"[61] When plans for the sequel were announced, Atlanta-based film critic Scott Journal wrote "I am one of the few people in the world who saw the original and, believe me, it did not merit a followup. He worked to put almost everything in this film, and it could have worked if there had been a decent budget for the film. MST3K - Tom Servo Hits on a Blender. Phone: I was going to get my parents to take me to see it. 1:18. Billy wanders into the desert alone and discovers the laser cannon and pendant. I was getting into my ape role, and I threw some crap around. Unlike regular Challenges, these take the form of The Alleged Car: Billy's van.Particularly clear in the scene when he challenges the two nerds/bullies to a race, only to have his van refuse to start. Film & Animation; Show more Show less. You can find this either inspiring or depressing. The review called the film "the epitome of what Frank Zappa once hymned as 'cheapness. "[59] However, Charles Band Productions fell into financial difficulties shortly after the production of Laserblast,[21] and the project was eventually scrapped. Laserblast was a hero who was part of the organization P.O.I.N.T., alongside El-Bow and Silver Spark. Laserblast Filming Locations. And after seeing it I can definitely say that it was a film. [5][13] Cheryl Smith, who later received greater recognition for her appearances in B movies and exploitation films, appeared in the lead female role of Kathy Farley. Time Out says . [21][26] Sculptor Jon Berg, who built the alien creature puppets based on Allen's design, was also uncredited for his work. Meanwhile, nothing happens. Your Name * Your Email Address * What's up? I don't even think a lot of scenes by themselves were that bad, but once you string them together you just get a mess. A Jekyll/Hyde quickie rip-off, Laserblast is the epitome of what Frank Zappa once hymned as 'cheapness'. Our products have even appeared in a Mariah Carey film clip, and multiple movies. Perhaps it you threw in some robots, everything will be fine! [38] In August 2018, a Blu-Ray disc of the film was released by Full Moon Pictures. While he is sleeping, Kathy discovers his alien pendant and puts it on Billy's chest, which turns his skin green and his eyes and teeth hideously deformed. The '70s: This was a time when being fit meant you had to be rail thin.Plenty of 70's music, fashion and cars to go around, too. Laserblast Filming Locations. He goes outside to find his mother (Janet Dey) has been invited to a trip to Acapulco and, despite her son's protests, she leaves her son behind. Okay, I haven't actually seen the film, but Richard Band and Joel Goldsmith's very first film score - to the 1978 film Laserblast - was recently released and while it sounds very much like 1970's synth music (which it is) it is actually quite enjoyable in parts. Band described the film as a "revenge story" with a simple premise that he thought would be fun for the audience. Laserblast is a movie that always seems to escape me. From Iron Man to Inhumans and everything in between! [28] Special effects were assisted by Harry Woolman, and laser effects were provided by Paul Gentry. A spaceship lands and twoaliensemerge, one of whom shoots the man, which disintegrates his body. Laserblast is a cheap & at times charmingly bad slice of lo-grade 1970’s Sc-fi. Actually I hadn't thought of that before. [14] Gianni Russo, best known for playing Carlo Rizzi in The Godfather (1972),[15] was cast as government investigator Tony Craig. Laserblast is a 1978 American science fiction film about an unhappy teenage loner who discovers an alien laser cannon and goes on a murderous rampage, seeking revenge against those who he feels have wronged him. We partner with local film and genre advocates to bring more movies to our programming! He was presumed MIA ever since "The Sandwich Incident" from 6 to 11 years ago. The aliens depart on their spaceship, leaving behind the laser cannon and a metallic pendant the man was wearing. Nov 30, 2019 #21 Inside ever bad Science fiction film is potential good one and, LaserBast is such a film . Elsewhere, Billy and Kathy lay together outside next to Billy's van. Joey Hollywood Films. [11] Commentators have pointed out several inaccuracies and plot-holes in the Laserblast script. mst3k. As the years went by, various updates about the movie surfaced, stating it as being in various stages of development, but no footage was ever released. "[43] It was described as one of the worst films of the year in the book The Golden Turkey Awards. His full face has never been seen, as it has always been hidden under his mask.His modern costume takes on a red and black color scheme. Flickr photos, groups, and tags related to the "LASERBLAST" Flickr tag. But the weapon's power source begins to mutate his mind and body [17] Keenan Wynn, a long-time character actor and a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer contract player during the 1940s, portrayed Colonel Farley, who provides comic relief as Kathy's crazed, paranoid, delusional grandfather and a former military man. B. BAYLOR There Are Always new Things to Learn. [39] According to Space.com, Laserblast has achieved cult film status. Laserblast (1978) Filming & Production. The Laserblast Film Society presents the 1975 film by Craig Denney. There's gotta be someone out there in Redditland who recognizes some of the locations. Billy goes on a rampage, shooting things at random with the laser cannon. Mystery Science Theater 3000 20th Anniversary Edition (Unknown) : From the second season of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Joel and his robot friends add their comments to the film First spaceship on Venus. 17766 Sierra Highway, Santa Clarita, California, USA (Sheriff's Office) 1 of 1 found this interesting Interesting? After some experiments, Mike concludes it is an alien material and cannot be destroyed. See more ideas about Laser tag, Laser, Tags. It consists of a black tank top and a match black pair of pants, held together with a heavy-duty gray belt. Location Sleeping in Lab. There's a sign on the sheriff's office that says " County Sheriff" but I can't make it out. As a wild guess, it's possible portions were filmed up in the Mojave Desert, and other parts are from further south, closer to LA. [64] Mike and the robots make particular note of film critic Leonard Maltin's relatively high two-and-a-half star rating of the original film. Both sequences also used rear projection to show footage of Billy and his destruction on Earth. mst3k. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. MST3K: Project Moonbase - Servo as Commander Cody. [25], Randall William Cook, an animator who worked with Allen on the horror film The Crater Lake Monster (1977), provided uncredited animation work on Laserblast. Laserblast is a 1978 American science fiction film about an unhappy teenage loner who discovers an alien laser cannon and goes on a murderous rampage, seeking revenge against those who he feels have wronged him. [11] Laserblast was advertised in conjunction with End of the World, which had been released the previous year and was still playing in theaters at the time. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. [10], Kim Milford, who had previously appeared in the original Broadway theatre production of Hair and the first production of The Rocky Horror Show, starred in the leading role of Laserblast, marking his first major motion picture appearance. 996 talking about this. A small airplane with law enforcement officials opens fire on Billy, but he destroys the plane. [45] In The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Movies, Phil Hardy describes it as "a wholly unimaginative film", adding, "Even the non-stop series of exploding cars becomes monotonous in the hands of director Rae.