by the United Kingdom government found that stress while driving increased instances of road accidents. This can help you ensure that your drivers are not moving too fast (or too slow for that matter).eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'trackingsystemdirect_com-box-4','ezslot_5',113,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'trackingsystemdirect_com-box-4','ezslot_6',113,'0','1'])); GPS fleet tracking can help you to avoid the inefficient consumption of fuel and thereby help you to avoid any extra costs on fuel. Acumen Track UC500 GPS Tracker for Truck Bus and Car Anti-Theft Tracking System with 1 Year Free Software (Engine Cut Off, Inbuilt Battery) by Acumen Track 3,390 6,999 In the worst case, accidents can also happen. This is why with the ability to track your vehicles, you can increase safety on the road and ensure that you don’t spend any extra cash on unnecessary fines. One essential part of a GPS trailer tracking system is the Flex Solar-Powered Asset Tracker. These reliable trackers are great for heavy duty trucks. That's the view of Sandy Hodes, senior vice president of … Garmin dezl OTR700, 7-inch GPS Truck Navigator, Easy-to-Read Touchscreen Display, Custom Truck Routing and Load-to-Dock Guidance, 7 Inch 4.4 out of 5 stars 177 $399.99 This will help them to effectively plan on how to optimally use the workforce at their disposal. From small companies of just a few vehicles to larger enterprises with multiple vehicles, a business vehicle tracking system is ideal for deliveries and site-based services. In other words, they’re designed for everything from over the road trucks, commercial delivery vehicles, waste haulers to tow trucks. Truck tracking devices can improve fleet management in any of the following sectors: Let’s look in more detail at the types of commercial truck GPS tracking devices. Truck Management with Advanced Fleet Telematics. Find out more or adjust your settings. Simply put, commercial vehicle tracking involves using GPS trackers to know the location of your trucks. Truck tracking devices allow you to find the quickest routes, avoid traffic congestion, and ensure drives stick to speed limits. Van Tracking We work with many businesses that rely on vans to trade. Vehicle Management is the process of boosting commercial fleet efficiency through the use of security devices such as dash cams, online software, car cameras, and more. For example, a report by the United Kingdom government found that stress while driving increased instances of road accidents. Also, there are fines and sanctions that come from the blatant violation of speed limit laws. Thanks to this act, you will be able to know the exact location of any vehicle at any time that you will like, even regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. There are a number of industries that benefit from installing truck tracking software. We're a full-service commercial fleet logistics provider specializing in providing versatile and efficient live, passive and satellite GPS tracking solutions designed to accommodate a range of different business needs and industry requirements. One of the best GPS truck tracking systems is GoFleet Geotab GO9 truck tracking device. How can you choose the best GPS truck tracking systems for your fleet management needs? Stress also resulted in drivers taking more risks on the road. At Track Your Truck, we're the most effective and reliable commercial GPS vehicle tracking company for small and mid-sized businesses. Get the latest posts straight to your inbox! Before we look at how to choose the best commercial, Simply put, commercial vehicle tracking involves using. This is essential information helps to schedule and, One essential part of a GPS trailer tracking system is the. $29.95 per month per vehicle! So, imagine that you have a fleet of trucks to manage. From tracking of asset & people GPS is everywhere. Fleet Tracking Software For Commercial Fleets, Top 3 Reasons Commercial Truck Tracking Devices Are Important, Commercial Truck GPS Tracking System Price, Tracking System Direct © 2020 | All Rights Reserved, Preventing Driving Accidents In Company Vehicles. For information on deleting the cookies, please consult your browser’s help function. When trucking is your business, you need navigation that delivers as well as you do. A commercial truck GPS can help you manage all your trucks at the same time without having to be physically present with each one of them. For companies that provide transportation and movement services, it is necessity to get information about the exact time when vehicles depart and arrive at various locations. The self-charging unit allows for constant trailer tracking without worrying about replacing batteries. Truck tracking systems can help to eliminate driver stress. 