This kit comes with three fountain heads (trumpet, single tier, and 3-tier). Step 3. Water fountains come in many different designs to beautify your landscape and provide All the fountains are provided with four components—the fountain assembly, power cable, controls, and float. Adding a pond and fountain to the yard will introduce the soothing sound of trickling water. Pond spitters add aeration and ambient noise. Building a garden where you can relax can be a rewarding task. We here at Weeders Digest break down all the wonderful benefits of having a lake or pond fountain. This labor cost usually amounts to $40-$65 per hour.. See how a big heap of assorted rocks and pebbles is transformed into a shallow pond, incorporating larger boulders, plants and a bamboo fountain. Any electrical work carried out in the garden should be done by a suitably qualified electrician. The first option is to simply place the hose over a waterfall and let it do it's job. You may need to remove the shell and add or scrape a little soil away to make it even. Adding a water feature to an existing pond is affordable, easy to do, and will give your pond much-needed energy and vigor. Install the float. Installing a water garden pond doesn't have to be left to the professionals. Thread the tubing from the pump through the center hole in the bottom of the saucer. AquascapePonds 115,348 views 2:33 My DIY Pond Aerator - Duration: 5:52. The restricted water flow won’t contribute greatly to water loss, but every little measure helps to keep water moving. In the 3rd of our 'How to Build a Pond' series of Bradshaw's guides we telk you through how to add a fountain or waterfall.How to Build a Pond Part 3 - Adding a Fountain or WaterfallFor most people the sound of moving water is one of the top reasons for having a pond. Setting up a farm pond fountain can solve many of these problems, but building a fountain takes considerable effort. Just unplug the pump, remove it from the pond, unscrew the base, and examine the impeller shaft. Install the incoming power supply from the circuit breaker into the controls. Soil around a fountain often becomes damp from over-spray, so plant water-loving plants around the base of the fountain to absorb the water. How to Install a Water Fountain Garden pots and preformed flexible pond liners make it easy to add a water fountain to any patio or garden area. Attach the fountain nozzle to the end of the tubing. Aerators Help Trout Thrive at a Mountain-Top Retreat, Case Study: How a Deep Aeration System Keeps Gamefish Happy & Healthy, Case Study: Golf Course Fountains Add Aeration and Aesthetics. Floating fountains are also easy to install. This allows the water from the pump to drain back into the pond. (Follow the light kit installation instructions provided with your light kit.). Garden pots and preformed flexible pond liners make it easy to add a water fountain to any patio or garden area. This step-by-step guide shows you what you need to do before you get started and how to get the correct water-flow rate Drill a hole at the mark, using a three-quarter-inch drill bit, for flexible water tubing. Complete the warranty registration and mail to Air-O-Lator at 4401 E. 140th Street, Grandview, MO. Once you’ve picked out your aerating fountain for your pond or another body of water, make sure you have verified the voltage available, checked to make sure you have the proper circuit breaker and checked the total power cable required from the fountain to the circuit breaker to ensure that the properly sized wire is installed and ordered. This month, we’ll walk you through, step by step, how to install your new Air-O-Lator fountain. Plumbing and electrical setup is typically included. Using a shovel, dig a trench between the outlet and the fountain, deep enough to accommodate PVC pipe to hold the electrical cord. Cut two lengths of rope, allowing 2 to 3 feet of rope for every foot of water depth. Rinse out the pot and the saucer to remove any dust and debris. How to add character and visual appeal to a flower bed. 64030. Installing a pond pump is an easy D.I.Y. It can help improve the health of your pond in many ways. With the fountain operating, check the amperage draw. by Airo-Admin | Jul 21, 2017 | Equipment, Fountains, Maintenance | 0 comments. Regardless of the type of fountain you choose, you will need a submersible pump and a nearby source of electricity with a ground-fault interrupt (GFI) outlet. A fountain, like the Vitaflume® Floating Fountain from Lake Restoration, is a great way to keep the water moving in your pond or water feature. They’re easy to install and can bring a lot of personality and style into your backyard. A backyard pond can add color and life to any landscape, and it’s a DIY project that just about anyone can complete. How to Keep Pond Fountain From Sinking Into Mud, Fine Gardening: How to Build a Pot Fountain, How to Build Your Own Tiered Stone Fountain, How to Make Bubbling Effects for a Fountain, How to Make a Fountain for a Container Pond. Align the two motor arm brackets into the molded sockets on the float. How to install a water feature or fountain in your garden. Build this compact, charming, inexpensive little pond and fountain in one day using simple off-the-shelf materials. Drill six holes in the bottom of a 12- to 14-inch pot. There are two suggested mooring options: concrete block mooring or shore-to-shore mooring. How to Install a Patio Walkway Transform your favorite backyard space with an easy-to-install, European-style cobblestone pathway. Sit back and enjoy your fountain. Only hand tighten the jam nut; over tightening will damage the connector. Run the power cable back to the shore and allow the power cable to sink to the bottom of the pond. Purchase an automatic shut-off submersible pump that stops when the water level drops below the intake port. Lower one concrete block to the bottom and then lower the other block after stretching out the rope from the float. Allow enough rope on one end at the post to allow pulling the float to the shore. Cut the tubing so that the fountain spout is even with the rim of the pot. Use our checklist below to see if a pond … Your fountain or pond could use some fish. Fill the bucket with water and place the saucer on top of it. Build a compact, yet attractive DIY fountain and pond using simple off-the-shelf materials for less than $200. This month, we’ll walk you through, step by step, how to install your new Air-O-Lator fountain. Placing the pond Step 4. Find out how to install a fountain in your garden. Garden pots and preformed flexible pond liners make it easy to add a water fountain to any patio or garden area. With some pumps, you can dislodge those tiny snails fairly easily. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Backyard water features provide natural focal points in home landscapes, while providing a soothing environment for relaxing. It makes your home stand out and raises its property value. Rinse river rock to remove dust that might clog the submersible pump. Water features are a win-win for ponds; they add decor while helping aerate the water to keep it healthy. How to Install an Ornamental Waterfall Pump. The pump is encased with a study floating platform. Pond fountains offer a striking water feature. Fountains come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can keep your pond clean by circulating the pond’s water. Step 8. water fountain doesn’t take up as much space as a waterfall or Koi pond but still gives you the sound of bubbling water and a great looking focal point for I bought the basin and a pump suitable for recirculating the water. Labor Cost to Install a Fountain Fountain & waterfall companies, pond builders, and some pool builders provide fountain installation services. It’s a great way to add tranquility to your waterfront area and whether it be a lake or pond, a fountain is not only relaxing to hear but is a joy to look at as well. Thread the tubing through the center hole of the pot. Place the clean bucket in the hole. Air-O-Lator Corporation © 2020 | designed by Novella Brandhouse. And complete it in one day! Locate the fountain within safe reach of a GFI electrical outlet. PROS: Powerful (0.75 HP) motor produces a water … There are some practical reasons to have fish in your outdoor water fixture, but also just having them will add a more natural touch. Step 1. Place the shell in the hole and use a spirit level to check that it is straight and properly aligned. Last month, we discussed selecting a fountain. For shore mooring, secure the ¼” ropes to the opposing corners of the float and secure the ropes to a post on shore and another rope to the opposite shore and secured to a post. Step 5. If the area is windy, drop the tubing slightly below the surface of the pot and attach a low fountainhead to prevent the water from blowing away. Connect the power cable to the controls provided. If you plan to design a water feature, installing a water fountain pump is a breeze with the proper tools and knowledge. Step 2. This homemade water fountain spruce up your yard and provide a pleasant place for you to sit and for neighborhood. The water is then put back into the pond, creating movement and providing oxygen.Once the hose is secured into place, it is possible to plug the pump in. Step 5. Step 6. Liles holds a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Colorado State University and a Master of Science in technical communication from the University of Colorado. This is curious as many water features are actually unproblematic as … Fountains can either spray water in patterns through a nozzle or bubble or cascade the water, dropping it into the reservoir below. All the