December 29, 2017. The weight of the gun is 3.8 kg without a scope Bore Condition: Excellent, bright and shiny Barrels: 26 inch round blued smooth bore barrels in an over under configuration. Single bead sight on the matte rib barrels with … Rimfire Power. Shop for over under shotguns online. We all “like what we like,” of course. Rare Engraved Soviet Produced Baikal MC7 Over/Under Shotgun 12Ga 2 3/4, 29 1/2" barrel Manufactured in 1968. Starting Price $449. 10 Reasons to Choose an Over/Under Shotgun. Browse a wide selection of calibers for over under shotguns from top brands to choose from at Uplander Supreme Shotgun. Gun Reviews. Longfowler Over and Under Shotgun. By Phil Bourjaily. RFM manufactured this model over-under gun for Maroccini. Uplander Youth Shotgun. Longfowler Side by Side Shotgun. Someone at RFM confirmed this in a short exchange in Italian with google translate. CZ All-Terrain Series $ 715.00 – $ 1,159.00 With an OD Green Cerakote finish and Turkish Walnut stocks, this series of hardy shotguns encompasses side-by-sides, over/unders and semi-autos! Tula ~ TOZ-34-28 ~ 28 Ga. The majority of clay shooters and a large number of upland bird hunters choose O/U guns. Description: SOLD Manufacturer: Modern manufacture. Contents. Starting Price $549. 1.1 Film; 1.2 Television; 1.3 Video Games; 2 See Also; Specifications (1965 - Present) Type: Over/Under Shotgun. Starting Price $449. During the ‘90s with Maroccini defunct, RFM assembled the left-over guns (Possibly made some new ones as well), so the Maroccini name was not on the gun anymore. I … Uplander Field Shotgun. The best-selling over-under shotguns include the 12-gauge Browning Citori 725. Starting Price $549. Many don’t know why, exactly, except that they have been told that they are a good idea. Starting Price $449. The weight of the gun is 2.7 kg without a scope; TOZ-84-12/9,27 (ТОЗ-84-12/9,27) - over/under combination gun with a rifled 9×53mmR barrel over a 12 gauge smoothbore barrel. 1 Specifications. The Sentry 12: A New Kind of Shotgun. A lot of people write suggesting that they want an Over/Under shotgun. Latest. More Guns 101. Chambers: Break action over under, two round capacity, extractors. It has 675mm barrels and can be equipped with optical sight. Starting Price $449. The TOZ-34 is a double-barreled over and under shotgun produced by the Tula Arms Plant (or Tulsky Oruzheiny Zavod) in Russia. The TP-82 pistol (Russian: ТП-82), also known as the TOZ-821 is a triple-barreled Soviet firearm that was carried by cosmonauts on space missions as a survival weapon.2 The pistol was issued as a part of the Soyuz Portable Survival Kit (Russian: Носимый аварийный запас, Nosimyi Avariynyi Zapas, or NAZ for short). Wood Condition: Excellent. Sponsored Post. Caliber Info: 28 Ga. (Sorry for my language mess...) The my TOZ-34 shotgun have TWO triggers! Here are some reasons why. I use TOZ-34 shotgun. Some people prefer apple pie to cherry and vice-versa. Reasons to Avoid Over/Under Shotguns By Randy Wakeman. Coach Gun Supreme Shotgun. Metal Condition: Excellent.