1. One of the reasons why logistic companies install trailer tracking solutions is to know where their trailers are at all times. that will need to get the exact location of the least vehicle to their customers in order to meet immediate needs. Our mission is to give consumers and businesses the security they desire from vehicle tracking equipment that will increase profit, efficiency and safety. Vehicle Tracking System: Construction Company Fleets, 7 Tips for the Resourceful Small Business, Benefits of Using a Dash Cam with a GPS System, Trucking With Pets: What Fleets Need To Know. We save your company money and lower fuel costs. In this comprehensive guide, you will find out all you need to know about commercial truck tracking devices and software. The solar-powered device is also built to withstand water, dust, and impact. Before we look at how to choose the best commercial GPS truck tracking solution, we need to know the answer to the question: what exactly is commercial truck tracking? With an Amazon rating of 4/5, it is the best you have got. The solar-powered device is also built to withstand water, dust, and impact. The GPS system was introduced for map navigation systems and today it has invaded in almost all sectors of our life. the semi truck tracking device itself (hardware), GPS tracking server, and user interface (software). At the same time, you can also make sure that they’re not having longer breaks than they should. Vehicle Management is the process of boosting commercial fleet efficiency through the use of security devices such as dash cams, online software, car cameras, and more.However, the tool most called upon to boost fleet management is GPS tracking, and the vehicle tracking technology is continuing to grow in demand as more … This resulted in a reduction in fuel costs, repair bills, and even in reported accidents. Linxup is an affordable GPS tracking system for vehicles, fleets & assets that's powerful yet easy to use. Get trucking-dedicated navigation, including custom truck routing and road warnings, all in one durable device. Fleet vehicle and equipment asset commercial tracking without the capital expenditure." For instance, At the heart of any robust commercial fleet management system is a, One of the best GPS truck tracking systems is, truck tracking device. The tracking server serves three purposes. Quality Tracking Devices and Reliable Support. Call 623.328.8905 or 888.801.9529. State of the art fleet tracking with 10 years experience and an A+ BBB rating. However, many of the most popular GPS companies are coming out with highly advanced GPS systems, perfect for truck drivers. Using commercial truck tracking devices is one of the best ways to manage commercial vehicles. Track Your Truck offers a variety of GPS tracking devices that meet your business needs, while providing detailed reporting on your vehicles, employees and inventory — helping you cut costs. Assure Locate 3060 OBD Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking System Device #32. A Dual-Vision ® XC device is a continuous video camera, automotive event recorder, and GPS module in one. 9 Best Commercial Truck Tracking Devices – Reviews & Buying Guide. Truck fleet tracking that involves trailer tracking brings more important benefits to fleet management. Truck drivers might not like the intrusive systems that monitor their every move, but the technology promotes safety on the roads. What’s more, the device can be integrated with Garmin devices and. Grow Your Business Using Commercial GPS Tracking. This provides precise vehicle diagnostics, audible driver alerts, and real-time truck tracking. All of these benefits can result in better customer satisfaction and better use of your precious resources. This resulted in a reduction in fuel costs, repair bills, and even in reported accidents. Copyright 2020 GOFLEET Corporation All Rights Reserved. In fact, a study from the US found that the best telematics systems can significantly reduce operating and maintenance costs. The data you receive through GPS devices helps you improve all aspects of commercial truck fleet management. This can not only help improve driver performance but also make driving less stressful. ; Fleet dashcam HD video, AI and driver data join forces to help you coach drivers and mitigate risk. Using truck tracking software allows you to see in real-time exactly where your trucks are located. You can also gather data on each vehicle to check driving speed and estimated arrival times. In fact, to get the most out of truck GPS tracking for your fleet, your drivers need to buy into the concept. You can coordinate vehicles, provide faster delivery times, and improve your efficiency. For example, if you are a fleet manager, you can plan better routes, communicate with drivers, and improve fuel efficiency. Reliable