Here’s a closer look: Merrell has a strong reputation for producing comfortable shoes, and their Encore Gust slip-on is no exception. So, look for a pair with padding on the tongue, collar, and shock absorption to help reduce the walking impact. Find your product with fast search. This cute flat comes in colors like burgundy, pewter, pink, and tweed. Shoes for teachers comfort do not have to be boring and ugly! Ayla low ballet flats are comfortable and classy teacher’s shoes that can keep their feet dry all day long. Finally, comfortable teachers shoes should help minimize or absorb harmful shock from the ground up. Go Walk 4 is available in a wide range of colors; therefore, you can get a pair that fits your style. It’s an active occupation, as you might expect. After all, you don’t want to worry about fatigue and knee pain as you teach your student. It has what it takes to keep your feet comfortable, well-cushioned, and well-supported throughout the day. BOBS Shoes. The Kata consists of 100% leather, features a padded heel cup and instep for superior comfort, and laces at the instep for easy adjustability and accessibility. They not only work in a school gym but also on surfaces that are sometimes slippery. The Presidio has a nubuck leather upper that’s durable and meets the demands of a busy day. It offers quality flexibility, comfort, and support. Sanuk TKO is a great option for teachers with foot issues who need orthotic inserts. Classy, comfortable, durable – that’s the Tilden Cap Oxford in a nutshell. It also has a casual-but-sharp design that pairs well with many wardrobes, yet it doesn’t sacrifice anything when it comes to comfort. Don’t forget to sign up for the LOFT teacher discount to get 15 percent off every time you shop! Women Teacher Shoes Reviewed 1. Shoes that include mesh materials often have moisture-wicking qualities that help keep your feet dry and comfortable. Shoes that don’t give the proper support not only hurt your feet,... Flat Shoes, Flats and Sandals. For teachers, fashion and function often occupy the same space when it comes to footwear, and knowing what to look for can help make your long days easier, both physically and mentally. Breathability is another important factor for anyone who spends the day on their day, and the Alegria debra checks that box with a soft, breathable lining. They also feature a lace-up oxford design with a plain toe and comfortably padded collar, and – better yet – consist of 100% leather. It’s also a lightweight but sturdy shoe, thanks to a 1-inch polyurethane sole that’s also slip-resistant. You’ll find the Clarks Tilden Cap Oxford mentioned in plenty of other reviews, not just in those discussing the best shoes for teachers. The rubber outsole provides the needed traction to deal with the slippery surfaces. COMFORTABLE SHOES FOR TEACHERS Flats Clark’s Women’s Kinzie Loafer Flat. The Encore Gust also offers the convenience of a slip-on and is easy to take on and off. There’s no getting around it if you’re a teacher: you’re going to spend many hours of the day on your feet. You can’t go wrong with a pair on Sanuk slip-ons! eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'bestwalkingfeet_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',104,'0','0'])); Merrell Gust slip-on is classic footwear that male teachers love who spends a huge percentage of their day walking and standing. But high-quality footwear can serve you for a very long time. 1. However, if you have customized orthotic insoles, then you should look for a pair with a removable insole.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'bestwalkingfeet_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_12',118,'0','0'])); The style of footwear plays a key role in the overall comfort of a pair of shoes. There’s also a soft fabric inner lining that ensures comfort, even after several hours spent on your feet. After all, you need a shoe that’s flexible and allows for easy freedom of movement, and the Workshift Slip-Resistant shoe offers that and more. These flats have a soft leather lining that conforms to your foot’s shape. Great reviews and popular in the teachers’ preferred shoe collection. However, some wearers have complained that it stains easily. P.E. 5) Rockport Men’s Northfield Oxford (The Career Teacher) Check Price Or can search by product sku. These shoes are designed to keep your feet dry and well-supported thanks to their removable Ortholite footbed. “Clarke bendables. It’s certain to add a touch of class to your classroom. When it comes to fashion, it’s also important to wear shoes that are versatile enough to be worn with a variety of outfits and clothing. But, choosing the right pair can be quite tricky, especially with the many options in the market. Another lace-up shoe that offers plenty of comfort and stability for male teachers is the Rockport Eureka Walking Shoe. But, with the many options available, choosing the right pair can be quite challenging. This shoe’s unique upper is designed with Sanuk moc-toe construction that includes a padded collar for extra support. Get them HERE. Meanwhile, the footbed is well-cushioned and will help to keep you from