Whether it is for personal or professional use, Mora of Sweden has you covered – they have a style of outdoor knife for everyone – even mushroom pickers. 6) Helle Lapland - A very traditional Norwegian/Swedish style blade, fashioned after the Leuku design. The cutting edge is the secondary bevel and originates from the blade grind. Few tasks are too much for this knife. Andy keeps our Chelmsford warehouse in check – from arranging incoming shipments to keeping everything in an orderly manner. A good knife can be used for fine wood work, to split wood, to gather and prepare food or to build a fire. Paul – Feature Writer and Graphic DesignFavourite Bushcraft Knife: Helle Temagami, Affectionately known as “Bushcraft Paul,” you may have read some of Paul’s articles on our blog, and will have most certainly read some of his product descriptions and viewed some of the imagery used throughout Greenman that Paul has photographed from stock in our product photography department.“I’ve had the pleasure of testing out many knives over the years and I have many favourites, but currently my top pick is the Helle Temagami which I’ve been field-testing for the past 12 months of so. This is why we carry bushcraft knives that are of the highest quality, enabling you to choose the best bushcraft knife to fit your needs. Overall, bearing in mind steel choice, design, handle, aesthetic and functionality, this is probably the best value, true bushcraft knife on the list. Best Match. Even my old notched clipper takes any and all mistreatment I've dished out. He helps run the websites, the back system, email accounts, networking and general software and hardware installations – he’s just one of those annoying people that can make technical stuff work when everyone else is perplexed. The blade is made from cold rolled stainless steel. 11) The Ray Mears Woodlore - Generally thought of as the pinnacle of bush craft knives, the Woodlore was designed by Ray Mears and British knife maker Stephen Wade Cox. Spyderco is a company that is known for its pocket knives as well having great eye for... Helle Temagami Carbon Knife. We’ve established the fact that opinions will vary, but there are several factors that are a MUST, especially when choosing your favourite outdoor knife. What is the best bushcraft knife? Please 'Like' and 'Share' on your social media channel if this post has been insightful. “It has to be Mora for me, in particular the Mora Companion range of knives. The blades are relatively thin meaning the knives are not suited to heavy duty tasks such as batoning but are excellent for whittling, carving, scoring and more. We should point out that we have purposely excluded our own-brand Greenman Bushcraft Knives from the list here for obvious reasons. This one is a friend for life. Having the best bushcraft knife should allow you to dominate and come out as a conqueror in any complicated survival situation. I use mine for climbing, cutting ropes and god forbid, seatbelts in emergency cases”, Pip – Social Media & Advertising ManagerFavourite Knife: Mora FF. “Being naturally frugal I’m always out searching for a bargain or two and when it comes to buying outdoor gear I am just the same. Every knife in this category is optimized for bushcraft woodworking, camping, and general outdoor tasks. If you want something that’s going to be the most widely useful and versatile, we suggest picking up one of the 10 best bushcraft knives that appear on the following list. Obviously we are biased but our own TBS range always ranks the highest. I currently use the Gerber Moment because it’s as tough as nails, sharpens easily and holds its edge well. This is probably the single most important factor when choosing a bushcraft knife. This particular model is a fixed blade knife that is … Traditionally, this knife would have been used for game preparation, wood processing and many other camp tasks. The blade thickness is.125” (3.2mm). We teach them (and the parents) the safe and proper way to use whittling knives. I try to find good quality at a reasonable price. It is also easy to sharpen and maintain. Mike is technically our Warehouse Ops Manager – but he can turn his hand to most things, and takes care of some of the buying as well as customer service duties from time to time. If you’re looking for a low cost but high performance knife that is a little more in keeping with the bushcraft theme i.e. The knife must have a strong “tang.” This is the element of the blade that runs into the handle giving the blade rigidity and strength. Each Mora knife is an outstanding quality cutting tool and one that can be relied upon when it matters most. The blade is just a hair over 5 inches long making it one of the longer bushcraft blades out there. Would you like to become a bushcraft and survival skills writer? View our large range of fixed blade bushcraft knives, from carbon to stainless and from full tang to rat tail tang we've got them all. We’d love to hear from you! but the Gerber Moment seems to handle the abuse I throw its way with ease. This helps install a healthy respect of outdoor tools and how they should be used appropriately”, Laurie – Goods inFavourite Knife: Gerber Moment. In her spare time she enjoys teaching very young children about nature and wild camping. It is made out of 12C27 stainless steel, which is respectable steel that tends to hold its edge well. Laurie is in charge of arranging our containers, imports and exports and taking delivery of our larger shipments, so he’s often jumping in and out of lorries or driving around our Suffolk Warehouse on the forklift – we think that he secretly enjoys riding on that thing – carrying single Jiffy Bags from A to B was the giveaway! Bushcraft & Survival Knives If you like camping and being in the outdoors then these are the knives for you. Bushgear is a UK online retailer selling really good outdoor clothing and equipment. How To Choose The Perfect Bush Craft Knife, General Data Protection Regulation Compliance. The handles of this knife are solid black G10 with a red G10 underlay. I’d had my eyes on these low-cost bushcraft