Pls direct me on how i can join. It is called Etiponla in Yoruba, Azeigwe in Igbo and Babba-Juju in Hausa. ..I tried joining , was sent a link to get password to get registers. My name is Amarachi, Hi Amarachi dear. Thumbs up to you for this amazing article. “We believe that if a woman has good reproductive health, her blood should be clean and must be liquid throughout. Sage is dried in the shade to retain as much as the natural color and flavor as possible. Sperm leakage/Involuntary emission of sperm (Eda): This is regarded as normal in modern medicine, but according to Yorubic Medicine, if the sperm emitted by the woman is too much, fertilization will not take place. Apart from these, people around him and his neighbourhood must recognize him as an herbal practitioner. According to Adeosun, excess clotted blood in menstruation is a sign of reproductive disorder in female. For many years, some research shows that there are many health benefits of sage leaves. Were the miscarriages investigated and at how many weeks did you experience the miscarriages? Good evening Dr my name is chioma frm lagos pls i hav not been able to conceive for two yr i was told i lave left falobian tube blockage and cyst with with little fibriod. I have been humiliated, embarrassed. Thank You, Dear Viktar, thanks so much for looking out for your wife. Join the conversation with any of our TTC and Pregnancy Groups here, Dr. Afolabi Adeosun can be reached via This article is amazing Like you have read, Endo can be very hard to deal with, but some lifestyle changes can help with the symptoms. Common names for Phyllantus include Chanca Piedra in Spanish, Bhumyamalaki in Ayurveda, Quebra Pedra in Portuguese, Eyin Olobe in Yoruba, Enyikwonwa and Ngwu in Ibo, Oyomokeso Amanke Edem in Efik and Geeron-Tsuntsaayee (bird’s millet) in Hausa. Hi Nkem, you could reach our partner @tems to see if she has either of the herbs, or try, the Geneith store at the Mall in Surulere. The herb is called Ako Bolobolo in Yoruba, Obo in Igbo and Yanka-Dafi in Hausa. So, which one of the herbs are you interested in? Yoruba Herbs: English Name & What They Are Uses For, Idayat Gbadamosi: Ways Of Fighting Coronavirus With Herbs By Boosting Immunity,, Re: Yoruba Herbs: English Name & What They Are Uses For, Coronavirus: Marcelo Rebelo, Portuguese President To Be Quarantined For 2 Weeks, COVID-19 Toll: United States Records Over 2,400 Deaths In 24 Hours(Pics), Mentally Unstable Lady In Skimpy Outfit Causes A Scene In Owerri. All the names of herbs and plants in yoruba language. Watery or Too Light Flow: Atale (zingiber officanale), Epin (ficus exasparata) are used. What Is Sage Leaf Called In Yoruba. Yoruba cuisine is … A writing ur reply When I explained to her what I wanted, she said a better person would be a traditional birth attendant, not even someone who sells herbs. Please , how can I get Red raspberry leaf and Red Clover . Yes, some of our members have used his products in the past, some stopped halfway, because of time constraint and some are still using it. Can I have your phone number and Mr. Adeosun’s pls? Thank you so much for this. Currently I stay in Ghana. Tnx for this piece, can one be linked up with Dr adeosun via e-mail or phone nos, It will be appreciated if his phone nos or e-mail address can be given. Hi Sulaiqoh,we will pass this on to the @herbaldoctor. Before switching to English medicine, Every tribe has there herbs they used for treating every ailment. Hello Imaobong, are you trying for a baby? See How To Advertise. thank you. ... What is sage called in igbo . God bless you richly for this wonderful job.please how can I use the first plant here to cure hot womb?and how do I get a copy of this herbal book? Have you checked out your progesterone, especially?, Hello. But i couldn’t . The leaf is green and it’s a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Kindly follow this link; Am not trying to have a baby, because am not even married yet, but my fear of getting another surgery is what I don’t want to undergo again and at the same time the pains am experiencing is affecting my everyday activities, I don’t know what to do. The leaves are borne in whorls at the nodes, the leaf shape is oblanceolate. cc: @oluwakemine. The Herbal Doctor is here on Fridays. Zingiber