becoming fatigued, stiff, and sore near the end of the day. After all, standing or walking the whole day on hard surfaces with the wrong shoes can take a huge toll on your feet. It has a moisture-wicking lining that keeps feet cool and comfortable, it’s waterproof, and has structured support cushioning that delivers consistent comfort day after day. Their women’s Professional Mule, a hand-built, durable type of footwear, offers everything a teacher needs to navigate those long hours of standing. These flats come with a lightweight upper and removable cushioned Ortholite footbed. Browse from our selection of teacher shoes that range from comfortable flats for women or stylish dress shoes for men, all made with Vio-Motion shoe technology that’s designed to support your feet even on the toughest days. This footbed can be quite beneficial to anyone who spends their day on their feet. Birkenstocks and Saltwaters. It features many innovations for which Skechers is known and demonstrates the company’s commitment to performance and comfort. Kristi B. writes, “I swear by Lucky Brand shoes! If you spend most of your day on your feet – as teachers do – the Encore Gust provides the right combination of comfort and durability. Oct 24, 2019 - Explore Linda Wentzel's board "Comfortable shoes for teachers" on Pinterest. And being lightweight, you will never have to worry about your shoes weighing you down all day long. Another factor that can affect the comfort level of a shoe is fit. ... 2. Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-Ons — Best Teacher’s Shoes, 2. These slip-ons can guarantee you a pain-free day.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'bestwalkingfeet_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_7',111,'0','0'])); Skechers has been manufacturing some of the most comfortable work shoes for years, and the Go walk 4 is no exception. Countless teachers are in love with Clarks not only because they are comfortable but also because they have a lot of cute styles. The 15 Best Shoes for Teachers for Men & Women 2020 1. Browse a variety of colors and styles to find the perfect pair for you. Rotating your shoes so that you never wear one pair more than two days in a row allows each pair to air out and helps to extend its lifespan. Featured Products. The 9 Most Comfortable Shoes for Teachers. Further comfort comes from a cushioned heel and collar, as well as from Clarks’ unique “unstructured” ventilation system. ... 4. Art teachers often face additional strain beyond standing on their feet all day (which is strain enough), whether it’s from lugging supplies or avoiding spills on their classroom’s floor. It’s hard to beat the Skechers Go Walk 4 for overall comfort and performance. They have numerous features that are engineered to keep your feet dry and safe. The members of the We Are Teachers Facebook page rave about these supportive shoes. So, we have created this review of the best teacher’s shoes to help you make the decision. 60 of the Best Fashionable but Comfy Shoes for Teachers Things Teachers Should Consider When Choosing Shoes. And if you teach the primary grades, you are burning calories all day–up, down, up, down. ECCO is all about the fit—not that other shoe manufacturers aren’t, because most of them are, but ECCO mentions their shoe’s fit enough that it’s hard not to take notice. Another concern for every teacher, or at least most of them, is finding shoes that are fashionable but still comfortable and durable enough to hold up to the rigors of their occupation. CUTE, COMFORTABLE SHOES FOR TEACHERS. Keen Women’s Presidio. There’s plenty to like about many of the shoes in the Fila line. The Clarks Pure Tone slip-on adds a touch of class to most outfits. Further cushioning comes from a padded sock liner, as well as from a padded collar, and – in many ways – you’ll find them just as comfortable as your favorite pair of sneakers. Merrell started as a company that … Search. Footwear Ox is reader-supported. This pair has a stylish look that makes it a great option for teachers who find themselves on their feet the whole day. ... 3. The Dansko Mule is a good all-around shoe that provides plenty of support, including if you suffer from foot issues such as plantar fasciitis. While the best processes often make for a better product, there are many other reasons we include the Helsinki Slip-On on our list, including the overall quality of the leather used in its construction. After all, no teacher loves dealing with knee pain and fatigue every evening. Wearing tight or too loose shoes can have adverse effects on your feet, so make sure you measure your feet properly. Another feature we like is the shoe’s memory foam sock liner that offers additional support and comfort. The Williamsburg is, if nothing else, well-cushioned, but its quality doesn’t end there. With shoes like the Deer Stags Williamsburg, you can have the best of both worlds: comfort and functionality. You can count on sturdy traction with the Jungle Moc, as well, thanks to its high-grip outsole tread (and Merrell’s M Select Grip technology), while overall comfort is enhanced by an air-cushioned heel that lessens the