Dhahabu misinterprets the situation, believing that Tiifu and Zuri are her saviors, and appoints them to her "Queen's Guard" along with Fuli. The Lion Guard comes on behalf of the Pride Lands to forge a water treaty between the kingdoms. A zebra's main predator is the lion, but since zebras are herd animals, the stripes may help to confuse predators - a number of zebras standing or moving close together may appear as one large animal, making it more difficult for the lion to pick out any single zebra to attack. What separates zebras and horses is that zebras are part of the Subgenus Hippotigris and Dolichohippus, while horses are part of the Species E. ferus and Subspecies E. f. caballus. Suddenly, Kwato, Shauku, Kambuni, and Gumba arrive, reporting that Mtoto is being chased by hyenas. Weight She is the leader of her herd. Balboa – Name of a movie character. Thurston appears at the Tree of Life to watch Kion become Rani's king. Bunga holds them back and says that they need to wait for the giraffs. As queen of the Back Lands, Dhahabu has access to and control over a valuable watering hole. Suspicious, Kion sends Ono to investigate the situation, and Ono returns with news that the watering hole has dried up. Dhahabu agrees to let the Pride Landers use her watering hole in exchange for a tamboa plant. African Bush Elephant (Loxodonta africana) 4.1. Duchess is a zebra in Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson that was released in … When the Lion Guard ignores her warnings, she insists that she accompany them, as she wants to be a good leader. During the tour a fire happens caused by Dry Lighting. However in or… "The Lion Guard" The Zebra Mastermind (TV Episode 2018) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Researched the golden zebra after watching Lion Guard and found this article. A few zebras accompany him as he spreads his advice around the Pride Lands. Dhahabu Zebra The Lion Guard: A golden-striped zebra who is the leader of the herd. Their eyes are on the sides if their heads to give them a wider view, The next morning they meet at Pride Rock. Ono figures that the herd was scared by thunder, and assures Thurston that the storm has passed. This treaty is eventually honored during the heat of the dry season. Hamu - is a foal of a male zebra who is a member of Lion's Guard under the leadership of Princess Mohatu Personality. A pair of zebras are grazing peacefully when a young zebra named Kwato, a mongoose named Shauku, and an elephant named Mtoto emerge from the grass. He is a ferocious Komodo dragon bent on eating anyone that comes onto his island, who laterjoinsMakucha's Army to get revenge on the Lion Guard and reach the Tree of Life. Honestly, Thurston is this in general, especially if you spend a lot of time around horses. Thurston believes that zebras are the most delicious animals in the Pride Lands. She is the leader of her herd . Together with Raha and Starehe, the Lion Guard rushes to the rescue and fights off the pack. After the problem of the missing water has been solved she allows to share her herd's watering hole with the pridelanders. This treaty is eventually honored during the heat of the dry season. 175 - 385 kg Thurston and the Lion Guard belongs to Disney. As queen of the Back Lands, Dhahabu has access to and control over a valuable watering hole. A pair of zebras are visible when Ono flies over the Pride Lands to prove that he can still see. big papa smith on November 29, 2018: is there only one golden zebra in the world. Simba has a celebration for them to thank them for their help.While Kiara, Tiifu and Zuri show Dhahahbu around the Pride Lands. Dhahabu arrives in the Pride Lands to discuss a water treaty between the kingdoms ("Prance With Me"). Hamu looks like a typical Zebra foal that differs from Kwato on his left shoulder he has the sign of Lion's Guard History Near Threatened (Plains Zebra) Endangered (Grevy's Zebra). Dhahabu arrives in the Pride Lands with her herd. With Dhahabu's permission, Kion leads the Pride Landers into Dhahabu Grove, where they join the zebras in enjoying the water. Hearing this, Dhahabu's herd disperses, abandoning her. Fuli slows them down, assuring them that they're safe now. During his first time it had been a mixture of protective instincts and hunger that had made him want to swallow Janja the Hyena whole, before then letting him get digested into fat on his flank. Once Kwato and his friends finish their game, they are attacked by Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu. The Lion Guard Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu lurk nearby. brags to his herd how he's the real reason the Lion Guard are so successful, https://lionguard.fandom.com/wiki/Zebras?oldid=360616. This subspecies represents the zebra form of the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem. He is voiced by Andrew Kishino, who also voiced Janjain the same series. Kion decides to stop the zebras before they hurt someone, and the Guard heads out. Zebras are the most beautiful animal on earth with stripes on their body. Kion leads his team into the Back Lands, where they encounter two zebra siblings named Raha and Starehe, who agree to lead them to their leader, Dhahabu. Dhahabu stands up to Makucha in her resolve to be a good leader. Zebras have black and white stripes that are typically vertical on the head, neck, forequarters, and main body, with horizontal stripes at the rear and on the legs of the animal. Kama – Word for Love. Zebras. When the Lion Guard tries to stop the hyenas, they end up trapped in a ravine, courtesy of Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu. The Lion Guard grows incredibly worried about Kion's safety and sticks to him like glue, which quickly exasperates him and in some cases actually puts him in more danger than before. She will do anything to please her herd, even going to far as to lie to them in order to conceal a truth which might cause them sadness. However, Kion is able to save his friend by unknowingly using The Roar of the Elders (which when used, causes the lions of the Pride Lands past to roar with him), which … Their powerful hind kicks can injure a lion's jaw. Once at the scene of the blockage, the Lion Guard is confronted by Makucha and his friends. They run through the Pride Lands with the other Pride Landers. Dhahabu invites the Lion Guard to join in, which they do. Thurston and his herd are firm that the rock was talking to them. Amica – Female Friend. He tells the two guards to have a competition to see who is the better Lion Guard. Can you name the Lion Guard Characters? Ono fetches the rest of the Guard, who drive the hyenas away. That night she tells the Pride Landers that they could use their watering hole forever. Zebras live on the plains, in mountains and in grasslands. As the zebras stampede, with the Lion Guard running alongside them, Bunga notices some rocks ahead that are trembling and realizes that they look just like the ones in the painting, as do the zebras. Zebras are known for their strategy of panicking and running whenever something scares them, however, not all zebras do so. After the fight, Dhahabu relieves Fuli, Tiifu, and Zuri of their duties and appoints Raha and Starehe in their stead. The TV movie follows Kion (Max Charles), the second born cub of … Growing up she's helped the Pridelands and has gotten to know more Pridelanders. GUARD - "The Golden Zebra" - Facing a water shortage in the Pride Lands, the Lion Guard must appease zebra leader, Dhahabu, to gain access to a new watering hole. Much to the Lion Guard's surprise, Raha and Starehe do not correct Dhahabu and instead let Tiifu and Zuri take the credit. Length Renée Elise … After hearing Thurston boast that he's the brains behind the Lion Guard, the villains of the Outlands capture him to find a way to defeat the Guard. Tony Award winner Renée Elise Goldsberry (Broadway's "Hamilton") guest stars as Dhahabu. Some zebras are seen grazing as Beshte tours around the Pride Lands with Ajabu, singing Life in the Pride Lands as they pass. Kion explains to Dhahabu that the Pride Lands is experiencing a major drought and requests permission for his fellow Pride Landers to use the zebras' watering hole, but Dhahabu is evasive and demands that the Lion Guard first bring her her herd's favorite food, a Tamboa plant. When the flies return later, the Lion Guard ask to hang out with the zebras. Thurston complains on how the giraffs take a long time to drink because of their long necks. Zebras appear during the song The Tree of Life. Thurston the zebra serves as a minor character in The Lion Guard and appears frequently throughout the series. Southern Meerkat (Suricata suricatta hahni) 3. Tony Award winner Renée Elise... Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images Ono informs the Lion Guard of the predicament, and Raha and Starehe race off to defend their queen. They live in the Pride Lands and the Back Lands.