Although going 5-0 in a League may not be a high-profile achievement, the deck offers plenty of potential. Eventually, you have built up enough Storm count, and you can use a finisher like Grapeshot, Brain Freeze or Tendrils of Agony to kill your opponent. When Extended became Modern, it was one of the first things put straight onto the ban list, cemented with the release of Gatecrash and another way to break the card. Between Noble Hierarch and Birds of Paradise, there are usually a lot of low-cost creatures powered out early, making it easy to cast. Storm, as a concept, simply revolves around generating more mana through Manamorphose, Desperate Ritual, Seething Song, Rite of Flame and similar effects. Ancient Stirrings is that faithful wooden spoon in so many great Modern and Legacy decks. If you use its ability during your opponent’s draw step, they will only discard. As a Merfolk player, one of the funniest interactions I ever had with an Ad Nauseam deck was pitching a land of my own to redirect Lightning Storm to my own Kira, Great Glass-Spinner, thus countering the spell entirely. allosaurus ridercomboday's undoingkarn the great creatorMetagamemodernmtgnarsetneoformTron, Mythic Championship IV Barcelona Will Be Modern Constructed and Modern Horizons Limited. The deck runs Chord of Calling and Collected Company, so it can power out a lot of creatures in a turn, and as the main combo piece is actually a Persist creature, it means that usually it’s quite difficult to be able to actually remove it efficiently. Although mana-intensive, these big mana strategies can pay the cost. Storm is moderately hate resliliant. Gifts Storm. This combo was very effective in Extended, first arising with the release of Zendikar before Thespian’s Stage was even out, in an incredibly fast form which centred around finding combo pieces and winning by turn three. I've been a Magic player since October 2014, and a judge since June 2015. Altering Magic: The Gathering Cards: A brief guide to the materials and the methods used A New Way to Play – Artisan Commander by Paul Palmer, Two Cards To Buy For Each Of The Five Commander 2020…, Mighty Morphin’ – (Sultai Commander Deck Tech), by Paul Palmer. The introduction of Fatal Push as the new best removal spell created a big shake up in the metagame. ProsBloom. If your opponent chooses to not concede out of sheer frustration, your win conditions are beating down with Vendillion Clique or Notion Thief. Usually, your opponent could just concede when they realise you can go off, but in the final of a Pro Tour, nobody’s going anywhere on the 1% chance that Cifka makes a mistake and fluffs the turn. Infect is a straight-up busted Modern deck because it is so fast but also has a ton of play to it. I expect to see Karn, the Great Creator in Tron strategies, in particular Mono-Blue Tron. If the spell is successful, you sacrifice all your lands, fetch out two Valakuts and six mountains, and shoot the opponent for 36 damage. If they had a Glistener Elf on the field, you couldn’t tap your mana or you might just immediately lose – though, if you don’t play a blocker and they happen to have Pact of Negation for your counterspell, you immediately lose as well. It doesn’t have much of a backup plan in case everything goes wrong, but there are enough win conditions and stalling tactics that you can generally wait a long time to find the perfect moment to go off. This website is not produced, endorsed, supported, or affiliated with Wizards of the Coast. Or, if you want to put a stop to all the filthy degenerates, what strategies will you need to pile on the hate for? . If a combo deck is a competitive option, I’ll always gravitate toward it. It was true that it had held a large percentage of the top tier meta for a long time, and that most control decks were running the combo simply because it was worse not to; it was so easy to slot into every red/blue deck or control shell just for the chance at cheesing a free win or two. Then, they pitch Simian Spirit Guides, to cast Desperate Rituals, to gain enough mana to cast Faithless Looting if they need to draw more, or Through the Breach if they’ve already found their combo. You have to sacrifice at least one land, possibly two in order to make the combo work, and your whole deck is centred around finding it as fast as possible; if your opponent manages to find their Path to Exile then you are set way back in tempo and unless you can present it again within a couple of turns, requiring several more combo pieces, you are probably going to lose. It’s less of an all-in combo turn and more inevitable, because