impact of each footstep while also adding stability. In this post, we’ll review the best shoes for teachers, leading off with the Keen’s Women’s Presidio while discussing what you should look for when buying shoes suitable for your profession. If you work in a warm climate, or somewhere where the weather warms up in the spring (and remains warm in the fall), the importance of shoes made with breathable materials is vital. While Rockport has a strong reputation for making shoes that are sturdy and comfortable on any terrain, they also know a thing or two about style, and with the Northfield Oxford you don’t have to worry about whether you look “professional” enough for your school’s dress code, because you will. The Alegria debra is another shoe built with teachers, and anyone else who spends a long day on their feet, in mind. NAOT is a quality Israeli brand that knows how to combine style and function. While the Jungle Moc women’s shoe has many of the same quality features of the Encore Gust, we also think that they make great art teacher shoes. It also has a sporty design with feminine touches and pairs well with everything from khakis to jeans to yoga pants. Next, let’s take a look at our best shoes for teachers in 2019. It’s also true that, as a teacher, you need to find shoes that contribute to your overall well-being. The Helsinki’s leather uppers feature precise seaming that help to create a tighter, more comfortable fit than many other shoes. 2 comments. It’s a snug fit, mind you, but not so overly tight that it aggravates your feet. Given the style, construction, and comfort of the Tilden Cap, that’s hardly a surprise. We think you’d be hard-pressed to find many other shoes that are as comfortable for teachers as the Go Walk 4 Propel. Clarks Women’s Ayla Low Ballet Flats — Best Flats for Teachers, Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Shoes For Teachers. Clarks offers ballet flats, boots, clogs, mary janes, among other kinds of shoe styles. These are all shoes that I can recommend (or some of my teacher friends have recommended) for classroom-comfort. They consist of 100% full-grain leather, which gives the shoe’s upper a nice combination of elegance and style. As a teacher the best thing you can do for yourself is get a pair of comfortable shoes for teachers which can relieve you of your aching back and feet. This super lightweight trainer comes with a breathable and durable low-profile upper canvas. You also can count on the slip-resistant outsoles to provide another layer of comfort and stability, no matter the type of surface upon which you stand. Therefore, they must wear the right shoes. They have an ultra-lightweight and flexible design that can keep you walking the whole day. Keep on reading to find out what makes Aerosole shoes one of our top picks for teacher shoes. CLARKS Women’s Arla Shaylie Platform Besides the cushion bottom, my favorite thing about these shoes are the cloth straps. For them, finding the right shoes that fit their occupation is a must. Another reason we included the Skechers Go Walk 4 on our list is its breathable mesh upper. For a teacher, no two days are alike, and it only makes sense that they need shoes that are versatile and provide a variety of benefits that make a long day spending long hours on their feet easier. Therefore, Born Julianne Flats can be a great option for teachers, thanks to the fact that they provide the needed stability and comfort.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'bestwalkingfeet_com-leader-2','ezslot_9',115,'0','0'])); These flats are available in a wide range of colors. The right material should allow air to flow freely into and out of your shoes.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'bestwalkingfeet_com-leader-4','ezslot_11',117,'0','0'])); Comfortable footwear for teachers is a must if you spend the whole day on your feet. The Dansko Professional Mule includes a roomy reinforced toe box that provides extra protection, as well as a padded instep collar that contributes to the shoe’s overall comfort and cushioning. Therefore, you can get a pair that can complement your entire wardrobe while providing the needed support. The shoe’s construction features a solid rubber outsole that, as the name suggests, is slip-resistant on slick surfaces. Price was another factor, but we’re always looking at a product’s overall value. The latter incorporates Merrell’s patented M Select Fresh technology that prevents sweat and moisture from affecting your shoe’s freshness by eliminating the bacteria that can lead to foot odor. You can find a super cute shoe to match your outfit, but find that you can’t stand on your feet longer than 30 minutes because they are pinching your toes or rubbing your heels. ECCO uses a Comfort Fibre System in which the inlay sole features a vegetable-tanned leather surface, underneath which is a moisture-absorbent foam that’s treated to provide long-lasting control of bacteria and odor. Other factors that should be considered are … What Type of “Teacher Shoe” is Best For You? A shoe that fits, feels, and looks good should be on your radar when shopping for shoes for the classroom.