Goose appears as part of the Native American Zodiac. I had been seeing/hearing moose synchronicity for the past…. Instead pause to appreciate the beautiful home and life you have. like the moose, it didn’t need saving, it just needed to walk out of the water, and know that it could/was possible. The moose spirit animal signifies strength, pride, and life. People who carry the moose symbolism are being called to work with the oppositions in their lives. Her wildness is not to be feared or tamed. You have an unshakable desire to do well in life, and you believe that you have all of the different tools in order to really achieve this. Your moose totem appears to you because you need to focus on the future, just like with the fox totem. With his long, silly grin, he wants to assure you that you are most certainly odd. The flock becomes one mind as it travels the long journeys on the thermal winds. I wanted to go and help him. The dream moose also represents steady forward movement through your life. The sheer size of this animal gives it a … Totems are our guiding forces in life. At the point of the lyrics that say “there was nothing to fear nothing to hide” I was midway across this log and decide to look up to push my bravery without slowing down. The moose spirit animal signifies the potentiality of incredible strength among the members of the group. The Meanings of the Elk as a Spirit Animal. Share your knowledge and joy, and tell the world how you feel! So you are becoming aware of whats happening to you, about some struggle you’re having in life. However, you do need to be aware of how to take advantage of things, so doing so in a relaxed manner and not being too forceful is going to be the best course of action for you to take. You are wise beyond your years, and you can be expected to do the right thing even in the most stressful and emotional situations. It was 2.5 years ago that I had this dream, in which I was in a field with a girl and felt intense romance and joy. So my syncs are giving me flower petals along the path but I can’t see WTH kind of flower they could have possibly come from for quite a while. I HAD to be alone, I couldn’t “Christ Consciousness” love anyone then for some reason. There was a storm coming and the strong flood waters knocked it over. You have the gift to breathe life into that dead moose. You have telekinesis btw, it’s just not obvious. The appearance of a moose in your dream is symbolic of a long life as well. This was adream obviously. I was shining a light and yelling for the cat and still only heard these noises so I grew concerned and threw on my boots and glasses and jumped both fences until I was in the offending yard… now these are no picket fences my friends, these are 6 ft high chain link fences with at least 3 ft of snow on the ground and lots of brambles and thicket to deal with… so I land in the other yard and break thru the surface and sink up to my thighs; I pull myself up with a prickly branch and regret grabbing it instantly… I am in the mean time still shining my light and calling the cats name… i know that about 20 ft from where I am there is a big old garage/shed; and the sounds are coming from between that big old building and the fence line (about 15ft between them) So shining my light I move forward until I am about 7 ft from the building and I see eye shine… and it is well above my head. 21 thoughts on “ The Meaning of an Eagle Sighting ” Jennifer Fields September 5, 2020 at 7:57 pm. So I’m back safely across, the second one held (I have Jupiter, the lucky planet, in my 8th house of power and death, conjunct also with my Uranus “genius revolution energy”). It was a mommy & a baby moose but there was a bison & that was the father. Its wisdom helps it to lead a long life full of grace and self respect. I can’t even describe the sound, was unlike anything I’ve ever heard and not moose-like or even animal like really…it was like a painful scared human scream and animal scream mixed together on such an intense level that it ripped right through your everything – if that makes sense. When you decide that you want something, you will not stop until you get it, even if it results in injury, or even death! A rare albino moose, sacred to aboriginal people, was shot and killed by hunters in Nova Scotia. I dreamt that I was riding a cow moose. It was perfect for sungazing so I did that. It woke me up and I could still feel all that emotion and all that pain and it took quite a while for me to shake it and get back to bed. I began to pet it & hug it’s face but then I noticed the mother became very protective. This totem animal is an amazing spiritual guardian and guide. She is going to have another…I hope she has it here with me … , Oh I just love this! The meaning of the moose also means you that you can see how you are faring in your relationship. I kept telling him, “It’s okay. tree stump.” Just in front of me is a tree stump where I immediately decide to sit and cry and so I’m huffing and puffing, feeling horrible heart sensations and thinking about death, and on a *** tree stump. You are courageous and powerful, adaptive and communal. I’m feeling like I am probably ribght about this assumption. It has a shoulder hump, big ears, a large overhanging upper lip and a short tail. maybe also you feel like you need to be saved somehow when instead you could just change your mindset and trust everything will be okay. Moose totem and spiritual powers Native Americans appreciate and admire Moose totem very much. I yelled to people on the street, “There’s a moose!” and it became a photo opportunity. Not only is a moose rack mammoth in width, the moose can get as tall as 6 foot, and weigh 1800 pounds! Water is a very common but powerful dream symbol. I love moose(S) i didn’t know what the spirit animal meant. I am crying and appreciative that it didn’t try to kill me, and I pray to it and bow. The lyrics are about crossing over (like in a boat) and I was a bit high above a stream. Furthermore, folks with this spirit animal totem see life for what it is, a long journey with short stops to enjoy the spoils along the way. I had a dream of a pure white moose and calf. Your email address will not be published. He was all covered in dried mud and I needed to clean him up. When you have a Moose dream, it signifies that you must pay close attention to the elders around you. Moose symbolism is also strong on the point of working together in both work as well as relationships. Often, the easiest way to achieve this is by just going ahead and looking at several key facts that surround the moose both from a symbolism point of view as well as the actual spirit animal as well. Hope this helped : ) Mario. Relationships take a lot of work, but if you have a solid foundation, you have one less thing to worry about! I was looking for my cat in my back yard just now and I kept hearing noises from the yard diagonally across from mine (4 properties meet and all arefenced my back yard is where the fences meet) the noises sounded like the cat was maybe stuck in a tree or broken through the thick crust of snow and stuck in the soft and wet snow beneath…. (The calf was also pure