To add other funny anedoctes, I first noticed my ADHD problem when I had quit coffee and was suddenly battling constant brain fog and could not focus at all. You could also ask how she dealt with these challenges in law school, because this stuff mattered a ton there too. I was taught it in clinic (your last year of school you can do some representation through a program) and, sure enough, almost all my clinic clients lied to me. Without that, we could disparage the entire teaching profession as babysitting and underpay it……. Mistakes are just fairy dust sprinkled in the work, beyond the control of my supervisee. Obviously not on her own, but under your supervision. But I’m not sure her mentor can implement them for her – I think you were able to do it because you were a) sufficiently motivated and b) figured out for yourself what kind of errors you were prone to and how to avoid them. Speaking as an attorney who does go through discovery on a fairly regularly basis — a check list works can be helpful for the typos and proofreading issues, but it doesn’t work for discovery. They were also similarly flummoxed when I was insistent that it be changed before we signed. “The question is if it is worth it to the firm to take the time that will likely be necessary to teach it.”. Said solo had the most type ridden filings I’ve ever seen, typically 10 a page. It failed miserably. Yes, this sounds like it would basically mean hiring somebody to do the lawyering for the lawyer. I have dyslexia, diagnosed in my thirties. It’s usually the end of the school year, after the kids have been in Sunday school preparing for it. Attention to details is critical in accounting as well so I’m all too familiar with this problem that some folks have. Final Warning Letter Templates – For employees who keep on committing the same violations, these templates can help you call the employee’s attention. Maybe the best thing you can do for her is lead her to think seriously about her career goals. The objection should be in writing, dated, and signed by the employee. It’s a Very Big Deal. Whether there is a medical contribution or not, the counselor can offer appropriate techniques to help her. That’s not the OP’s problem. 5. It seems to me that diagnosis or not, the kind of mistakes being talked about are beyond what I would expect reasonable adjustments to have to accommodate. I’m not a lawyer yet (fingers crossed for bar exam results next month!) He also will forget rules or procedures if they only come up every month or less frequently. (That doesn’t explain passing the bar or getting hired though!). This is yet another reason I loath higher education expenses. i was a paralegal, got threatened with a PIP once for a comma instead of a period on a fax. I rarely need them again but they’re there just in case. The bar exam is tough, but doesn’t really test for these kinds of skills. I didn’t ask because I didn’t know to ask. That sort of evidence should be inspected by someone with a financial background. It doesn’t matter that she’s nice. Even the most mediocre of law schools (I came from one)–1/3 were valedictorians at their undergrad colleges–people had such an unprecedented level of attention to detail. It sounds like you’re in a Commonwealth country, so I’m not sure if the standards or expectations are the same for junior attorneys as they are in the U.S. At work you ask questions to be able to do your job better. You’ll be thanked for your time and let go, and not asked to come back when a new project pops up. You take a leave of absence, sure. I don’t disagree it’s possible the OP hasn’t been explicit enough that the job is at stake, but I am also of the mind that it’s really bizarre Jesse managed to get through law school and pass the bar, and wouldn’t already know that these mistakes are a Very Big Deal. Some people don’t have great attention to detail! Knowing people with ADD/ADHD (diagnosed), this doesn’t sound like them, at all. A lot of people seem baffled by the fact she could pass law school and the bar and be struggling like this, but hey – practicing law is way different and requires different applications of skills. But the college has let this student spend six figures getting a degree that seems highly likely to be a terrible fit. March 3, 2011 Dear Ms. Alice P. Braveheart: You are being issued this warning letter for disrespectful conduct that is a violation of our company policy as outlined in our employee handbook.You were issued a company handbook which you signed for on September 25, 2010. And that lack of recognition is the core issue. ADHD would be a best-case scenario, here. Dragon or something? Some semesters were rough and I’m sure I did not impress quite a few of my professors. – What would an opposing attorney want to take advantage of? Checklists work best when the scope is narrow and the tasks are fairly consistent. +1 – there are very few jobs that don’t require critical thinking and attention to detail. Especially after spending so much money to become an attorney. The last part is the most important – it’s not just hurting her career, it’s hurting your clients. Since I’d been told over and over how important it was to make sure no one got 40 hours in a week, since a big part of my job was making sure that didn’t happen, I was (naively) sure that I wasn’t supposed to add 8 hours to anyone’s time card if it would put them over 40 hours. (Sorry if that’s not the right way to say it) Anyway, he wants to be a chef, and was really annoyed that the college said the course wouldn’t be right for him and wouldn’t convert the kitchen to his height…. While I agree that a lot of this sounds like ADHD and coping mechanisms that no longer work well, I also wonder how Jessie is coping in terms of the workload? “A person’s law school is often a signal of their SES, not of their professional competence.”. But she’s not missing specific tasks every time. Airline pilots and surgeons, among others, absolutely DO use checklists. It has literally no bearing on any other factor that makes someone a good law student or a good lawyer. Heh, this was me with our mortgage. Help your employees master this skill with 5 fresh ideas that drive change. We’re edging into professional duty of competency problems with this young attorney. The thing is “clients lie” is part of practice 101. Clinics and internships only give you so much practical experience, and I have no idea what they have in the UK. That doesn’t mean you fire someone for every mistake or fire an attorney when a client has a problem with her, but it can mean that if you knowingly unleash an incompetent attorney on your clients, you are acting unethically. I don’t see this ending well for anyone, but I hope it does somehow. Especially in such a high stress field where a mistake could result in you all getting sued. That’s up to her for how much work she wants to put in on helping Jesse out. I struggle with attention to detail, but that means I sometimes make typos or I forget to put a legend under a chart that needs it. Depends in circumstances, of course. Night and day. In that role, my reputation as a credible person was EVERYTHING. It’s not that uncommon, which is why you are taught to so closely check all your evidence! Attention to Detail is the capacity to achieve a thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task. She just sounds like an extreme outlier. How can I help her get better? Agree with you, it was not until my early forties that I started getting myself checked for what turned to be my own conditions that were interfering with my work. I worked in records for drug rehab. You simply can’t. She just didn’t RECOGNIZE. If she starts taking care of things now, it’ll save her a lot of pain in the long run. That is not the focus of this advice website, nor is it what the writer came to ask about. It’s important for Jessie to realize it’s not a lack of attention to detail—her job and professional reputation are on the line. I put in headphones with classical music and turn on my bright desk lamp.