Find DeVilbiss Paint Gun Air Caps and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! The TE-5 air cap is undoubtedly the most popular choice and is available in 0.8mm and 1.0mm variations. This is a 'Trans-tech' air cap, which is compliant but is not HVLP. T110 - Trans-Tech - High Efficiency. They say that the TE10/TE20 AND HV30 air caps will NOT work on the Tekna Copper/ Quickclean. Air-driven agitators use either vane or piston air motors. I can't speak from experience but I have been researching the Tekna Pro Lite that comes with the TE10 and TE20 air caps. Find DeVilbiss Paint Gun Air Caps and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Regular price $129.99 $129.99. Click here to purchase Tamco Primers and Clearcoats, DeVilbiss are recognized as the leaders in the production of premium quality spray guns. VIEW. However, the SRI Pro Lite has its own cap variations available that will suit most operator’s needs. Precision engineered brass air cap and stainless steel fluid tips. Toll Free: 800-445-3988 This means the spray pattern is more eliptical (squat/rounded) than the open flat (wide fan width) pattern found on the H1 air cap. Can be used with GTi Pro and GTi Pro Lite models. I’ve heard a lot of good about the TE20 air cap for clear jobs. Because I’ve read that the TE20 aircaps are a better aircap then the 7E7. C3C L AGMDPRO #C3 Air Cap: DeVilbiss Filter Element – 0.01 Microns $ 304.00. Air Flow:10.5 SCFM, 300 LPM Order No: 704408 DV1-B HVLP Air Cap. Clearcoats. Has anyone on here had any experience with the Tekna Copper? Pretty straight forward. ... Air caps can be ordered separately. So, got a solid answer from Devilbiss. Solvent and Waterborne Basecoats. DeVilbiss-Compact Automatic I Air Spray Gun Service Manual (SB-2-586) Service Manual for DeVilbiss Compact Automatic I Air Spray Gun. Reply The TE20 is a great all rounder. The original and best, the ultimate high performance gravity feed spray gun for professional automotive refinishers. I use a TE10 to slow down a bit for a flatter finish. To know DeVilbiss Air Power Company, or unauthorized repair or alterations. Regular price $50.99 $50.99. I’d buy a pro light but I’m not wanting the smaller gun as I have larger hands nor do I want to pay the extra $$. Tekna 703540 HV30 HVLP Air Cap and Retaining Ring for PRO/Prolite Spray Guns. T110 - Clearcoat (higher solids) and super smooth finishing High performance Trans-Tech atomisation technology best suited to clearcoating and glosses. There are basically two types of air motors which can be used in air agitators: Rotary Vane and Piston (either axial or radial). The nozzle sizes range from 0.85mm – 2mm. I understand where everyone is coming from, it’s just the settings you need to set up for your liking and practice, practice, practice. By continuing navigation you agree to the use of cookies. The Fan height/width may vary, and the spray pattern become larger, Read more…, The Sagola 3300 GTO spray gun can be considered as a fusion between the 4100 GTO and the 3300 PRO. Okay. Air agitators are also commonly used for 1,000 liter (264 gallon) Internal Bulk Containers (IBC). DeVilbiss Tekna ProLite Paint Spray Gun TE20 Air Cap and PRO-200-13 1.3 Tip 4.5 out of 5 stars (4) 4 product ratings - DeVilbiss Tekna ProLite Paint Spray Gun TE20 Air Cap and PRO-200-13 1.3 Tip The GTi-Pro LITE shares the same nozzles (same part numbers) with its predecessor model GTi-Pro, however the needles are different. • KK-5033-83MP Air Cap Test Kit – Includes air cap and gauge, for use with #83MP air caps only. Common options are multiple air regulators and multiple outlets for multiple spray guns. Major manufacturers of paint agitators, including Binks and Graco, employ this kind of air motor. Paint Pressure Pots: General Information Paint Pressure Pots (or Paint Pressure Tanks) use compressed air from a compressor. Not Yet Reviewed. Paint Gun Air Cap, Number 505, 10-13 Inlet cfm, 14-18 Inlet psi, Steel, Zinc Plated, Each. Like my original post said, I have the Tekna Pro with the 