My dermatologist is well known and has published books regarding skincare. but i just started with aczone right away. If not, the culprit is probably glycine soya oil, which is in the Skinmedica product. Your so sweet a seeing everyone’s comments! In another words, retinol isn’t causing the problem. I’ve been using it for about 5 weeks (every 2-3 days) and have very red, deep cystic acne on my forehead. I’m also combining my retinol with Drunk Elephant C firma day serum because I heard retinols work well with vitamin c. Would this be the cause of the bumps? Hang in there! Bar soaps can be very harsh on their own without adding BP to them! I have oily combination skin. I guess I just need to stick with it? “Wait, wasn’t retinol supposed to treat my acne?! Only if you experience any sign of dryness, go back to twice a week and up again. and my derm suggested i switch off the aczone and duac every night so as to adjust to the aczone. Yet, retinol is not known to cause breakouts. I also use other actives but I don't like to overdue it or make my skin feel irritated. Maybe there was something else in the formula that trigger it. The breakouts have been in my T-zone, especially on my forehead, where I am normally most acne prone. It helps to unclog pores and keep them unclogged, thus helping to both treat and prevent acne. Still- it is discouraging to see your skin react this way. What else could there be? I have read that it can cause purging but I have huge white heads all over and my cheeks are covered in red marks. Public-health experts believe that a shorter period will improve overall compliance. I’m broken out all over my chest, upper back and the back of my neck. Another thing, my normal routine for years before this new routine was nightly benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin phosphate application. So you decided to try out a retinoid. I am guessing this is retinol a way of balancing my skin, but not sure. Essentially what is happening is the retinol is working and is pushing all the trapped oil and bacteria to the surface. Hi, I’ve been using skin ceuticals refining night cream .3 and it was making my skin really dry at first but now I have under the skin pimples constantly. So, if you use retinol/ tretinoin and get a lot of breakouts or your skin gets very dry and cracked, take a step back and give up on it for a while. This is the final installment of my retinoid series, which means my 6 month Retin-A trial review will be coming up next (see it here).In this guide, I'm going to share with you what I've learned about Retin-A purging through tireless research or, more accurately, based on my own two tretinoin purge experiences. Description This water-free solution contains a 2% concentration of an advanced retinoid active complex called Granactive Retinoid that has been shown to offer better results against multiple signs of aging than retinol without any of the irritation and drawbacks common with retinol. I have been using retinol for 5 months now, and although it has helped clear my skin, I am dealing with excessive oily skin! Emily, oh no! They also had me do a complete overhaul of skin care products. Is Rock Retinol correxion a good cream? My morning routine is using bare angels by lush, then the 7% glycol toner then 15% ascorbic acid by ordinary then hyualoronic acid then the hydro boost moisturizer and sunscreen by Neutrogena. “One of my favorite OTC retinoids is Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Moisturizer SPF 30. Summer Fridays co-founder Marianna Hewitt buys these 11 items again and again. They have their own brand called h&h science that is free of parabens, fragrance, and pore clogging ingredients. In between, I’ve used tretinoin, adapalene and Differin for spot treatments and as a preventative thin layer all over the face. My skin condition is getting worse day by day. But i have kept using it…hopefully this is not a mistake. After I upped it to 2-3 times a week. I used to use a Benzoyl wash, but weaned myself off of it when my skin seemed to clear up with a change in my birth control pill. I am exhausted of having this skin. Hi, So I’ve had fairly decent skin for a while and just a random pimple during the TOTM – my dermo told me to use Soskin C-Vital which has retinol and vit C in it combined. I’d consult a dermatologist to see if they can prescribe something stronger. What about retinyl palmitate? Skin experts say that retinol is the best product for anti aging .. so I’m going to keep on using it . I guess more than anything I want to know that I’m not alone and that it will get better! There is definitely a purging when the skin is introduced to any retinol. Question. Not sponsored. Sophie, you’re not deformed. I see how people give up on it so quickly as it certainly made my acne worse, but your post has encouraged me to continue and see how things are going at 6 weeks. I have been breaking out quite badly but I have read many articles about