There are several guides that can help you choose the ideal face for your dragon. If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Baby Dragon, Cartoon Dragon, and Chinese Dragon. It is actually a connection with the Chinese culture. Then, draw an almond shape for your dragon's eye. If you think it might be difficult to draw a goat, think again! Glue the shredded paper on as hair. Step 1. Your drawing may of course be completed however you like, but I recommend that you try coloring your dragon with two values of whatever color you choose. Step 5: Draw a series of curved lines that connect the major shapes and form the dragon's neck and the body. In this tutorial, we learn how to draw a dragon in profile. Make the squiggles darker in certain areas to create the stripey look. Filed Under: Animals, How To Draw, Mythical, New Years « SPOTLIGHT: Draw Karl’s Family (9.6.19) Artist: Static_ghost / January 11, 2013 . Step 8: Remove all the outlines and draw the wings. Here we show you how to make this red and gold Chinese dragon, you … How to Draw a Dragon face: It's time to give your dragon a face. Step 5: Draw a series of lines that connect the major shapes to form the rest of the Chinese dragon's body. Step 3: Refine the outline. As you can see, at the end the head of dragon will look very realistic. How to Draw a Chinese Dragon Easy. If the dragon is related to dinosaurs, it will look nice with dinosaur hips. If you printed out the black & white template, color the mask with crayons, colored markers or poster paint. How to Draw Dragon Feet Step 1. First, draw the tip of the middle toe. Drawing Lessons Art Lessons Drawing Ideas Drawing Tutorials Freetime Activities Chinese Dragon Drawing Art For Kids Hub New Year Art 4th Grade Art. During my early elementary school years, origami was my go-to pastime. This Is the outline of a dragon’s head, it is need to draw, using simple and light lines. Use the coloured pencils to add other features, colour and texture to the dragon’s face. How to draw a Chinese dragon! The Legs of this dragon are very small. After this, start to add in the details for the side of the face, this includes the horns, teeth, nostrils, and scales for the dragon. To Start this dragon make a basic tail shape. Step 4: Draw angled lines below the dragon's body as guides for the legs. A friend of mine during that time had seen a folded dragon head and wanted to emulate it; so we went to work constructing what you see below. And today we are going to tell you how to draw a dragon head. And for as long as I can remember, dragons have been an absolute favorite of mine to draw. Your Chinese Dragon is now complete! Only 3 years later, I have finally gotten around to drawing my own free DIY Dragon Puppet printable for you.. Chinese New Year 2020 falls on Saturday 25th January 2020! How to Draw Chinese Dragon Mask, Face Masks обновлено: July 14, 2018 автором: How to Draw a Dragon Learn how to draw dragons with the following easy step by step video drawing lessons and you'll be drawing your favorite dragon in no time, if you didn't find the dragon you're looking for, drop us a request and we'll create a tutorial for you. Step 1: Draw a V like shape and continue to draw small lines parallel to each other to form the beak. Step 8. You can draw it directly or use a tracing paper. Oct 15, 2014 - A free how to draw resource for parents, teachers, and home school families. Learn to Draw a Goat. How to draw a Chinese Dragons' Face. Start with the face first. Start with a pencil on a white piece of paper and draw out the outline of the profile for the dragon. Would you like to draw a cartoon of a mighty dragon? Cut 3cm strips from the coloured paper … How to Draw Dragons: Ahh the dragon, the one monster to appear in nearly every human culture, it is little wonder many seek to recreate it.