7E7 aircap and really like it for base. Devilbiss Spray Gun Maintenance Pressure Pot Cleaning Bottle 500ml x 3. When to use paint pressure pots? In contrast, the piston type of air motor tends to be higher in price but consumes less air and shows better slow-running performance. The Devilbiss GTi-Pro LITE is also available as suction- and pressure-feed version, the so-called “PROPL” (e.g. Solvent and Waterborne Basecoats Vane air motors have a simpler design, lighter, cheaper, more robust and easier to maintain. FinishLine, DeVilbiss, FLG-463, 519210. FLG-463 HVLP AIR CAP TEST KIT.. Atomisation Technology: High Efficiency; Air Flow L/min: 270 (9.5 cfm) Fluid g/m: 160 - 190 Devilbiss DV1-C+ Clearcoat HVLP PLUS Gravity Feed Spray Gun 1.3mm. I’ve shot clear with my Pro and thought the results were decent. We stock High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) products such as HVLP Spray Guns and other HVLP Equipment, plus we stock Airless Sprayers, Airspray Guns and Air Compressors. Manufactured to precision standards, their guns are uniquely matched to suit the refinishing materials in daily use. They also produce advanced air filtration and respiratory protection systems, which are widely regarded as industry standard. The Copper would be my designated clear gun. Why Air Cap Selection is Important The Air Cap for your Spray Gun is critical because it will be one of two primary factors that determine the finish quality of your painting as well as the speed at which you can paint. What I found so far is the holes on the TE10 are smaller than the TE20 meaning the droplet size comes out smaller on the TE10 giving a flatter finish for a restoration type paint job where you plan to make the finish like glass. User manuals, DeVilbiss Air Compressor Operating guides and Service manuals. I already have the Tekna Pro with the same air cap that I use for base and clear. PROPL-TE30-12). I’m going to be buying a Tekna Copper with the 7E7 air cap. COMPACT AUTOMATIC - X GUN MOUNTING ADAPTERS AND HOSE FITTING KITS: SPK-111. Pressure tanks and pots are commonly available in sizes between 2-120 liter (0.5-32 gallon) and are made either from stainless steel or carbon steel (some with inner liners made from plastic or stainless steel for easy cleaning). Check out the DeVilbiss video on Spraygubsdirect GTIProlite page. That’s what I have gathered in my research as well. ... Electroless Nickel Plated Brass Air Cap and Retaining Ring Part Number: AGMD-122C Certified Air Cap and retaining ring Notes: *AV-4920 Fluid Tips have Nylon Inserts 5. • KK-5033-46MP Air Cap Test Kit – Includes air cap and gauge, for use with #46MP air caps only. We are a participant in the eBay Partner Network Program and Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to eBay and Amazon. The fluid tip, under the air cap, has the size printed on it’s side. VIEW. For use with all DeVilbiss DVFR Filter Regulators – refer to specific part number for each filter type. SAGOLA 3300 GTO CAR: Primer spray gun for automotive refinishing and bodyshops, Pressure-Assisted Gravtiy Spray Gun for Highly Viscous Materials, Standard water and solvent base basecoats, Clearcoats (especially HS and UHS clearcoats), Recommended for polyurethane clear coats (in combination with 1.3mm nozzle), In connection with 1.3mm nozzle widely recommended for 2K gloss / clearcoat, Higher solid clearcoats, solvent and waterborne basecoats. Inlet Pressure: 22-29 PSI, 1.5-2.0 BAR . Air Motors vs. Electric Motors Air Motors are have some advantages over their electric counterparts, such…. A good starting point are following pressure settings:HV30 Air cap: 1.5 – 1.75 bar (22-25 PSI)TE10/20, T110: 1.5 – 2 bar (22-29 PSI), There is a general phenomenon every spray gun manufacturer has to face: In line with increasing nozzle sizes the material flow rate increases too. Devilbiss Offers A Wide Range Paint Booth Solutions And Equipment Including Spray Guns Disposable Paint Cups Air Filtration Dirt Mitigation Products Etc. Quantity must be 1 or more Quantity.