officinale is commonly called ginger, and Ipomoea digitata, commonly called sweet potato can help with boosting sperm count. Hello Kemi……I have gone through all your articles without see where you said about no sperm count please can you throw more light on this? Great job. Problems with menstruation (Irregular, heavy or abnormal flow): According to my research, there are a lot of issues surrounding menstruation that could hinder a woman from getting pregnant. Reply. Reply. Thinking of getting Eve’s desire, any herbal remedy? Consumption Weed (Cleome Viscose): This plant is used to treat many kinds of female infertility. Did laparatomy on my tubes in 2013.Pls help. are used when treating this condition. Thanks. Zingiber officinale is commonly called ginger, and Ipomoea digitata, commonly called sweet potato can help with boosting sperm count. Health benefits of mint include relieving of allergies and pains; it also prevents gastric ulcer. Please doctor I need some herb to cure it and balance my hormone so can give my husband a child. I saw diff doctors was given Clomid on abt 6 occasions,used letrozole,tamoxifen,OCP’s , ovulation injections,did IUI once. How did you discover your passion for herbal treatment, considering you are conventionally educated? The leaves are green with a strong aroma similar to citrus and can be used as a form of treatment in alternative medicine. Hello Chichi. Sage is prized as a seasoning for its strong aroma and earthy flavor. Here’s a link to his blog, for you to read some testimonials he has there, From that day, whenever a teacher entered our class and asked “Who wants to become a Governor, President, Lawyer, Accountant, etc. Efirin is actually called basil in English. If it’s been longer than 3 cycles, you need to talk to a doctor to find out what’s happening as well as determine the diagnosis, which will determine what treatment you will need. I stay in Lagos and learnt you are in Ilorin, but i wont be able to come there, I don’t know how you can help because I need evacuate the fibroid in other to be able to conceive. Abigail. Thanks. Please what herbs can I use. It … Reply. Oluwatobi, God bless you. Use * for blank tiles (max 2) Advanced Search Advanced Search: Use * for blank spaces Advanced Search: Advanced Word Finder: See Also in English. Your Comment…How can I meet the herbal doctor, am in my forties, but closer to 50yrs and trying to conceive? It is an uncommon leafy vegetable which is not a climbing plant like ugu instead, it is rather a kind of leafy tree called Oha tree! If early, it might be hormonal. Let me know if you are able to log in. Sage leaf is not native to these parts therefore the likelihood of it having local names is low. I will pass this on to our @herbaldoctor Ifeaoma. Yorubic female fertility herbal medicine revolves around regulating menstrual cycle, removing obstructions in fallopian tube, shrinking growths in the uterus, regulating ovulation cycle, cleansing the uterus, eliminating infertility worms, stopping pathological vaginal discharges, balancing hormones, healing wounds in the uterus, and preventing spontaneous abortions (miscarriages). Overview Information Sage is an herb. Thanks Kemi for this article, I ha e always believed in he healing power of herbs and will definitely speak with this gentleman. Or the quality of the embryos? The oval leaves are rough or wrinkled and usually downy; the colour ranges from gray-green to whitish green, and some varieties are variegated. Please reply me on how to get the drugs please. (Zee mays), etc. Hi Nicole..pls is there any herb for cure of ovarian cyst and imbalance hormone. Please what is the yoruba and hausa name for Sage plant. There are many species of sage. I can’t seem to be able to register. And that was when this piece really started. Hello Marjolly, follow this link to register as a member on the site; note: PCOS with no pcos symptoms but only v. scan detected it. I started helping my grandpa in the preparation of herbs and people started calling me omo baba alagunmu. Reply. Unknown 13 September 2020 at 22:50. Hello @oluwakemine, there are no descriptions on how to use the herbs. It is a very common and popular herb. Mint leaf is referred to as Ewe Minti in Yoruba. And how do I use it to treat uterine fibroid to be able get