Primeval Titan is pretty-much-the-end-of-the-game-but-not-quite in most situations, and sometimes the deck needs an extra turn or two to finish, especially if the Titan was hard cast instead of Breached. Infect + pump spells is a vicious combination. With so many things banned out, which combo decks still perpetuate and are as strong as ever? The combo essentially revolves around dealing 10 Infect damage on turn two. Even with chump blockers, they will never get far enough ahead on the board to be able to think about winning without removing your token. Who knew thee too well.. Check out the latest preview cards, prices, and preorder here! Another infinite combo has arisen that involves Spike Feeder and Archangel of Thune. As I mentioned last week, if a card becomes too powerful due to the London Mulligan, this should raise questions about that card’s legality in the format rather shifting blame towards the London Mulligan. I am excited to see where this new archetype can go, however. There have been murmurings about banning this combo out, but the reason they haven’t – and the reason why it’s last on this top five – is because of its inconsistency. The true strength of the Twin decks lay mainly in the counterspells, the control suite and the Snapcaster Mage value turns which could happen freely, because the opponent was always terrified to tap out or use resources to stop anything that wasn’t Exarch. Restoration Angel enters the battlefield, blinks Kiki-Jiki and then he taps to copy it, and it blinks him again, etc. While I wouldn't expect this to take the Pro Tour by storm, it certainly is a fun combo to play and show off and could be a lot of fun to build up and play at your local FNM. The deck is very similar to Kiki-Chord in a lot of ways, but the combo is slightly more sturdy due to the number of replaceable pieces in it, the mana costs are lower and easier to reach when Chording, and the ability of those pieces to sustain themselves in the face of cards like Lightning Bolt, Terminate or Abrupt Decay also lends it an incredible inevitability. The combo is very effective because not only does it just require any seven lands (as long as two are green) and Scapeshift, but it is actually backed up by counterspells as well. Based on that principle alone, Wizards had a point. If you’re looking to play combo, what sort of style deck should you build? Here you will find content to help you from the kitchen table to your first GP, and everything in between. This article is going to be a bit of a special one, which will delve into the history of Modern and its predecessor, Extended, to talk about the most degenerate, fun and wacky combos that have ever graced the format. The typical Modern Scapeshift deck looks like its Extended forebearer, a Temur Control deck that sacrifices speed for disruption like Remand and Cryptic Command, and card selection like Bring to Light, Peer Through Depths, and Compulsive Research. By Eric Froehlich / September 29, 2016 October 10, 2019. If you want to play what I believe is currently the best combo deck available in Modern – it’s Abzan Company. It’s a very glass cannon situation, which is why, although the combo is incredibly powerful, it’s at the bottom of this list. Frankly, it’s no wonder the deck took so long to come up with. I don’t expect to see Neoform Combo break Modern if the London Mulligan comes into full effect as it’s so easy to disrupt and doesn’t have a long-game strategy. Eventually, you end up with most of your deck in your hand and the rest in the graveyard, and you can flash back a Past in Flames to do it all again. Modern is Magic: the Gathering’s second most popular format, and it features cards from all Magic sets stretching back to Eighth Edition and original Mirrodin block. This is normally Kitchen Finks in the first instance as it is run as a four-of in the deck and can be found off Collected Company, however, the deck’s actual win condition is usually Murderous Redcap. It can also be subject to terrible luck; drawing Valakut is about the worst thing that can happen, because it immediately halves your possible damage output. Academy, Neo-Academy (Tolarian Academy + Stroke of Genius) 2. A few weeks ago I wrote about Neoform and its possible application in Modern. Throughout the years, Wizards has repeatedly attempted to temper Storm, first by banning Preordain and Ponder, then Rite of Flame, then Seething Song. No, that’s not the name of the next Anne Rice novel – it is in fact a Modern deck … He came up with the list not long after the Splinter Twin ban, as a way of incorporating combo into the creature decks