Understanding is the True Path to Comprehension. As a general rule, the more damage a weapon does, the higher the cost to use it, and there are rarely enough CP to go around in order to allow you to use the heavy artillery on … So, now the cause of Grimdark has shifted away from the AdMech hoarding as it no longer does without good reason and into the Imperium being incompetent (or just callous to the core) and its Planetary Governors obscenely greedy instead of just forking out the cash to buy the good shit for the Guard regiments they raise. Society of Mars, however, got devoid of this motivators, as they dropped their human instincts, so they had to find new goals. If it does come back whole it was probably malevolently fucked with so that instead of a Lasgun power cell it's a fucking grenade set to detonate the second you finish building it. The AdMech understand materials and mechanics well enough to create different stocks and triggers. The alien mechanism is a perversion of the true path. It's worse than taking little plastic models from fat men with beards. ... Master of Machines grants him the ability to repair any friendly imperium model within 3" by 1 wound, except himself. You have three buttons across the top to cycle between pages - Tech, Missions, and Cohort. It's worth noting that different writers seem to have different ideas of what an STC is. You are fifty years in the future and fusion energy is an everyday reality from fusion power plants. If the model being repaired is a model, it regains up to D3 lost wounds; if it is a QUESTOR MECHANICUS model, it regains up to 1 lost wound. The point is that each and every Forge World will basically try to own, buy, sell and take by force any existing technology while mostly paying lip service to Mars, and they're sure as hell not giving that STC of paperweight they found the other day to a neighboring Forge World. In any of these cases, it can be easily understood why machines are revered by the Mechanicus and why they are treated like sentient beings. The lack of AIs and uber computational power hinders understanding advanced science to a point. Nobody takes the real books anywhere because why would you when there's a whole library there? The files have been corrupted into madness by the Fall, and the unleashing of the most potent informational warfare systems ever to exist to defeat the Iron Men. Even the theoretically simple process of activating an engine is preceded by the application of ritual oils, the burning of … Doesn't matter. Thus, it is now nearly impossible for machines to rebel on their own, quelling the fears of the Imperium. "If you run from technology, it will chase you.". Instead, the Adeptus Mechanicus follows its own dark and mysterious strictures. 07. There are no plans to bring Mechanicus to console. Understanding is the True Path to Comprehension. The Eldar refer to it as the "Void Dragon", and the aircraft and pirate warband take their names from it. 20/08/2019 - Great news! Build a library, fill it with all human knowledge. Styx; Master of the Shadow, an album by Adeptus Mechanicus on Spotify. What they don't understand is the power pack, because the power pack is a scary super advanced piece of technology that will not only hold enough energy for a hundred shots powerful enough to kill an armored man, but it can be easily recharged thousands upon thousands of times. The "Machine Spirit" is the Imperium's version of Artificial Intelligence, mainly because after the reunification of Terra; the Emperor forbade the use of AI in machinery (partly because of the ancient rebellion of the Men of Iron, but mostly to prevent Chaos-corrupted AIs from skullfucking them, Skynet style). Why do you think they want off-world STCs so damned much if they had them all here? 5 Vanguard 45. That, and they do not have the actual knowledge to fuck with it intelligently, just through experimentation, which inevitably leads to slaughter. Thus Mars became an extremely technologically advanced society of astronauts, scientists, engineers, manufacturers, and miners wherein they could pursue advances in technology and power the Dark Age of Technology. As there are quite a few tech-priests out there, and humanity being the rabbits they are, this would give him a lifetime of souls to be eating, and a personal army that is very much willing. Plasma that doesn't explode when overcharged or requiring such a thing. All those techpriests are going to have serious problems when it wakes up...It's on Mars because the EMPRAH roofied it and turned it into an angry cave on Mars. If they'll produce something that isn't a ripoff of crappier franchises is another thing else entirely. Another Magos adds: They also created a Chapter of Space Marines meant to be loyal to them over the rest of the Imperium once. No longer the master of its creations, the Cult Mechanicus is enslaved to the past. The knowledge of the ancients stands beyond question. The ultra advanced science used in the Dark Age of Technology was developed with the aid of AIs and super advanced computers. There is no time for the sort of applied research programs that took Man twenty-five thousand years to develop, in a time of unprecedented growth and prosperity. The Mechanicus shall take care of their own, if a vox of distress is made by a Mechanicus member it MUST be responded to in haste. It will kinda work but it will be less efficient/polished/optimized compared to the original design. In the "Mechanicum" novel the Dragon Caretaker says that the Emperor engineered the creation of the Mechanicum. You my friend have some serious talent. The Mechanicus by and large are the greediest gits in the galaxy, on top of being feudal as fuck. Sydonian Dragoon 70. The soundtrack from the Mechanicus video game, https://1d4chan.org/index.php?title=Adeptus_Mechanicus&oldid=712818. The Imperium isn't grim because things suck by choice and could be fine if a sensible person came along. AdMechs knew that this is what they wish to avoid. Nearly all of Mars was rendered uninhabitable, what they live in now is built on the top of the ruins.