For trayed columns, the system factor is used to derate both the jet flood and downcomer flood ratings. Originally (long time ago) the packing factor was defined as the packing's surface area per unit volume, divided by the cube of the packing void fraction: F p = a/ε 3 and so its dimension was/is ft 2 /ft 3 or 1/ft or ft-1. The present work presents and generalizes own experimental data for the pressure drop of 4 sizes of IMTP packing with nominal diameters of 25, 40, 50, and 70 mm. 15 Intalox Structured Packing 1T Type DXM/DYM: These packing types, made of sheet metal, have a lowe r numbe of theoretical stages compared to DX. 25/40/50/60/70 Intalox Structured Packing 1.5T/2T/3T/4T/5T 5.6 – 7.5 pts/ft2 60 – 80 pts/m2 IMTP Packing No. Technical Parameter of IMTP RING (INTALOX METAL TOWER PACKING) : Name Normal mm Diameter*Height* Thickness mm Surface area m2/m3 Void space % Bulk density kg/m3 No.elements per/m3 Packing factor m-1 (IMTP) Intalox saddles ø25 25*20*0.6 185 96 409 101160 209 ø38 38*30*0.8 112 96 365 24680 137 ø50 50*40*1.0 75 96 291 10400 85 pressure drop of 4 sizes of IMTP packing with nominal diameters of 25, 40, 50, and 70 mm. factors if necessary. Similarly, a variety of operating conditions is also exposed in the databases, spanning a broad range from vacuum distillation to supercritical fluid condi-tions. Packing factor, m−1 Size, Bed mm, or density,* Area, % Normal Dry Name no. range of packing shapes available on the market, from the common Raschig ring to high-throughput packings such as the IMTP ring22 or the Jaeger ring,25 just to name a few. Special features • Pressure drop per theoretical stage 0.3-1.0 mbar • Pressure drop at 70-80% fl ooding about 2 mbar/m Atmospheric distillation (300 mmHg-80 psia) IMTP packing size_ HETP, ft A highly versatile packing type Mellapak is the most widely used structured packing worldwide. Aroonwilas, et al. 0.6 < X. ... of IMTP packing and a Ralu Flow of plastic. packing in ethanol dehydration. An important factor to keep in mind with the introduction of an external feed is that of mixing (homogenization of composition or temperature). It has proven excellent performance in columns with diameters up to 15 m. It is supplied in sheet metal thicknesses from 0.1 mm up. This packing has a coarser structure and hence a lower number of theoretical stages. Severity of foaming can be dependent on a number of different factors and operating experience is the best method for determining the exact system factor for a particular system. 20% for easy separations (< 15 theoretical stages) 15% for separations requiring 15-25 theoretical stages Use precise HETP values for more difficult separations 2. When comparing 16 mm Pall Ring packing with IMTP-15 packing, the IMTP-15 had greater K GCO 2 a V values. 69 have performed experiments on the performance of three types of structured packing (laboratory-scale (EX), pilot-scale (Gempak 4A), and industrial-scale (SulzerBX)) in terms of the K GCO 2 a V coefficient. Mixing of liquid should be ... IMTP Packing No. Equations for determination of pressure drop of irrigated packing, up to the loading point and above it, are also obtained. The experimental data for dry packing pressure drop are described by an equation with a mean deviation of 5.1%. Outside this range, HETP is likely to be higher Design: Apply with a safety factor of. The results showed good efficiency of the . Suitable for laboratory columns where a modest num- ber of theoretical stages is required, together with low pressure drop and high capacity. < 1.8. 4. The main factor s involving the design of packed columns are . Packing factor F p is a characteristic of the packing, not of the type of column or liquid..