About If you want to ensure a soft image with any lens, shoot at f/16 at ISO 1,600 at default sharpening in daylight of subjects at differing distances in the same image. This is the same as the Sunpak RD2000. Grrr. The camera has a fixed 23mm f/2 lens on it that delivers an angle of view that’s equivalent to a 35mm lens on a full frame camera, but Fuji have been selling two conversion lenses for a number of years. (35mm equivalent.). At 8 FPS: JPEG: 76 frames, Lossless compression RAW: 18 frames, Uncompressed RAW: 18 frames. The Fuji X100V is a handsome all-metal camera with real knobs and dials which makes it very easy to set and control from shot to shot. See Is It Worth It and All Fuji Cameras Compared. Contrast detection and phase detection. The leaf shutter is electronically timed. See Is It Worth It and All Fuji Cameras Compared. They are formatted as "Untitled," not as something meaningful like "FUJIX100," so it looks stupid in your Mac finder and you have a card in a card reader. Welcome to 2020. Why would I want to crud-up my camera with more junk I don't need? The EF-X20 is a tiny flash designed for the X100V. 6 minutes maximum take length (plays back more slowly of course). Metal strap clip and clip attaching tool. The X100 works more slowly overall than the newer cameras and has less sensor resolution, but honestly even the original X100 has the same great lens, the same great flash system, the same great leaf shutter, and makes the same great images with superb exposure and fill-flash performance in any light. Rated 350 shots with EVF, 420 with optical finder — or — about 45 minutes of video, without face detection: New NP-W126S Li-Ion. 1,200 × 900 pixel crop from above. We don't need a zoom head with the X100V, I wouldn't put this thing on my X100V — but it will do a great job for heavy-duty daylight fill. Sadly the H ISOs of 25,600 and 51,200 are off-color from the regular and L ISOs. The Fuji gets great looks automatically under any light, while it takes more fiddling as conditions change with my DSLRs. If this 1,200 × 900 pixel crop is about 6" (15cm) wide on your screen, then the complete image printed at this same extreme magnification would be about 21 × 31" (1.7 × 2.6 feet or 50 × 80 cm). The X100V's built-in stereo mic sounds like bad mono, as it does on the X100F. Menus always start at the top; if you wait more then a moment to go back into a menu you have to find it again from scratch. The image from the X100V gets slightly larger as focussed more closely. Additionally, image makers can also incorporate numerous shooting functions, such as “Monochromatic Color” to extend their creative visions directly to the footage being recorded. As I've been saying all along, fill flash performance is wonderful, but it can overexpose at close distances in the SLOW SYNC mode — so I use NORMAL sync and just set the shutter speed dial slower if I need it and all is well. This is normal and how noise reduction works in every camera. Buy only from the approved sources I use myself for the best prices, service, return policies and selection. Fujifilm's cameras, shot as JPG, are highly optimized for people and skin tones at which they excel. Some retailers are offering the X100V with a 'Weather Resistance' kit, which includes an AR-X100 adapter ring and PRF-49 protection filter. Fuji X100V, flash ON, f/5.6 at 1/850 at Auto ISO 320 (LV 13.1), 200% Auto Dynamic Range, as shot. And that square filter system looks like the perfect size for the 100 series. This is particularly useful when the approximate distance to the subject is consistent and high-performance AF is needed. At 8 FPS: JPEG: 90 frames, Lossless compression RAW: 18 frames, Uncompressed RAW: 18 frames. The front lever lets you swap between these, and even crazier, you have the option of putting a small, live, electronic focus-assist window in the corner when using the optical finder! If you already own an X100F there's no immediate need to update unless you deserve the best, but the earliest X100 and X100S lack facial recognition. The lens moves in and out several millimeters inside the outer barrel to focus. Skin tones look fantastic in any light, while Nikon and Canon's skin tones are about average, but for vivid colors for photos of places and things and everything else, Canon and Nikon are much better. Porsche Panamera Turbo in GT Silver and Gloss Black (with bugs on bumper), 5:24 PM, 02 March 2020. If you find this Phase Detection autofocus now rated down to LV -5, with face and eye detection. This exceptional 26.1MP sensor uses a back-illuminated design to maximize quality and dynamic range, while its unique color filter array controls moiré and false color without the need for an optical low pass filter. It costs you nothing, and is this site's, and thus my family's, biggest source of support. USB-C rather than the micro USB connector of the X100F. While I can get the same great results with my DSLRs, I need to fiddle with their settings under many conditions to get what the X100 series always gets automatically in the first shot. The EF-42 is a huge DSLR flash that takes 4 AA cells with a guide number of 42m/137' and a zoom head. bigger. What we see at the crazy-high magnifications below is that fine details go away as the ISO increases. No way to select among the three different Auto ISO settings when using the camera's rear dial to set ISO when the ISO dial is set to "C.". bigger or camera-original © 7 MB LARGE NORMAL JPG file. Fuji X100V, flash