white). Understand the need for balance between getting things done and stepping up and doing the job yourself. You are compassionate and graceful. This knowledge I don’t lay claim to, I only am a vessel for it. The moose as a spirit animal represents pride, strength, and confidence. It indicates that you are sensitive to your environment and willing to explore your surroundings. Weak people using me for strength then poof, off to their stupid personal lives that they think is important. Any and all donations will be used to help animals in need on Go Fund Me. You must move on from the past. I Dreampt that a moose was running around wild on its own then I remember looking away then when I look d back it was dead in a tree with a man & a woman.Very strange but vivid dream..I’d like to know its meaning as I think it has some significance ? It was all I had on me when I found the columbines (picture perfect, 5 and 5, I was just telling a friend about “fibonacci 5”), so I gave it to it. Thoughts like these. I have been having dreams and various visions of moose. Being truly alive in ourselves is finding that balance between what is wild and what is civilized. The spirit of tiger brings with it many different meanings and symbols. You and me both!! Through the wisdom of the North we understand that recognizing that wisdom has been used in a situation, makes us aware that a “pat on the back” or “well done” is justly deserved. They do not exist. I get to this tall cement platform (in the woods) that is about 10 feet down. Make sure that you visit. I am frightened at first… and then I turn my light off and stand against the fence and listen. The moose spirit animal people are not the kind of persons that one may want to offend. chared campfire remains. So after much of this, I was playing music on my phone thinking about elements and whatever other spiritual “chewing gum” I perseverate over with my Aquarian spirit. The ability to camouflage yourself and move quietly behind the scenes. But as they were beside you, perhaps they represent some protective element. You just described my last two months. As the hawk stands for higher perspective, maybe that’s where that feather came from. The moose meaning also encourages you to embrace your personal strength and grace. So I do that and then there are TWO substantial but dry tree trunks spanning a deep gap. Also, there needs to be a very solid foundation for everything to be built upon, and you are going to be working hard to achieve this wherever possible. If you focus on your professional goals, you tend to lose sight of the more important things, like your family and relationships. Im starting to believe that he is my spirit guide or power animal. I dreamt about a moose who loved me. So, if you’d ask me… I think your dream also shows that one of your strengths was failing. I was tempted to just hangout and test the limits because I have wanted to die often before I got control of my Scorpio Moon. In the medicine wheel Moose is found in the North which is the place for wisdom. They typically don’t have the reservation to shy away from challenges and tend … I’ve been going through romantic confusion and been kind of a “christ consciousness” slut lately. Moose Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism in Different Cultures In Native American Culture Symbolizing stamina and might, the moose totem is believed to be borne by those people who master the skills to brave any situation and come out with greater strength. Figure out which one it is and do your best to resolve it! I moved to a new state a year ago and am miserable. Coming home the moose was in the same spot waiting until I drove closer and then crossed. How can I get more information to build on the positve strenth and energy? Love is your vision; love is your hands, your feet and your mind. The moose symbolism speaks about solidarity and togetherness, and how you should strive to have them in your relationships. I had a dream last night that I was walking around with my boyfriend after being with one of my youth leaders & we ran into moose like animals. I’m very curious to see what this could mean. The Symbolism of Moose as a Spirit Animal. you don’t drowning by falling in the water, you drown by staying there. It is only our fear that requires us to confine our own strength or the strength of those around us. Dreaming of a moose in the wild is a sign of a beneficial change coming. I had a dream last night that I was walking with my dog and we came around a corner and I spotted a baby moose walking towards me, but then I notice the parents laying in the front yard of a house. The front legs are longer than the back legs. Some foot prints..some actual animals and at other times it is people mentioning the word moose out of the blue for no reason. The presence of a calf in your vision means that a lucky break is about to happen. They are native to subarctic areas and there are several subspecies living in different parts of the world, such as Eurasian elk, Mid-Siberian moose, Eastern moose, Alaska moose and so on.Since these animals are widely spread in North America, most of beliefs about moose originate from these lands. (See Below), Brought to you by the same people who created Spirit Animals. Listen to what your heart is telling you and let it fill your life! Our data base contains over 800 random affirmations. Just like the mouse spirit animal, you are guided by your instincts, allowing you to steer clear of harm’s way. It is not known exactly which tribe first taught colonists the word for "moose," since moose names are extremely similar in many different northeastern Algonquian languages (moz in Abenaki, mus in Maliseet, mooz in Ojibwe, mos in Mohegan, etc.) I am going through immense change and it is time to be brave now. Read More. You need to embrace your own individualism. Before i knew it i was surrounded by crowds of people and I became scared for the moose and the people.The moose charged through the crowd, and ran behind a gropu of young children and charged at their backs. The sun was so bright, everything was simply divine. It’s not very difficult to decipher the moose symbolism because its message focuses on seeking the truth and finding the guidance within you. Drumming with Moose is empowering the Feminine Energies, as Moose hangs out hear the water, and can stay under water for up to a minute while eating from the bottom of ponds and lakes. I drempt that a very large black moose had charged me but fell before it got to me but then it walked away and played with the children out front of my home. She immediately came at me & I opened my arms ready to embrace her, too. I had a dream where a moose was swimming across a lake at me. The moose followed me whilst I was in a moving vehicle the moose caught up to me , placed his head on my lap then snuggled into me. It is dark and I do not see anything else but I feel scared right away and leap back as the creature was within 4 ft of me…. You could say that some of these connections are thin, but all combined, you have to wonder “WTF” right along with me or accuse me of lying.
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