If you typically ride tree-covered trails or live in an area that gets a lot of rainfall, it may be a good idea to choose a goggle or sunglasses with a lighter or even clear lens. You find fewer mountain-bike-specific designs in outerwear. No, but I used to. Most riders wear knee pads at a minimum if they’re riding any trail where there’s an above-average chance of taking a spill. This is the single most important piece of equipment when riding. Padding and armor are mainly for downhill and enduro riders. How to Dress Mountain Biking | What to Wear Mountain Biking – Trail Riding, Enduro or Downhill Riding . Subscribe today and get the next 3 issues of your favourite cycling magazine for just £5! A backpack will help you carry all your essential items. Drone Pre-Flight Checklist We’re going to run through three of the main options: a lightweight shell, a hybrid jacket and a fully waterproof jacket. Sometimes - it depends on the length of the ride. In partnership with They are double-sided and provide a stable, wider surface to support your feet. It also delivers exceptional impact absorbency for the worst of crashes. Thanks! As mentioned above, downhill and enduro riders typically wear full-face helmets. A waterproof jacket does what it says on the tin. In general, trail riders and downhill riders tend to opt for baggy kit consisting of loose-fitting shorts with a pair of padded Lycra shorts underneath and a loose-fitting jersey, whereas more race-focused cross-country riders will often go full Lycra. If you come from a road riding background and you dress the same way to go for a winter rip in the woods, you will roast. Eventually, you may need to upgrade your gear as you get more experienced. Some long-sleeve jerseys will have mesh panels to improve breathability. Another disadvantage is that shoes used for clipless pedals are not really made for walking. A shoe that is grippy and easy to walk in will be beneficial to this type of riding. If you ride year-round and live somewhere with an inclement climate (like us here in the UK!) I recommend you to wear wool over the synthetic dressing to wear in winter for mountain biking. Or just for peace of mind. While a sopping wet t-shirt in the middle of the summer is nothing more than an irritation, wet clothing on a cold winter day could result in the onset of hypothermia. Gloves help you to reduce soreness due to vibrations from the bike. BikeRadar's editor, George, has been writing about bikes for a decade and riding them for much longer. Riders need to feel secure when riding over rough ground and also be able to pedal efficiently up tough, technical climbs. These days, loose-fitting, motocross-style jerseys are much more popular among mountain bikers, especially among the enduro and downhill disciplines. As well as being a way of expressing your style, long socks can help protect the shins and calves from scratches and cuts from undergrowth, or from the pedals themselves. The last thing you want to worry about is having a bug or other debris fly into your eyes. You used to see a lot of mountain bikers wearing tight spandex shorts with the pad inside, similar to those you find for road racing. Most MTB jerseys will have a loose cut and will come in short-sleeve, three-quarter or long-sleeve options. Then, after bouncing my knees off some roots, I decided I should also wear a pair of knee pads. Ultimately, the choice is totally up to you, and you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in. A tube and a mouthpiece come out the top of the pack and down the shoulder straps. The shoe works with any brand of clipless mountain bike pedal, but the interface is snug and seamless with all Shimano SPD pedals, arguably the … Get up to 55% off a super-soft teddy duvet set! You can also find padded shorts made of lightweight material or mesh, which are designed to be used just as liners under baggy shorts. Where you ride and the time of year/season will have a significant impact on what you decide to wear. Not only are Five Ten shoes a great choice for downhill and enduro riding, but they also provide the comfort and style to function off the bike as a casual shoe as well. Some jerseys also feature a zipper on the front. You want to avoid cotton at all costs, especially when it is cold outside. That said, you’ll find a wide range of gloves out there, with lighter options for summer riding and more heavily insulated options for cold conditions. Shoes are a critical component of your mountain biking gear. Your best option is to purchase sunglasses that fit snugly on your face. Whether you are new to the sport or looking to upgrade your gear, this guide should cover everything you need to know about what to wear mountain biking.
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