the purge so I’ve been keeping faith that this will be over soon. Instead, use a salicylic acid based exfoliant or moisturizer to deal with the breakout.,,,,,, Exfoliates would cause purging since they scrub off skin cells that expose what’s underneath. Demo Formula featuring Gransil 530, Granactive Retinoid, Gransil PSQ and Gransil SiW-066. I’m like the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding who spritzes Windex on everything, except only with my gnarled tube of Retin-A. However, these side effects will dissipate in 2-3 weeks as the skin becomes used to the cell turnover rate. And stick with it. I’m glad you’ve found something else that suits your skin better. because the hormonal comedonal acne on my forehand was severe, along with hormonal acne along my jaw line and cheeks. Hey, so I’m 24 and started experiencing hormonal acne this past year. It’s off to the dermo again . A bad first experience with The Ordinary’s retinol 1% brought me here. Very stable, with a 12-month shelf life. I was prescribed tretinoin cream daily use at night and doxycycline 2x daily and benzoyl peroxide wash in the morning. Is my skin purging or am i breaking out? Can This Foaming Cleanser Decongest Your Skin? I am afraid that if I start using this cream, I will make things so much worse. Amy, after 6 weeks, the worst should be over. I usually get sent an email when someone posts a comment so I can reply quickly, but this time it didn’t happen. A Rising Supermodel Speaks Candidly About Mental Health. Just use differin! Make sure that whatever product you try doesn’t contain these comedogenic ingredients or you’ll get even more pimples: So I have always had pretty good skin…a pimple around my period but that is about it. I stopped getting blackheads and whiteheads across my forehead and nose. Then I switched my products. I’m thinking of trying a retinol to help clear this issue, but I don’t know what to get and what dosage since it would be my first time using it. I believe the Isolaz is supposed to bring any blemishes up to the surface and salicylic peel should rid your face of any impurities etc. My face is so dry and messed up with acne and spots all over.I had a nearly perfect facial skin until I started breaking out recently and a friend’ recommended clinicians complex containing 10% of retinol . For your morning routine these include: 1. I also started to break out in areas that I usually don’t including nose and forehead. Do you think it may have been a reaction to that? If your skin is prone to them, chances are your pores are already quiet clogged and would erupt in a breakout later on. The first thing though is to deal with acne so definitely salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide as you were doing in the beginning. I’ve noticed that I break out in the summer sometimes (but not every year) and this summer has been the worst ever. Hi Tasha, yes, that’s probably it. Either way, stop using it immediately and get yourself a salicylic acid exfoliant. And, I have not had any big pimples since! My derm then suggested I take a break from the tretinoin for a week and restart the next week only 3 times a week (while still keeping up with aczone nightly). You had breakouts brewing in the deepest layers of your skin and these ingredients simply bring them to the surface earlier. Some people just can’t use it at all. Retinol doesn’t break out, but this silicone-heavy cream by SkinCeuticals definitely does. However, I still had some hyperpigmentation and occasional breakouts so I started using the A-pasioni from drunk elephant along with the protini moisturizer and slaii cleanser. Jordan Firstman, Instagram’s premier impressionist, talks sex, drugs, and getting famous in social isolation. Julianna, I’m not sure why you would use a retinoid for milia? You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. Sasa, yes it’s possible to experience purging from retinol. Start at this strength if you are new to retinol, and then work your way up to the 0.5%. The spots I had 4 weeks ago are gone, and the ones that remain are ones that purged later, so that seems to be an indication that it is indeed working, although the redness is a bit extreme. It helps control my oil production, which was especially bad in warm weather. As of late August 2017, The Ordinary's portfolio of retinoids has been extended based on valuable consumer feedback and, as part of these introductions, Advanced Retinoid 2% has been renamed to Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion to align with the new naming direction of the extended range. Here’s what they do differently: Personally, I’d try salicylic acid first and, if that didn’t work, upgrade to benzoyl peroxide. Also, don’t slather it on heavily. Hi, I just started with Retinol, it is my second day with Roc Retinol Correxion deep wrinkle night cream, I already got 3 pimples, I guess I will stop for a couple of days before the next time I apply the cream.