that surged in popularity after the Eldrazi trampled into the format. Watching anyone play Eggs through in its entirety is an excruciating experience for the spectator, the opponent, the commentators in premier play and quite honestly, most times, the player doing it. The deck also makes great use of Phyrexian Mana and delve to cheat mana costs. Don’t hold your breath for Blazing Shoal to come off the ban list. Scapeshift is a fun way to interact with lands in Modern, and with so many ways to build the deck, it’s a good combo if you like flexibility. In Development – Every Combo in Modern. Lore Broker does an incremental version of the same thing. It was eventually banned out in January 2016, due mainly to the fact that Wizards felt it was too ubiquitous. Despite this, I predict Neoform Combo to be played with the current mulligan rule as it’s still playable but it won’t warp the format any time soon. There are some exact pieces you need to go off, and if you can’t find them or something your opponent does gets in the way, it’s near impossible to win, because your backup plans aren’t usually good enough and your hand is full of total rubbish. They couldn’t have such a mind-numbing deck being at the top level of premier play and losing viewers by the millions. If you resolve Day’s Undoing with Narset, Parter of Veils in play, your opponent will draw one card while you get a fresh seven. It is the very definition of the classic turn four deck. Now, though the tutor has been banned out, the combo itself lives on through the spiritual successor to Pod, Collected Company. The combo is great, but if you don’t have it or they’ve found a way to stop it – you can just win anyway with brute force. Arguably the best combo deck in Modern right now, Splinter Twin was the winner of Grand Prix Antwerp last weekend. However, it’s also endured a lot of hate from Wizards of the Coast, as MaRo has admitted that the Storm mechanic was a huge mistake, and they are constantly trying their best to retroactively fix it by making Storm less playable. The power creep of these decks was halted recently when Dredge returned as an archetype, as people began to pack the graveyard hate in force, and the deck is a lot worse when you have to Through the Breach your Griselbrand instead of reanimating it. This is why it’s pipped to the post by our number one deck. The End of an Era. Despite its consistency and strength, due to the numerous hate cards and the fact that it was impossible for the deck to win before turn four, Splinter Twin lasted in Modern for a very long time. Angel’s Grace also works well at saving your life in response to a trigger from a Pact, if you’ve had to use one early to stop the opponent’s combo. The beauty of the deck is in the card Chord of Calling, the other half of its namesake. Magic: The Gathering - How to Build a Modern Scapeshift Deck. The combo itself is relatively simple, though it involves a lot of pieces. The trick is knowing what you are expected to be in every matchup and playing that role accordingly, as well as knowing your entire decklist back to front so you can be sure what you are Chording for before you cast it. 2019 Holiday Exchange! Essentially, you can sacrifice the Kitchen Finks X number of times, with either Melira preventing the Persist counters from going onto it or Anafenza immediately cancelling them out with bolster, and use Viscera Seer’s ability to scry Murderous Redcap to the top, gaining infinite life in the process as a by-product. What I do want to talk about is which cards AREN'T on the list. It consists of having a sacrifice outlet – usually a Viscera Seer – a creature which prevents -1/-1 counters or puts +1/+1 counters on creatures such as Melira, Sylvok Outcast or Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit and finally a Persist creature to sacrifice for infinite value. This also works well with Vendilion Clique, which can turn into pure discard. His strong background in research can be seen in the Magic Effectiveness Project, an ongoing attempt to classify what makes people good at Magic! Disrupting Shoal and friends hope to keep that from happening. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Thanks to Urza, you can now win … However, the key thing about the Abzan combo is that there are many replaceable pieces, and much like Tron lands, it’s difficult to know if you’re killing the right one at any given time. LSV investigates. Then, you use the mana to cast cantrips, either free ones like Gitaxian Probe or cheap ones like Serum Visions and Sleight of Hand, the generated mana turned blue with Manamorphose.