WritePass - Essay Writing - Dissertation Topics [TOC]. The modified early warning scores system is an updated version of the early warning scores system, adding two parameters, a patient’s urine output and deviations from their normal blood pressure. Barrett, Wilson and Woollands (2012a), defined a care plan as an integrated document that addresses each identified need and risk. Resident “care plans” are an important tool used by nursing home staff to identify resident healthcare problems and the appropriate interventions to address these problems. Use of accessory muscles and nose flaring was also noted. How did all this affect her ability to provide you with information during the assessment? These were documented hourly for early identification of any deterioration of condition; it also encouraged early identification of interventions. This can happen even after doing exercise, not only in people with respiratory problems (Blows 2001). Overall the nurse must work in a professional manner and abide by the policies set out by the trust, NMC (2002) code of professional conduct and government legislation. Patient care is not just about the medical aspect of nursing. Monitoring should be more frequent if abnormal physiology is seen. It’s a fair and accurate account of the individual and their life. Care plans can be problematic when they are not filled in correctly or are completed carelessly. Clinical information: this might include vital signs, medical diagnosis, blood results, X-Ray or scan results. Too much sympathy for a patient may result in the nurse crossing boundaries which allow the patient and nurse to engage in a therapeutic caring relationship as argued by Castledine (2004). It should be supported by evidence-based written information tailored to the patient’s needs. It is important for nurses to treat a patient's physical ailments as … The nursing process provides a methodical approach to examine patient’s problems and looks at ways of resolving these problems. Documentation is also very important in this process; all information collected has to be recorded either in the patient’s file or electronically (NMC, 2009b). That is why a student’s conduct is important in upholding the reputation of the professions, both when studying and in personal life. This is another method that is used to assess the effectiveness of the medication (inhalers) the asthmatic patient is taking, and this test should be carried out 20 minutes after medication has been absorbed. Nursing process is a systematic, rational method of planning and providing individualized nursing care. The plan should take account of the: patient’s diagnosis presence of comorbidities agreed treatment plan. Kenworthy et al (2002) writes that positive regard refers to the idea that there should be no conditions to acceptance and care for the people. The assessment form that was used during Kate’s assessment addressed personal details and the twelve activities of living. Assessment is the first and most critical step of the nursing process, in which the nurse carries out a holistic assessment by collecting all the data about a patient in order to identify the patients nursing problems (Alfaro-Lefevre 2008). Staff caring for patients in acute hospital settings should have competencies in monitoring, measurement, interpretation and prompt response to the acutely ill patient appropriate to the level of care they are providing. NMC (2009a) acknowledges this, along with the need to speak at an appropriate volume when asking for personal details to maintain confidentiality. At this stage some problems may be noted and so the cycle must start again with assessment. She was admitted with asthma and a chest infection. The goal for meeting this need was to maintain personal hygiene and comfort. Therefore attention needs to be paid to the biological, psychological and social situations of the patient. The chapter describes the Eshun‐Smith model to demonstrate how it has been developed as a framework for specific assessment and care planning of the older person requiring rehabilitation. Role development As the number of acute admissions increases, nurses are under greater pressure to prioritise care, make clinical judgements and develop their role. She preferred washing daily, shower and a hair wash once a week, and a mouth wash every morning and before going to bed. Barrett, Wilson and Woollands (2009) suggested that when enquiring about the activities of living, two elements should be addressed: usual and current routines. Griffin and Potter (2006) stated that, respirations are normally quiet, and therefore if they are audible it indicates respiratory disease, wheezing sound indicates bronchiole constriction. Care planning is important because it guides in the on-going provision of nursing care. Registered nurses are responsible for ensuring that they safeguard the interests of their patients and develop and maintain appropriate relationships. It acts as a guide and ensures that all areas of the assessment process are covered (Dougherty et al). The main (primary) source would be from the patient or advocate and secondary sources would be from the patient’s relatives, patient notes or any documentation on the patient file. The goals may be short term, for example, nil by mouth prior to surgery or long term, for example, what implementations will be in place for discharge. DoH (2010) articulated that consent is an essential element in all phases of care and treatment, so verbal consent was gained from the patient and the reason why the interview was being conducted was explained to the patient. It focuses on the patient’s needs at that moment in time and possible needs that may need to be addressed in the future. To identify client’s health status, actual or potential healthcare problems or need. Part one of this paper begins with the co… Every nurse has a professional responsibility to make sure that care plans are filled in to the best of her ability to help herself