Seasons Stacking Up Nicely Goose hunters should have a decent season ahead, based on population data found in the U.S. In this video, Delta Waterfowl senior vice president John Devney explains that for seven years, The Duck Hunters [...], Delta Waterfowl2020-04-17T09:53:26-04:00April 17th, 2020|0 Comments, 2020 Canadian Duck Stamp to Feature Pintails © Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, as represented by the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, 2020 The 2020 Canadian Wildlife [...], Delta Waterfowl2020-04-15T11:41:38-04:00April 15th, 2020|2 Comments, USFWS Proposes Liberal Frameworks for 2020-2021 Waterfowl Season By Kyle Wintersteen, Managing Editor Great news: Under the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service releases its annual Waterfowl Population Status report, the total number of ducks, as well as the species [...], Delta Waterfowl2019-08-22T15:02:31-04:00August 17th, 2017|0 Comments, Eastern Survey Area Reveals Mixed Results For Atlantic Flyway waterfowlers, there’s no better barometer for the fall flight than the eastern survey area. Delta Waterfowl has a mission to produce ducks and secure the future of waterfowl hunting as well as a vision for abundant waterfowl and endless opportunities for hunters. Duck Hunter Numbers, Waterfowl Harvest Increased in 2016-2017 By Kyle Wintersteen Which states harvested the most ducks, what species appeared most frequently on hunters’ straps and how many Americans went [...], Delta Waterfowl2017-08-17T11:09:58-04:00August 17th, 2017|0 Comments, 2017 Goose Hunting Outlook By Paul Wait When the U.S. Delta Waterfowl2019-05-15T11:04:41-04:00May 15th, 2019|0 Comments, Wildlife Habitat Canada Grants Support Hunter Recruitment, Hen Houses A pair of grants from Wildlife Habitat Canada are helping Delta Waterfowl boost hunter recruitment across Canada, while also maintaining the organization’s [...], Delta Waterfowl2019-04-17T17:50:50-04:00April 17th, 2019|1 Comment, Delta Waterfowl Awarded $100,000 Grant for Hen Houses in Manitoba Delta Waterfowl Hen Houses are proven duck production tools that add mallards to the fall flight. Delivered to your door six times each year. Presenting … The organization strives to help waterfowlers by using science-based programs to help duck reproduction; conserving duck-breeding habitat; enhancing duck hunting opportunities; and helping carry on the tradition of duck hunting through programs such as First Hunt—a waterfowl-specific hunter … FREE Shipping by Amazon. [...], Delta Waterfowl2018-03-02T14:05:36-05:00March 2nd, 2018|7 Comments, Canada Proposes Increased Fees for Duck Stamps, Migratory Bird Permits By Kyle Wintersteen, Managing Editor Under a proposal by the Canadian Wildlife Service, the price of the Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit and [...], Delta Waterfowl2018-02-21T15:25:22-05:00February 21st, 2018|2 Comments, Spring Issue Highlights Ring-necked Duck Research, Snow Goose Hunting Ring-necked ducks are the most commonly bagged diving species in the United States, and yet very little is known about them. Delta’s Dr. Frank Rohwer and Matt Chouinard assess 2020’s habitat conditions and duck production in the all-important prairie pothole [...], Delta Waterfowl2020-07-31T16:58:31-04:00July 31st, 2020|0 Comments, Buy a Duck Stamp, Win a Classic Waterfowl Book! Privacy Policy Member Name * First. And last year, was likely one of the worst. It [...], Delta Waterfowl2019-08-20T14:55:06-04:00August 20th, 2019|1 Comment, We Hunt the Fall Flight The number of young ducks migrating south is critical to hunter success By John Devney For decades, hunters have greatly anticipated the release of the U.S. [...], Delta Waterfowl2019-08-20T13:36:35-04:00August 20th, 2019|0 Comments, Historic Sandhill Crane Season on Deck for Alabama For the first time in more than 100 years, Alabama will allow the legal harvest of sandhill cranes this winter. Delta Waterfowl’s new strategic plan is built upon our historic organizational strengths, but organized around the key needs of duck hunters. Delta Waterfowl Celebrates Passage of the Great American Outdoors Act The Duck Hunters Organization urges President Trump to sign the landmark conservation-funding bill, which invests in waterfowl habitat enhancements and quality duck hunting opportunities BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA — Today the U.S. House of Representatives passed historic legislation that will have long-term … The subtle shortening of days, or that first cool breeze on your [...], Delta Waterfowl2019-07-12T11:13:06-04:00July 12th, 2019|0 Comments, Delta Waterfowl Announces 2019 Volunteer of the Year Finalists Delta Waterfowl could not exist without the devoted volunteers who support the organization at every level.
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