Is it someplace special I can find it? It copies the files alright, but can’t install bootloader. I cant get to the ubuntu side to do the whole sudo command to reinstall the bootloader because I do not have my ubuntu cd. I have successfully installed Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 and 18.04 [*] from their respective live cds, using this method. As of July 2015 this bug was not yet fixed in Kubuntu 14.04 LTS. Why do Arabic names still have their meanings? I'm currently in the process of installing F13 from a LiveCD into a dualboot configuration with Windows 7 and I used 80 gigs of unpartitioned space for the install.The step after it creates the boot, swap etc partitions is to install the bootloader.Should I install it to the MBR or to the first sector of the boot partition? I have had a similar problem using ubuntu 14.04. I have a new computer with two 500 gb hard drives which I use in raid 0. What is the physical effect of sifting dry ingredients for a cake? Everything worked fine. The install fails with the "Bootloader Install Failed". I have added following ubuntu details to suse bootloader:Below is my HDD partiton details:How should i boot ubuntu from suse bootloader. I am currently writing from the live CD. I can mount, read/write /dev/mapper/server-root partition, and the contents of the partition looks like a valid OS. Ask Question Asked 4 years, ... chose it for the bootloader installation (little drop down at the bottom) and it crashed anyway. Can Quality Assurance be possibly worse than this? I was worried that the new bootloader woudln't catch them all. This error message results from a couple different bugs including one mentioned earlier in this thread. I don't understand why Fedora 11, can't even do a vga graphical install, when Windows can.I tried many parameters, including xdriver=vesa, and it cannot used graphical install.So, I tried text install, which I have done many times in the past.However, F11 seems crippled, in that it will NOT do the same install achievable from a graphical install.It will NOT allow the use of fdisk, and it will NOT allow any selection of any packages.What is the point of this option?Even after trying all of this, for a dual boot install, and F11 claims to have installed, there is no grub or equivalent, and the computer just boots windows, just like Fedora 11 did absolutely nothing.What are the options now? Enter a host name, or leave it with the default (Ubuntu). I'm running off the LiveCD right now, and it's ok, but I really hate having to use a CD to even boot up. Somehow I wiped it out completely and changed the disk label. After the clean install of Ubuntu, I ended up with a screen saying no bootable device found instead of the Grub screen. Another option I had on my mind is that I could try to use USB memory stick to have /boot. So, I'd recommend using UnetBootin as mentioned. Reinstall Ubuntu. Can someone please explain to me in detail how to install the bootloader from my windows side. Suse bootloader doesnt detect ubuntu partiton. I partitioned it into- 200 GB for Windows 10 as ntfs 200 GB for any DATA as ntfs 6GB as swap 94 GB for Ubuntu as ext4 marked as "/" during partitioning with ubuntu installer ext4 partition set as boot loader device At one time they did all the grub launching as each addition was made. I have a Dell 17R Dual Booted with Win7 and Ubuntu 10.04.I had problems getting online via Wired and/or Wireless.Ubuntu 10.10 is up, running, and updated. OpenSUSE Install :: 11.4 Net Install Works But Internet Connection Test Fails? Does it matter where I install the bootloader? I want Ubuntu 10.10. I would like to revert back to the Windows boot loader, install the Service Pack, and then revert back to GRUB. It only takes a minute to sign up. I am using a 500 GB External Hard-drive ("Elements"). Restoring Ubuntu (or any distro) Grub Bootloader After Windows Install November 1, 2017 If your install of Linux is a dual boot setup with windows you have run into this problem before. I made my partitions--one for root (sda5), one for /home (sda6) and the swap partition (within the Ubuntu install, of course). 14. Am nevoie de ajutor ! Do I need to reinstall ubuntu? Plus Ubuntu's own root partition what I don't need with Fedora.partitioning program is completed as I like but then I get error message: Bootable partitions cannot be on a logical volume. something with partitioning? Ubuntu Installation :: Install 9.10 With WinXP Using NTLDR As Bootloader? I need to reinstall the 11.4 bootloader (but to the root partition instead of the MBR). So, which one to choose for bootloader? I've also used the fdisk -l … Depending upon your manufacturer/model, you might need to use Del or F10 or F12 keys. Can I use my 11.1 DVD to just (easily) reinstall the bootloader? I have read comments online where you can 'continue' the install without the loader, but after selecting this option, it doesn't allow me to continue?The only option that works is the 'Cancel the Installation' option.I was so so excited about installing Ubuntu today..