The Fastest Lion is a lion who lived in Pride Lands. The Path of Honor bears several similarities to We Are One, a song sung by Simba and Kiara in The Lion King 2. The Lion Guard. He appeared in Season 2 of The Lion Guard. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Kion nodded, and cleared his throat. When Scar was alive as the leader of his Guard, he was devoted in protecting the Circle of Life from threats. "When I was a teenager," he continued, "Scar had got a snake named Ushari to give me my scar. This is the second episode to feature a flashback. He makes his debut in The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar. The Lion Guard gets help from a martial eagle named Anga, Hadithi and the other birds of the Pride Lands. This episode reveals that Fuli is the first female member of the Lion Guard. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. He was a member of Scar's Lion Guard. This article is about the episode. Long Live The King: Scar's 10 Best Quotes From The Lion King. This is a fanmade/unofficial channel with news and clips of Disney's hit series, The Lion Guard. Fuli curled her tail around Kion’s shoulders. Scar's New Origin Story (From "Lion Guard") Scar's spirit returns in an episode of Lion Guard and recites his retconned past through the song "When I Became Scar", which has surprising depth for a Disney Junior program. Source The Army of Scar is an evil organization of Outlanders and other vicious animals in the Disney Junior animated series, The Lion Guard.They are a group of animals led by the spirit of Scar in the Outlands to help him take over the Pride Lands and get rid of Simba in an attempt to become king again.. Role in the series. 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Songs 4 Trivia 5 Gallery In the Pride Lands, the Dry Season (a.k.a. Also yes I know the eye colors I chose are cliche but I like the idea of their eyes being these colors, same thing goes with their overall designs. It introduces Simba’s son Kion, a fun-loving lion who’s more than happy that his sister Kiara is the one destined to rule the Pride Lands. With no option left, Kion steps forward to use the Roar of the Elders. Share Share Tweet Email. Scar's plan to try to kill the Lion Guard especially Kion was actually pretty good in the Battle of the Pride Lands episode, Too bad he didn't try to have the Lion Guard killed when Big Bad Kenge bit them all paraylizing them. Not much of this member's personality is known. Afterwards, The Lion Guard arrive at the Outlands volcano where Scar has Ushari attack Kion, who is left with a scar over his left eye. In cubhood, he was befriended by a troublemaking female cub named Zola. Realizing Scar has betrayed them, Janja asks Jasiri's help while the Lion Guard escapes through an underwater tunnel along with Cheezi, Chungu, Nne, Tano, and the other hyenas. Lion Guard into thinking he doesn't want them to get to the volcano and that he knows full well the skinks are no match for the Lion Guard. This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options. I don't like the weidish stile that rafiki's paintings got in tlg, some just don't portray the actual appearence of the lion characters Yet Kion soon learns he has a destiny of his own. "The Rise of Scar" is a television special of the Disney Junior animated series The Lion Guard. IMAGE DETAILS. Janja tells Kion of the supposed way to vanquish Scar for good, by using the Roar at full power inside the volcano. Condition is "Used". Through Ushari's poison, I managed to keep control of the Roar just enough to defeat Scar. It premiered on July 29, 2017. 0. "Kion, I've waited for this moment" Scar said. In addition, since Scar's original name was "Askari" according to the director of The Lion Guard, Scar had disgraced the original Askari's legacy, so Mufasa could've renamed him Scar as a reminder of his broken destiny, and forbade anyone to refer him to Askari as he would not want his ancestors' name being used on a crimminal, (i.e. Scar, born Taka, was the brother of Mufasa and the second son of Ahadi and Uru. You may be looking for the playset or the DVD. After Kion calls upon the Great Lions of the Past to destroy Scar, Ushari attacks him to avenge his boss. Zum Hauptinhalt wechseln. Kion then summons the Great Lions of the Past with a gentle blow of air who then summon rain over the volcano. When it comes to brains, he's got the lion's share. Bunga comes to Kion's defence and knocks Ushari away into the pit, causing