and her colleagues to continue the process of giving the best care possible necessary (Barrett, Wilson and Woollands 2012a). Elkin, Perry and Potter (2007) outlined nursing process as a systematic way to plan and deliver care to the patient. Without a specific document delineating the plan of care, important issues are likely to be neglected. The name and age are also vital in order to correctly identify the patient to avoid mistakes. As the number of acute admissions increases, nurses are under greater pressure to prioritise care, make clinical judgements and develop their role. The call bell was always in reach for to call when in need. A quick guide for people using adult social care services. Adult care and support should help you live your life the way you want to. Breathing will be discussed first being an underlying problem which Kate presented with before moving on to personal cleansing. You should be involved in putting together your care plan, so make sure to share your views and preferences. Chapter 14. important skills and experience. Assessment is the first stage of the nursing process and enables the nurse to undertake a holistic assessment of the patient considering all of the individuals needs in order to identify their problems. A nursing care plan can help both nurses and patients identify and define realistic, achievable goals for the patient and offer a measurable marker for success and encouragement when one of these goals is met. Education and training should be provided to ensure staff have these competencies, and they should be assessed to ensure they can demonstrate them. how much fluid intake the patient has had or even how much they weigh. (Barett et al 2009). Due to breathlessness and loss of mobility it was difficulty for Kate to maintain her personal hygiene. Physiological observations should be monitored at least every 12 hours, unless a decision has been made at a senior level to increase or decrease this frequency for an individual patient. planning how these needs can best be met; implementing the plan of care; evaluating how effective the care has been. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of NursingAnswers.net. Privacy is very important in carrying out assessments, and this was not achieved fully in Kate’s assessment. The other part of the plan was to give psychological care to Kate by involving her in her care and informing her about the progress, in order to reduce anxiety. This concept is not new, but ensures that small deviations from the norm are noticed. Company Registration No: 4964706. Priority setting involves ranking nursing diagnoses in order of importance. Your care plan should cover: outcomes you wish or need to achieve; what your assessed needs are Furthermore, the role of inter-professional skills in relation to care planning and delivery will be analysed, and finally the care given to the patient will be evaluated. Re ecting on past ways of working, Lelean (1973) observed that nursing Ebersole, P and Hess, P. (1998). (CAIPE 2010), An appropriate environment needs to be established to ensure privacy, dignity and patient comfort. The relationship relies on specific components being in place including rapport, empathy, genuineness, warmth and positive regard. The rationale for choosing specific physiological variables is based on studies of the relation between physiological abnormalities and mortality. The Chapelhow Framework was established around six enablers: assessment, communication, risk management, managing uncertainty, record keeping … This article defines evaluation of services and wider care delivery and its relevance in NHS practice and policy. Vitals and EKG's may be delegated to certified nurses aides or nursing techs. Identified areas of need – breathing and personal cleansing – will be discussed in relation to the care given and with reference to psychological, social, and biological factors as well as patho-physiology. Hemming (2010) recommended that identifying the patient’s usual habit is very important because each individual has different ideas about hygiene due to age, culture or religion. However, the system was not as efficient as it should have been: Kate spent unnecessary time in hospital after recovery because the care plan was not yet in place. The normal saturation level is 95-99% (British National Formulary ((BNF)) 2011a). Error, group does not exist! To collect all the relevant information different sources can be used. Care plans can be problematic when they are not filled in correctly or are completed carelessly. Before looking at how the Care Plan is recorded using the software, here is a quick recap of the skills and process used to develop nursing Care Plans for people living in aged residential care facilities. Holland also insisted that religion should be known in case the patient would like to have some privacy during prayers, and this should be included in the care plan. Both Kate and her daughter were asked if it was okay for her daughter to be around while assessment was carried out, so that she could help with some information, to which both agreed. Holistic patient assessment is used in nursing to inform the nursing process and provide the foundations of patient care. Treatment and care, and the information patients are given about it, should be culturally appropriate. If the total score exceeds a predefined cut-off this triggers immediate actions, including calls for experienced senior clinical advice and critical care outreach assessment. A nursing care plan provides direction on the type of nursing care the individual/family/community may need. She was wheezing, cyanosed, anxious and had shortness of breath. This essay deals with the holistic assessment of a patient who was admitted onto the medical ward where I undertook my placement. Identifying usual habits helps individuals to maintain their social life if things are done according to their wishes.
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