Air-O-Lator floats are square in shape with a hole in the center of the float used to install the fountain. Secure one end of each rope to the concrete block. Step 4. Patio Water Feature Ideas We chose to fill the base with water. A solar pond fountain is the simplest. Dig a hole to fit a 5-gallon bucket snugly inside the hole with the bucket lip rising one inch above ground level. How to Install a Water Fountain. How to Install an Aquascape Mini Fountain Kit - Duration: 2:33 . project that can completely transform the look and feel in your garden. Fishing for Sustainable Options: How Aquarian Aerators Keep Fish and Fishermen Happy. Air-O-Lator’s staff is always available to speak with you or the electrical installer to ensure the proper power and installation instructions are provided with your new fountain. Secure the other end of the rope to one corner of the float and the other rope to the opposing corner of the float. Attach the power cable to the female connector end to the male connector of the float. Attach the flexible tubing to the pump. Record the voltage and amperage at start-up and keep with your operations and maintenance manual. Water fountains add much to spaces both big and small. Based in Atlanta, Valerie Liles has been writing about landscape and garden design since 1980. They also look This can be done at the circuit breaker panel. How to Install Arbor Posts Placing and securing the arbor posts takes place after the … Drill six holes in the bottom of the saucer to allow the water to escape back into the bucket. So not only does this fountain look great, it is also having a positive effect on the water quality in your pond or lake. The second option is to attach the hose to a fountain on the underside where it will pump the water into the fountain. The pond boss 1/4 HP Floating Fountain with Lights aerates the water with a beautiful fountain and illuminates the fountain at night. Pond spitters are a versatile water feature to add to a garden. Water features can take time, energy and a healthy budget to install and maintain. But before you start digging, make sure you’re ready for a pond. Apply power to controls. Adding a water fountain can bring a garden to life with the sound of moving water. There are a number of ways to use a solar power fountain; in general these can be split in to these main categories: • Small container • Small pond • Medium / Large Pond • Existing water feature (using tubing connected to the pump) • Waterfall (using tubing connected to the pump) You’re almost done! This project took no time at all. Set the pot on the saucer and fill it with river rock to hold the tubing upright. It is now possible to do one of two things. Home gardeners have many techniques and options to choose from, and can easily install … A beautiful, well-positioned pond fountain in your property water garden adds value to your home both monetarily and sentimentally. Place the fountain assembly into the center hole of the float, motor-end first. As a registered respiratory therapist, she also has experience in family health, nutrition and pediatric and adult asthma managment. Smartpond demonstrates how to build a pond or water feature in your home garden. Fountains can either spray water in patterns through a nozzle or bubble and cascade the water, dropping it into the reservoir below. A floating pond fountain can enhance the beauty of a garden pond. Pull the pump cord through the slit in the bucket. Farm ponds with still water are a haven for mosquitoes and invasive pond plants, especially if you can't support fish due to lack of oxygen in the water. For concrete block mooring, two standard concrete blocks 8” x 8” x 16”, ¼” polyethylene rope are required. Let’s face it, water fountains are fun, cool and relaxing. Note: if you purchased a fountain lighting kit assembly with your fountain you will want to install the lights to the float before installing the float in your pond. Cut a one-half-inch-wide slit in the lip of the bucket with a knife or hand saw, allowing enough room for the pump cord to pass through. A water feature has the image of being rather an excessive form of decoration- expensive to install and maintain. This post is all about warning DIYers against the idea of fitting an electrical supply in your garden for a pond or water feature. Place the pump on a clean brick inside the bucket. The bubbling water creates soothing sounds and attracts flitting friends, such as butterflies and hummingbirds. We strongly recommend that you have a certified electrician install and/or verify the electrical requirements. Each corner of the float has a hole for installing/threading the mooring rope. Air-O-Lator aerating fountains and decorative fountains are easy to install. Last month, we discussed selecting a fountain. Place a mark in the center of a 12- to 14-inch saucer. Step 9. Step 7.