pregnant. Spinach is not Nigerian Pumpkin leaves (Ugu). Diviner’s sage is known as a psychoactive plant that can create dissociative effects, which can also lead to a person who has ingested it to develop hallucinations and so-called “visions.” White sage is a perennial and evergreen shrub that originates in northern Mexico and the southwestern U.S. I called him up and he was amazingly open to talking to me and didn’t mind mentioning the names of the herbs. cc: @herbaldoctor, hi i ve a lump in my breast after treating uterine fibroid, what herbs do i use. The flowers are borne in spikes and feature tubular two-lipped corollas that are attractive to a variety of pollinators, including bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. I started helping my grandpa in the preparation of herbs and people started calling me. Have you discussed the possibility of a cervical stitch with your doctors? Continuous today that sage leaves … !…but what is Calliandra portoricensis in normal english for pcos girls ..Google is not being my friend! PLEASE HELP A BROTHER WHO IS PLANING TO GET MARRIED. Hi! Please I have been diagnosed of PCOS and I also notice leakage of sperm after sex (what yoruba call Eda). Amen. Hello Amaka. First of all, stop using the cinnamon and honey mixture, then see a doctor, to complain about your cramps. Hi Kemi Another offshoot of a heavy period is when the same period begins to have blood clots in menstruation (. The mixture is prepared by hand for a long time, the idea being that it will encase the positive, cleansing energy from those. Hello Ogee, you are welcome to join our community. Occasionally, clotted blood can come out but when it becomes usual, then attention must be paid to it. Comment: I have underwent 2 IVF but miscarried on the 2 occasion, though early abortion, (1st: no heartbeat b4 miscarriage while 2nd: there was heartbeat @6weeks but miscarried @7wks). Herbs are quite helpful sometimes just the taste, and it's seems the more bitter it is the more efficient, Which one we fit use nak for 1 hour non stop. Protected: Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 60: It’s my time! Sage is a staple cooking herb as well as a natural cleaning agent, pesticide and ritual object. habeeb February 2, 2018. what is wormwood in local dilect,hausa,igbo or yoruba. Hello kemi/ Nicole Mint is a popular herb that can be used fresh or dried in many dishes and infusions. ……only the good Lord can reward you. It is also called cheese wood or pattern wood. I got his book, Easy Pregnancy, and that literally made my life easy. It is called Etiponla in Yoruba, Azeigwe in Igbo and Babba-Juju in Hausa. Another thing is that he must be a man of sound knowledge in herbal medicine. It started while I was in Primary Cchool, in class three precisely. have been used to treat this condition successfully, Sperm Count Boosting: Egbo Osunsun, (Carpolobia lutea). Meanwhile, what are you doing to reduce the symptoms of PCOS, you have? It is Agbon in Yoruba, Kwakwar in Igbo, and Ake Babe in Hausa, Chinese bar (Triumfetta rhomoboidea): This plant is used among Esan people of South-South Nigeria, to induce fertility and make the womb receptive to implantation of foetus. pls wat abt menstrual pain, wat herbs nd procedure pls. There are many varieties of sage, but the species used for culinary purposes as a seasoning is known as common sage, garden sage, or Salvia officinalis. there is one for hormone balancing in the article, Hogweed, the instruction of how to prepare it is included. Coconut (Cocos nucifera): The root of this plant is used to treat uterine diseases generally. That’s all you need really or use this link, sage grouse: sage grouse: sage green: sage alawọ ewe: clary sage: satunji kọn: sage tea: sage Tii: Advertisement. ?”, , you would never see my hand up until Doctor or Pharmacist was mentioned. On the day this woman died, I decided that I would become a medical doctor, not to sit down in the office to attend to patients or prescribe drugs for them but to become a medical researcher with interest in herbs that can cure diseases that medical science cannot help. Hi DDO, I found other names it goes by and they include; English powder puff , Snowflake Acacia, Powder-Puff, and guess what it’s called in some parts of Nigeria, corpse