the two to fall towards the volcano's lava. It is also the fifth episode of theSeason 2. However, not only are the skinks are easily defeated by the Lion Guard, but Kion can defeat Scar as well. Reply. He shivered as Scar's spirit swept over him. I put a background from Disney behind it to look how their colors matched. Shipping and handling. He was a member of Scar's Lion Guard. Scar is portrayed in paintings throughout season 1 of The Lion Guard television series, which explains some of his backstory. Appearances Trivia. Battle for the Pride Lands Months within the battle between Scar's army, and the Lion Guard, Scar plots to destroy Kion once and for all. LION KING The Lion Guard RISE of SCAR Disney Junior RETIRED Play-set JUST PLAY play set is in full working order . Gwyndor 332 27 Spirit … My quest for healing lead the Lion Guard here, to the Tree. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. summer), has started and the Lion Guard is busier than ever, to the annoyance of Ushari, who they keep running over. We first learn that Scar used to lead The Lion Guard back in the day. "Scar, I have heard much about you. Art (c) Me Background (c) Disney. Comment. He also serves as one to Kion in The Lion Guard, in that both were the younger siblings to the heirs, led the Lion Guard, and were bestowed with the Roar of the Elders. Character Information Scar was the main antagonist of The Lion King. The Strongest Lion is a lion who lived in the Pride Lands. I then went on to become Risasi's mate, and-" Giving Scar's Army a huge Advantage over the Pridelanders. The Lion Guard brings viewers back to the rich world of one of Disney’s most beloved films, The Lion King. However, he refuses to take over Mufasa's place. He then uses the roar carefully to blow away Scar's army, and the Lion Guard makes a quick escape. in vain). … From left to right Nguvu (Strongest), Haraka (Fastest), Mtazamo (Keenest Of Sight), Jasiri (Bravest). However, he did. The Outlanders continue their multiple attacks on the Pride Landers, with all of them being unsuccessf The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar is the second special episode of The Lion Guard. Scaris an antagonist who is mentioned in Legends of the Lion Guard. But, I had to urgently get healing, or else I wouldn't know the difference between right and wrong. Scar is the main villain of The Lion Guard: The Pride of the Pridelands. I came up with this designs. "It's okay, I'm right here" she said quietly. The Lion Guard is an American animated television series developed by Ford Riley and based on Disney's 1994 film The Lion King. My designs for Scar's Lion Guard Also no I'm sorry I don't have names for them (In fear of naming something other people have already named them is mainly why). The series was first broadcast with a television film titled The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar on Disney Channel on November 22, 2015, and began airing as a TV series on January 15, 2016, on Disney Junior. YoungLadyArt 80 54 Scar drawing AndrewShilohJeffery 145 6 Loser guard HN310 282 24 The Dark Leader Penda321 140 14 Scar lion guard rexjadis 60 6 Scar's Mark LyonRyan 70 27 Nightmares ryuuzaki11 81 9 Scar's Guard as cubs Penda321 193 36 My New Purpose Blumalou 318 51 Scar's spirit Holly-Toadstool 206 30 Scar's Guard Sparrovvs 75 13 Oh, how long it's been. He makes his debut in The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar. Scar tries to warn Kion that his roar will only cause the volcano to erupt, but Kion informs Scar that he knows more about the roar than Scar ever did. While on patrol near Pride Rock, Scar ran into another lion who was planning to overthrow Mufasa and take over the Pride Lands. By Zach Gass Sep 10, 2020. When the Lion Guard arrive at the volcano, Scar has Ushari attack Kion, giving him a scar over his left eye. If he had Kion killed when He was helpless, It would eliminate the roar of the Elders. When Scar declares that he and Kion are the same, Kion replies that he forgives Scar for what he has done, much to Scar's horror. He called. Here are the 10 best quotes that capture Scar in all of his sarcastic and devilish brilliance. He makes his debut in The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar. "Long live the king." Born weak and sickly, Taka was not expected to survive cubhood. This member of Scar's Guard had great courage. Anmelden Konto und Listen Anmelden Konto und Listen Bestellungen Entdecken Sie Prime Einkaufs-wagen.