You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work without the written permission of the rights owner. I can explain the different effort needed to achieve my different learning goals across the time frame AND look at the effort needed in a different way. Final Thoughts. Management competencies: Management competencies identify the specific attributes and capabilities that illustrate an individual’s management potential: Competencies in this category should demonstrate pertinent behaviors for management to be effective. Making effective decisions. I can show respect to my peers (or at lest I think) by helping them if they need help with anything or if I can be of use to them. Your child uses these key competencies in many different situations at home, at sport, at church, at cultural … Figure 4: The self The underlying design consideration is tha tests are … An example can be your child being encouraged to reflect on what they are doing, how that helps their learning, and what they can do differently to improve their learning 2. mathematical and logical thin… I check the reliability and validity of the facts in the reasons and objections. • Understanding the self equips individuals with making more effective career & life choice, the ability to lead, guide & inspire with authenticity. You may not use this work for commercial purposes. ), I am able to complete the task in the allocated time (important and urgent.). Understanding and Managing Self 17 3.1 Progression of Understanding and Managing Self across key stages 18 I will need to work hard to stay on task when I am learning to ....and to listen carefully when ... .”, I will need to work hard to stay on task.”, “I don’t know what I am doing, how long I have to do it, or how hard it will be.”, I can do more than one of the following independently eg, I can do one self management skill with prompting eg, Refuse to allow negativity into your mind. It is particularly linked to self-assessment. Establish personal goals/ plan my work/ set high standards/ act appropriately in a range of settings/become aware of my actions and words on others/ set high self expectations/ developing a range of strategies to become a successful learner/ make well informed choices/TocMedia type="custom" key="4293901", Managing self:Strategies for regulating overt behaviour for learning e.g. Supporting the key competencies: managing self The New Zealand Curriculum identifies five key competencies that are qualities essential to students becoming active members of the community. Competencies and their models provide a map for professionals. If so then you may … What are core competencies? One of the key supply chain competence is to management physical flow of the goods, which mean the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage logistics communication, warehouse and storage management, material handling and distribution of goods (including reverse logistics). Course 3). Accordingly, KPIs are most commonly defined in a way that is understandable, meaningful, and measurable. I can personalise my learning behaviours/ strategies to help me achieve my learning goals, I can plan and prioritise what I need to do in the rich task (planning), I can monitor my own progress and know when I need to ask for help (monitoring), I can judge how well I am doing, and change things to better manage my time. I need help to get my book so I am ready for the lesson AND select the stationery I will need, I need help to get my book so I am ready for the lesson, I need help to get my stationery and book so I am ready for the lesson. It helps to achieve the goals, manage time, and organize life. Composure Under Pressure. Setting goals in life is very important and it is a key factor in the development of self-management skills. Some of the required managerial comp entices … I can plan, monitor and evaluate my progress intuitively in response to changes in my learning environment. Tell us about … While you work on yourself, develop motivation; comprehend things, you want to do, and you will be powerful and strong. Self management is associated with self-motivation, the development of autonomy and lifelong learning skills. Leadership and management competencies. Recognizes one’s own areas of personal … KEY COMPETENCIES: Managing self: Self Evaluation Name: Date: One thing I volunteered to do was One way in which I led the group was One thing I need to focus on in order to improve my own performance in the class is How I rate my performance in this exercise. [e.g. 28. I need help to complete the task within the allocated time. Is confident of own ability to accomplish goals. If you can master these 5 self-management skills, you'll be on track … An employer will be looking at how you achieve results by prioritising workload, effective time management, showing efficiency with resources available and monitoring progress. Leadership Competencies Readers also liked. I can list the classes I have on any given day and bring the correct gear, Every day I arrive at school on time with everything I will need for the day no matter what it brings (e.g umbrella, spare pens, highlighters, protactors, post it notes, canary in case of gas attack). “I am learning to ...... . Description Excellent Good Developing I gave my full attention to what the class/group was doing. I have several steps in my action plan, and can follow them without being reminded. Relating to others. I can consistently get all things ready for my school day and can assist others in this process, I can consistently be ready ahead of time for the school day, I can do many things to be ready for the school day, I can do one thing to be ready for the school day, I need support to be ready for the school day, I can reflect and evaluate completed tasks, I can sequence tasks in order to complete them in a set time, I can reflect and evaluate factors that influenced my self motivation, I can accurately apply the correct skills learned to new independent tasks with consistent effort, I can describe a purpose of the task, and can willingly maintain the effort required to complete the task, I am willing to put in limited effort to complete a task independently, I am not willing to put in the effort required to complete a task, I can spontaneously interact with the speaker at any stage of the presentation, I can follow the speaker and explain back what they said regardless of situation, I can demonstrate I am listening by my verbal and nonverbal responses, I can listen in a one to one situation and ask one question, I can reflect on the impact of my own words and those of others, I can be responsible for what I say and understand the impact on others, I can speak and respond appropriately in a group situation but am not so aware of the impact of my words, I can speak appropriately in a one to one situation or small group, I cannot speak to another person or small group.
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