storage of vehicle data. By combining driver-focused in-cab devices based on Android, BT 500 truck tracking hardware and powerful back-end reporting from FleetManager, ORBCOMM’s truck platform helps you achieve … This website uses cookies to provide you with the best browsing experience. Easy installation, with solutions available for battery or external power, and short-term or … Learn more about the benefits of GPS for truck drivers! GPS satellite tracking, as well as effective software for fleet management, will be able to provide some essential features for fleet and vehicle transportation. GPS, IoT and Fitness tracking are the hottest buzz of this tech era, and are playing a crucial role in our everyday activities. The tracker works in real-time with a powerful battery that lasts longer than 2.5 weeks as some claimed. Linxup LPWAS1 Wired GPS Tracker with Real Time 4G GPS Tracking, Car/Truck Tracking Device and Locator, No Contracts 4.0 out of 5 stars 49. Just think how having the ability to track all your commercial trucks could streamline your operations. Knowing how these systems work will help you know the advantages of installing tracking software and devices. For instance, a dispatcher can get an overview of the vehicles that are turning and he (or she) can direct the closest vehicle to the expected address. We don't just provide another GPS fleet tracking system. Why? The self-charging unit allows for constant trailer tracking without worrying about replacing batteries. Thanks to the wonder of GPS technology, these companies can inform their customers about when a sent package or piece of cargo will be delivered by their services. Essentially, GPS satellite tracking helps in automobile management by ensuring that peed and fuel are optimized. Choose from any of these great gps truck tracking devices. Following 47 hours of truck driving during which we tested some amazing GPS devices, it became apparent that Gamin Nuvi 57LM is the best GPS for most people. Commercial truck tracking devices also help plan better routes to avoid busy and congested roads. Spytec GL300MA GPS Tracker. All of this helps to reduce fuel costs. - Now with a 30-day free trial for one truck to try it out!!! So let’s take a closer look at commercial truck tracking devices and the reasons why more and more companies are investing in the monitoring tech!eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'trackingsystemdirect_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',103,'0','0'])); GPS tracking systems make use of satellites that broadcast signals at a continuous rate, gathering valuable information and making it available in real-time. After Your Purchase. By helping you understand driver behavior in the field, commercial vehicle GPS tracking can: Streamline Dispatch: Easily locate the most convenient vehicle and reduce response times. The majority of truck GPS devices are automated, which means the data from multiple trucks is sent to one server. Also, you can get real-time information on the trailer’s location that you can share with the police. Track your vehicle from your smartphone. This can give your company a great advantage over your competitors. With month-to-month terms, you can keep us accountable to always bring value and ROI to your commercial fleet. May 2020: In a review of more than 100 million miles of driving data by commercial fleets using Teletrac Navman GPS fleet tracking solutions, the company found a … This device is the perfect solution for trailers, dry containers, or heavy equipment. the content you have visited before. - NO Tracking Device Equipment Costs NO Equipment Costs NO Minimum order CANCEL any time "Finally! With Track Your Truck tracking devices, you know you’re receiving quality products that work. The ways that commercial truck tracking devices make your business more competitive include: These benefits come from installing devices that provide real-time information along with truck tracking software. This allows your fleet manager to be in constant contact with all their drivers. TrackNet’s truck GPS tracking taps into the latest technology and incorporates enhanced features that simplify vehicle tracking and help you streamline your operations. Improve Customer Service: Provide accurate ETAs, quickly reach last-minute service calls, and help more customers every day. You can keep track of your fleet and know whether a vehicle is being run or not if it is treading the right path if it has gotten to its expected destination, and much more. This provides precise vehicle diagnostics, audible driver alerts, and real-time truck tracking. GPS Tracking Devices. Benefits of Fleet Truck Tracking GPS fleet tracking devices for commercial vehicles & trucks help businesses save on fuel costs , reduce labor rates and improve fleet productivity.