773.753.2270 . Please contact coronavirusinfo@uchicago.edu if you need guidance, resources, or assistance. In upcoming issues, we’ll delve deeper into some of the ways members of the UChicago community—faculty, students, alumni, and friends around the globe—are contributing to helping end the pandemic and address its repercussions. Researchers anticipate UChicago Medicine to be the site for additional COVID-19 vaccine trials in the months ahead. Living and eating on campus will be different than in the past; however, we will continue to optimize the experience to adapt to public health guidelines and meet the needs of our residents. This has put Dr. Prochaska and his colleagues in a unique position to re-orient current research in the era of the coronavirus. The University is providing contact information and other details for. UChicago Medicine COVID-19 Response Funds The University’s COVID-19 community support initiative also includes a campaign to support local UChicago Medicine health care workers on the frontlines of confronting this crisis, as well as the patients and families who are affected. As we continue to closely monitor novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and respond to the new and evolving situation, our goal is to protect the health, safety, and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff. If you have been exposed to or test positive for COVID-19, promptly report to C19HealthReport@uchicago.edu, even if you have not been on campus. - Visit the UChicago Forward website, for the University's COVID-19 health protocols, campus guidelines, and other Autumn Quarter information. Zoom Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, GRAD offerings have been moved online. Hyde Park Herald. The Students in Isolation portion of the Dashboard shows the latest figures on the number of students on and off campus who have tested positive and are currently in isolation, following CDC guidelines. Resources to Stay Physically and Mental Healthy During the Coronavirus Pandemic Being Mindful of Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Outbreak. Subject: Addressing Non-Compliance with UChicago COVID-19 Attestation and Health Pact Date: September 24, 2020. Our student health and wellness resources, including mental health services, will be available to assist students both on-campus and virtually. This includes providing public health informed recommendations on housing density and capacity, health and sanitation protocols, dining and food service operations, and hygiene and isolation requirements. As COVID-19 cases rise, UChicago physician says: ‘Stop fussing and put your mask on’ UChicago News. Mental Health. Additional information is available on the University’s testing programs and procedures for isolation and quarantine. To that end, due to COVID-19, there are several changes we are implementing in our dining program to reduce risk for all students, staff, and faculty that will be visiting all dining facilities. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 773-702-2150 or alumni@uchicago.edu with questions. Preparations have been made for students in residence halls who contract COVID-19 and must follow isolation procedures. Experts across fields are scrambling to minimize the disease’s impact – on individuals, on medical systems and on the global economy. Apr 16, 2020. A new focus will be placed on take-away meals that still deliver the quality and variety of food offerings that our students crave. Jun 22, 2020. Community living and dining are critically important to a student’s experience on campus. While the opening of Woodlawn Residential Commons has increased our on-campus housing capacity, in order to help maintain health and safety guidelines, overall occupancy will be approximately 40% below the newly expanded capacity for Autumn Quarter. UChicago Arts and Arts + Public Life, along with the University, will continue to monitor COVID-19 and recommendations from the CDC and the City of Chicago government, and will respond accordingly as new information becomes available.