ON, f/4 at 1/280 at Auto ISO 320, -0.3 stops exposure compensation, (LV 10.5), 200% Auto Dynamic Range, exactly as shot. Cards are not properly titled. The X100 series has an uncanny ability to nail the perfect exposure, fill-flash, auto white balance and skin tone on the very first shot every time. The two-way tilting LCD touchscreen hides in the back of the camera and adds another first for the X100 series as it provides intuitive touch controls, unlocking even more possibilities for image-makers to see, frame, and create. Create. TTL hot shoe only for Fuji shoe-mount flashes like the EF-X20, EF-20, EF-42 and EF-X500. Stopped down, the spherical aberration goes away and it sharpens up nicely, still with great bokeh: Casio G-Shock Solar Atomic Watch at close-focus distance at f/4, 09 March 2020. bigger or camera-original © file. Auto ISO has three settings: Auto 1, 2 and 3. Top and bottom covers machined from solid billet aluminum, like a MacBook Pro (X100F uses die-cast magnesium). Fujifilm X100V (reversed metal 49mm filter thread, 16.7 oz./474g with battery and card, 4 inch/10 cm close focus, $1,399.95). Fuji offers a LC-X100V full leather case that allows the side and bottom doors to open for battery, card and charging access. (478g) with battery and card. At 6 FPS: JPEG: 220 frames, Lossless compression RAW: 21 frames, Uncompressed RAW: 18 frames. MG-T, 07 March 2020. The Fujis are superior for people photos, but inferior for everything else. bigger or camera-original © 9 MB LARGE NORMAL JPG file. The EF-20 is a small flash that takes 2-AA cells with a guide number of 65'/20m. Canon and Nikon DSLRs have superior color rendition for every kind of subject other than people. It's the same great camera with many tweaks. .MOV file holding MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 video and 24-bit, 48 ksps linear PCM stereo audio. Just like all the older models in the X100 series, the X100V continues the series' reign as the world's best digital camera for people, group and family photos because of Fuji's images being uniquely optimized for people photos, as well as this camera's small size, exquisite build quality, people-optimized autofocus performance, super-close focussing and superior fill-flash performance with its built-in flash. It’s still a 23mm F2 lens. The diagonal smear seen at f/2.8 and f/4 is an artifact of the scissor-bladed leaf shutter. There's no problem with flare and ghosts. (The VELVIA film simulation modes don't look any better; certainly not like real VELVIA). Lens and display upgrades make this seem like a fitting photographic companion. This dramatically improves AF performance on people moving within the frame and those that are facing sideways. This exceptional 26.1MP sensor uses a back-illuminated design to maximize quality and dynamic range, while its unique color filter array controls moiré and false color without the need for an optical low pass filter. The old lens set standards for performance and close-focus, and both have the same rated close-focus distance (4"/0.1m). The X100T, X100F and this X100V are able to lock-on to faces magically anywhere in the frame and just nail the shot, even shot overhead or underhand from strange angles where we can't see or set AF areas manually. 1,200 × 900 pixel crop from above. Thank you! If this 1,200 × 900 pixel crop is about 6" (15cm) wide on your screen, then the complete image printed at this same very high magnification would be about 21 × 31" (1.7 × 2.6 feet or 50 × 80 cm). I'm a working artist, not some online tweaker, YouTuber or tech blogger. ... (previous X100s had a three-stop filter). The shutter button is wobbly, unlike the LEICA M3's zero-play shutter release button. In the 100V, the most detail is at ISO 80, and becomes softer from ISO 160. The 23mm f/2 ASPH II lens of the X100V has some traditional Spherochromatism, but it's only visible if you go out of your way to show it as I've done here. The kit contains a metal lens hood and a L39 multi-coated UV filter. bigger or camera-original © 5.8 MB LARGE NORMAL JPG file. The original X100V (only the X100V lens cap) lens cap can be used with the NiSi UHD UV for Fujifilm X100 and can be placed over the filter … Not having lenses with large filter rings allowed me to take my Haida M7 kit (M7 holder, CPL, 6-Stop ND, 10-Stop ND, 3-Stop Grad) to save even … The Electronic shutter is completely silent. At ISO 51,200 even the numbers and hands are starting to disappear. bigger or camera-original © file. Staff member. The X100V is Fujifilm's fifth X100-series camera since the original model debuted almost a full decade ago. Reversed (male) 49 × 0.75mm filter thread; demands an adapter to use regular filters. At 20 FPS: JPEG: 79 frames, Lossless compression RAW: 17 frames, Uncompressed RAW: 17 frames. Not only, but with the X100V you already have the lens, whereas with the X-Pro3 you will need to widen your budget to … With people photos, often the first shot is the only one that matters. which is good because camera-shy people aren't afraid of it. One click of PLAY gets you back to to playing a just-shot image-review image. Conclusions. It's like pianos: anyone can talk forever about how pianos are made, but to most ordinary players the subtle variations between different samples of a Steinway Model D are eclipsed by their own limitations in playing, but when you're a virtuoso even subtle differences become obvious to the seasoned master.
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