Lavender’s vitality makes it cheery and pleasant to be around. They are used for a variety of different kinds of wishes. It is a color that is attracted to beautiful things. Lilac is pale purple on the pink side. 11. About Lavender. Over the years, lavender has earned a prominent role in Christian faith. Purple, a close cousin of violet possesses the calmness of blue and the vibrance of red since it is the intermediate of both these primary colors. What Colors Do Fish See and Do They Have Good Eyesight? Both colors are named after Lavender and Lilac flowers. In paints, the colour lavender is … As with all other colors, lavender roses have special meanings attached to them. It implies immaturity, superficiality and youthfulness. Lavender believes that life isn’t meant to be rushed, but not everyone subscribes to this notion. Purple is the color of royalty and speaks of elegance, refinement and luxury. Lavender has a strong connection to springtime. For some minds, the psychological implications of the color lavender are inseparable from the flower of the same name. Ancient Romans valued it so much that a pound of the plant sold for as much as a farmer’s entire monthly wages. Read More…. The color of the flower is still the standard for lavender but there are many other tones of light or medium violet now called lavender also. “Spiritual” Meaning of Colors “Spiritual” is a very vague term, which can mean a lot of things. Often, the lavender rose is a sign of love at first sight or enchantment. This psychological association is confirmed by the color’s historical use within the Christian faith as a symbol of Easter. Born to the purple: a person who is born into a noble or royal family. Just as the flower that bears its name, the color lavender is associated with the youthful, untamed growth found in nature during springtime. Light purple or lavender is a feminine, graceful, elegant color that has long been associated with refined, wealthy women. There are many shades of lavender used in fashion and interior design; mauve, periwinkle and amethyst are considered lavender-based hues by designers although “floral lavender” remains the standard bearer for color … Lavender Flowers Meaning Lavender Meaning. In that sense, lavender represents the part of the psyche that, untouched by the weary and troubles of years, retains the vigor and vitality of youth. Often confused for just another shade of purple, lavender is its own distinct family of colors. Because of this, lavender is in the unique position of invoking masculine, feminine, dynamic, and restful states of mind depending on the current psychological perspective and temper of the viewer. Purple heart: a medal awarded to a US soldier wounded in battle. Moreover, surrounding yourself with lavender may take you back to a simpler time. Download "The Psychology of Colors" PDF today with 20% discount!, The Basics of Color Psychology [53-pages Ebook, PDF], What Colors Make Purple? As a friendly hue, lavender is held in high regard. Learn how to make brown, Rainbow Colors: Their Meanings, Order and Symbolism in the Bible, Download our "The Psychology of Colors" PDF today with 20% discount!. Thanks to its feminine qualities, lavender is easy to approach. The delicate petals of a lavender bush. If you have a creative mind, lavender will prove an invaluable asset to you. Its ability to calm the psyche bodes well for purity and healing. The ancient Hebrews ascribed holiness to lavender, using it as a key component of ritual anointing oil, a fact attested to in the biblical Song of Solomon. The color lavender might be described as a medium purple or a light pinkish purple. With the growing popularity of aromatherapy, lavender is gaining more traction. Yes, it can mean Christian or Biblical, but it also can mean, New Age, Hindu, Islamic, and a whole bunch of other things. Lay it out in lavender… We have already said that the color of a lavender flower is purple. Some people believe that lavender is so useful in these situations that they use lavender roses to express their love and adoration. Lavender-colored flowers speak of wealth and wisdom when given as a gift. Since lavender is related to the changing of seasons, it’s affiliated with transformation. 1Strangely but true, the color of the heart emojis you send can convey certain messages with various meanings. Overall, pink roses suggest a gentleness compared to the typical bright… This encompasses such emotions and mental thought processes imagination, creativity, and because of its association with springtime, the optimistic beginning of new stages in life. Lavender Aura Color Personalities and Meaning. Ivory while similar, is an offwhite color that appears a shade darker. List of 220 Colors With Color Names and Hex Codes, 10 Therapeutic Benefits of Coloring Books for Adults. Learn how to make cyan, What color do green and red make? More specifically, this color is heavily featured in Easter traditions. Purple also represents meanings of wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic. If you’ve lost faith in love, turn to lavender for inspiration. Lavender’s masculine qualities are tied to its association with kingship, as the rarity of the color lavender in nature means naturally derived dyes were reserved for the elite throughout history. Summary: Purple Color Meaning. Purple is an excellent color to add in the south sector of … It is often used to show that something is special or unique, in addition to being used to invoke feelings of romance or nostalgia.
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