awakener. You can use this link to register as a member on our community, Reply Delete. Hello Ayo, you can get his details via this link… It started from the traditional use for the treatment of snake bite. JUST YESTERDAY I WENT TO THEIR OFFICE AT ABA AND PURCHASED CCH,FORMULA E,HEALTH TONIC,BK CAPS AND HEALTH CAPS…..PLEASE DOES PAX HERBS REALLY CURES STAPH (MRSA)?????? Or they could also be some antibody issues too. God bless you all. Beyond the known medical reasons for miscarriages, traditional medical practitioners belief that there are more reasons why miscarriages happen, and they range from anti fertility worms (aran aboyunje), which are three in number to internal heat (hot womb), which the Yorubas call “Oru inu”, which is known to kill sperm and when an embryo manages to implant, it would most likely lead to a miscarriage. If you are, I think, that’s more important than trying to cure Endo. please how can one become a member. (Trona), etc. Replies. Sperm coming out after sex, miscarriages, I was just searching for the native name for red clover(which she told me aids fertility), and i stumbled on this article and forum. Pls its urgent. You can also pound the leaves with pepper (Capsicum annuum) and add little salt. Moringa leaves rank among the most nutritionally rich plant material in living existence on the planet. I had seen her being called several times to help out the woman who sells herbs in the local market around my area, whenever she wasn’t around. Hello Jenny, how long have you noticed that you’re neither menstruating nor ovulating? Two of the herbs recommended include Tude, (Calliandra portoricensis) and Akoigun, (Aristolochia repens). The oil may be removed from the sage leaves by crushing them, then combined with alcohol or added to capsules. Oha leaf is really popular in the eastern part of Nigeria. Please I want herbal medication for PCOS. Hi Demilade, I will tag the @herbaldoctor now and he will provide an answer, when he comes on Friday. Hi Joyce, what you have described doesn’t sound like something that is normal. Please can i get the contact of the herbal doctor Moses.want to try his herbal medicine. Occasionally, clotted blood can come out but when it becomes usual, then attention must be paid to it. Thanks for your reply, but it used to be an early miscarriage because it always occur around 5th weeks and about the progesterone test I have done it and this the result 8.90ng/ml 1-27ng/ml and my doctor says it’s normal and that when I got confuse don’t really knows what to do. We have associations and State Ministry of Health also gives us license to practice. Nice job @Nichole and @kemi, i really want to join this group but not getting where to on my phone. I am a practitioner in herbal medicine too, but I must commend your effort and those with positive mind that made it a reality. If you haven’t, please go see your doctor as soon as possible. Reading through i see comments relating to what we are passing through. I often wonder at your commitment to this worthy cause. He is genuine, so feel free to buy from a distance. Parsley leaf has been confused with Scent Leaf (basil) in NiGeRiA. 09091539963 (ETISALAT) in Ibo. sage Find more words! Your level, though within normal range isn’t very high either, especially if the test was done mid-cycle. Protected: Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 77: Showdown! The regulatory board was where I decided to head to, but I decided to do a more extensive search online first. Dear Remmy, so very sorry for your losses. There must be a certain quantity of sperm cells in the semen but in a case where much of the seminal fluid is wasted away, the sperm cells will not be enough to fertilize the woman’s egg. pictures will do better justification to this topic.... nice one! “We believe that if a woman has good reproductive health, her blood should be clean and must be liquid throughout. It is called Ekuya in Yoruba. Thank you, I’m sure, he will be waiting to hear from you @khemmy, @oluwakemi be already putting a smile of hope on my face i don’t know what brought me here but am glad i did thanks for putting up with this God bless you and fill your home with happiness as you’ve done to others through this information.
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