sheath knives since they first arrived at the warehouse and it wasn’t long before the urge to make the purchase set in. We are also the official UK distributors for Barmah Hats, Redback Boots, StrikeFire UK, Zebra Pots and more... Bushgear, Unit 8 Jubilee Way, Faversham, Kent, ME13 8GD, United Kingdom, Call us on (+44) 01795 53 43 43Email us at sales@bushgear.co.uk. Cutting edges vary based, essentially, on the angle the form from the grind to the very edge of the blade. Coming from a search and rescue background I’m more ‘survival’ orientated than bushcraft, but this knife is great for bridging the gaps. Add to Cart. Kris has worked on various TV shows, and even trained some of the hosts of survival-type shows for Channel Four and Discovery Channel. The main reason why we added this product to our list is because of the quality of its blade, which is impressive! Mora Bushcraft Forest Knife Mora Knives Sold Out £38.99. He only makes an average of 2-3 knives per week. i m glad to see that common sense abouit bushcraft and survival knives is now more about using what you have in your skillsets as opposed to these oversized yankee hollywood knivesdon t get me wrong on occasion but not very often and try an edc with a 10 inch blade i can do it but why it just makes for a potential problem for those of us that carry a stout knife i also like the fact that at least a couple of gals have thier likes too, © 2020 all rights reserved Greenman Bushcraft is a registered trademark of Oaks Online Shopping Co Ltd, RETURN TO Greenman Recommends - Our Top Bushcraft Products, Greenman Recommends - Our Top Bushcraft Products. The Bushcraft Knife is made from 01 high carbon tool steel and is definitely a tool for life. Very high attention to detail and craftsmanship throughout. With this kind of bushcraft tool, you already know that its blade’s quality must be top-notch. For a closer look on how to choose a bush craft knife, please see our blog post here -. This is a very attractive bushcraft knife that is very lightweight at just three ounces. The curly birch handle is a nice feature. It probably won’t last for long! Very little to say about this knife in terms of criticism. The 12 Bushcraft Knives. The classic version features a Beech wood handle but other woods and materials are available. Thanks to Pip you fine folks know about us! Not the prettiest or most interesting of knives but makes for an extremely reliable no fuss companion for the woods. A good quality well-maintained axe will last you a lifetime. Impeccable made quality from high end European materials. It features a fairly substantial 3mm thick blade with a full tang. Another job that Ted is very proficient at is cutting paracord to your desired length – he’s the fastest one of the lot of us that works in the paracord warehouse cutting and spooling our vast range of paracord. The Damascus steel blade looks quite simply stunning and it’s every bit as good to use as it is to drool over. I can not see past my Mora Knife. The first product on this list is the Buck Knives Selkirk Fixed Blade Survival Knife.The Buck Knives company has been on the market for almost 110 years and they have been providing quality bushcraft knives for its clients. Get one, you won't be disappointed! It just depends on what you are trying to accomplish. The top 10 list of the best pocket knives lists various manufacturers and prices. My main reason being that it costs so little, and yet the quality is so high that I can never truly work out how they can be sold for such a low cost. The handle is comfortable, and at the same time provides excellent grip. These French made knives have been around for over 120 years. We have hundreds of thousands of unique visits to our blog each week, so if you want to help build your name in the bushcrafting community and get noticed by other like-minded individuals, then why not drop us an email to ask if you may be included? The blade is large by most standards and is over 8 inches long, meaning the functionality borders on that of a machete. This particular knife is available in both carbon and stainless steel types. We sell many variations of bushcraft knives, and due to our large selection, we are confident you will find the right tool for your task. It’s a hugely multi-purpose knife and I use it for all my carving outdoors as well as preparation for outdoor meals when I’m teaching once in a while. As I say, I come from an educational background and taught basic bushcraft and forest schools and the knife we used to use prior to me working here was the Mora FF, and it was purely for two reasons - the quality of the knife overall and its brightness. This is namely because each of us have our own opinion on what is, or is not important in a cutting tool, and for others it may even be down to the “feel” of the knife in the hand. The knife is particularly good for battening (even though you shouldn’t really use a knife for this) and it comes complete with a great leather sheath. In his spare time he enjoys the outdoors, and in particular climbing. The best knife is the one you know how to use and have with you. So in the spirit of fun and learning, here are my recommendations for 12 knives you should own. In this section we have knives made by renowned manufacturers in the bushcraft knife and outdoor industry such as Mora Of Sweden , Hultafors , Victorinox , EKA , … If you ask ten different bushcrafters what they consider to be their favourite bushcraft knife then the chances are that you will be given ten different answers. Everything from a basic Mora product to a handmade knife. Equally you wouldn't use a machete for fine detailed work (although it is possible). As you go out into the wild, you may be faced with challenging and terrifying situations, and a good knife can save your life. As mentioned, there is a very wide variety of knife types around — and that doesn’t change when you narrow it down to fixed blades, either. So, with regards to bush craft and choosing a bush craft knife, it is important to think about what type of tasks you may need to complete with the knife.