eCommerce videos we love . Look no further than online video marketing. Instagram's "Reels," which mimics TikTok, follows that trend. The other reason product tutorials are a crucial piece of any eCommerce video marketing strategy is because you want your customers to succeed when using your product. You’ve decided to take on a new sport and give hiking a try. Well, YouTube confirms it. IGTV (Instagram TV): First, let’s start with IGTV. David Hoos / Last Updated: September 5, 2019, David Hoos / Last Updated: April 20, 2018, Jon MacDonald / Last Updated: November 5, 2019. Serve them across the entire customer journey: from lead capture forms to exit-intent overlays, etc. They keep visitors informed, help answer common shopper questions, and positively influence customer experience. This gives product videos that much more power to drive conversions in the mobile setting. By clicking ‘Subscribe’, you consent to Yieldify using the information you provide to us to contact you about our products and services. Bonus – Product Videos Bring More Traffic To Your Ecommerce Company. Sometimes professionally-made branded product videos are just not enough to convert visitors. Take a look at the product pages at As a result, the M6 Boutique live stream gained 150,000 additional views in just a month. You want to make browsing on your site smooth and intuitive, reduce frictions and bounce rates, and make visitors enjoy completing the path to conversion. Video Marketing for eCommerce: 6 Types of Videos That Will Help You Sell More. 6 types of eCommerce videos you need in your marketing strategy 1. With videos on-site, they won’t have to spend the time and effort to visit a physical store or search YouTube for advice. How-to Use Product Videos for Marketing Your E-Commerce Site 1.8X. With Rocketium's video templates, stay ahead of the curve. 2035 NW Front Ave Video is a key tool in eCommerce user experience design. The study revealed that 90% of people say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like and support. Those consumers who do not feel quite at ease with online shopping often say that what puts them off from buying certain products online is the uncertainty of online shopping and the lack of human interaction that could help mediate it. If you’re an e-commerce store owner, then you may be considering using video to generate more sales. And Brightlocal found that buyers prefer to read an average of 40 online reviews before believing a business’s star-rating. They bring brand storytelling to life, keep visitors informed, help answer common shopper questions, and, most importantly, positively influence customer experience. Not as Many Eyes as YouTube States . When visitors land on your site for the first time they’re looking for clues as to what makes your brand special and different from all the others. Going back to the Arc’Teryx example, visitors can find helpful videos on product detail pages that talk about things such as what makes their fabrics so outstanding in terms of quality, as well as how to take care of them during washing and drying. It goes without saying that visuals play a powerful role here. In a way, video leads to conversions. Click here to see how Yieldify can increase your conversions and show you a better way to use video in your eCommerce marketing strategy. This includes taking care of the proper mobile display of product videos as well. And looking at the revolutionary consumption of the video content, we have brought to you a detailed guide on how to use the Instagram video for online eCommerce stores. Let’s start with a bunch of stats courtesy of Tipping Point Labs, showing that using video on your site improves conversions by up to 85%, helps SEO, increases email click through rates by 96% and reduces product returns by a quarter. Showing them how to achieve a particular goal with your product is a powerful way to convince them to buy it. They usually tell a story about a customer’s journey from dealing with their problem, finding your product as the solution, and achieving outstanding results with the product. Aber auf YouTube kannst Du Videos präsentieren, die die Vorteile aller Deiner Produkte wirklich so darstellen, wie es sonst nicht möglich wäre. From clever site navigation, to sleek and functional product page design, the trick is to keep customers focused on that they came to do. According to a study by Brightcove, 46% of consumers revealed that they have purchased an item due to watching a video. It lets you show off your personality. Here’s a great example of a video testimonial for the Roku device. Kostenloser Download HD oder 4K Nutze alle Videos kostenlos für deine Projekte If they buy it but don’t know how to use it, or use it poorly, they won’t remain your customer for long. Product videos are essential in ecommerce today. But if you set them up for success with easy-to-follow product tutorials, they’re much more likely to stick around. Videoanzahl für Ihren Shop abschätzen Produkt-Demo vereinbaren. Okay. From ads to tutorials, videos perform better on social media and get higher engagement more than virtually all other forms of content. This is extremely important for online buyers, who have all the information available in a format that is easy to follow and digest. 9 Popular Product Videos, for Ecommerce September 28, 2015 • Sig Ueland Creating a product video can be a good way to deliver useful information about a product, as well as to … Learn how we get amazing results for our clients with our conversion optimization services. According to research by Wyzowl, videos are great for eCommerce marketers for a number of reasons: 96% of consumers said that they watched an explainer video first before purchasing a product. After watching these videos, customers have a better understanding of how the products work in real life and feel more confident in the product they’re about to order. A message from the Founder of the CEO video is not used by many companies, but when executed well, it can be a powerful tool to add to your eCommerce video marketing strategy. Mehr als 150.000 Videos weltweit führender Marken. In other words, it’s the application possibilities, not the color alone that drives conversions. As soon as you land on their website you are greeted with a stunning full-screen video preview and a teasing play button, which begs to be clicked. They bring brand storytelling to life, keep visitors informed, help answer common shopper questions, and, most importantly, positively influence customer experience. Whether you have a side hustle or you're looking to start something, check out videos that cover everything from business ideas to marketing an ecommerce store. This video combines the brand’s humor with its niche... Man Crates. 2. Imagine the following. Well here are a couple amazing facts as stated by the video giant. You’re running ads on social media. more likely for an online shopper to purchase after viewing demo videos. The newest video platform, TikTok, has the highest average engagement rate posts of any social media platform. On Twitter, for example, Tweets with videos are ten times more likely to 10x more engagement than Tweets without video. Create demo videos that show exactly what customers benefit from when they use the products on your store. But where do you start if you want to make the most use of your eCommerce videos? In fact, you could produce the other videos on this list, but instead of an actor or other associate in your company, your CEO is in the video. Product videos are essential in ecommerce today. Since it launched Stories in 2016 and TV in June 2018, Instagram has positioned itself as a destination for consuming videos. Considering that video now appears in 70% of the top 100 search results and that viewers are 60% more likely to buy after watching a product video, you should start using videos on your e-commerce website. Here’s a product close-up example from Truwood watches, showcasing their product in various environments and angles. Use them in your lead generation and retargeting ads. We have reviewed and tested the top video tools. They open with a central problem they know their audience deals with and position their undershirts as the perfect solution. The results showed that an auto-playing video created greater engagement, achieving a +33% uplift in customers clicking through to get tickets. User-generated videos offer unbiased views from the customers who really liked the products and help create a more intimate and deeper interaction with the brand online. 94% of marketers stated that video increase users’ understanding of their products. What you have to figure out now is, what type of videos should you create? Product videos, like this one from Slack, are one of the most important types of videos for any ecommerce marketer. As e-commerce companies have started to grow and develop, it ’s also led to the development of new marketing products and services. The best part? The mobile-friendly version of the brand’s ecommerce site incorporates responsive design that allows smooth browsing and an uncompromised experience. While the product overview shows off the features and benefits of a product in broad strokes, a product tutorial video demonstrates how a customer can perform specific tasks using the product through step-by-step instructions. Here’s a product overview example for the Olympus’ OM-D E-M5 Mark III camera. You would feel much more informed and confident about your choices, and would stress less about your gear and focus more on the task at hand – the actual climbing up and down the hills and mountains! Außerdem ist YouTube eine der beliebtesten Internetseiten. Subscribe to our resources. Consider this: No one said your product videos needed to be serious. 3. Größte Produktvideodatenbank. This is where product videos can be of great help. Creating the perfect on-site customer experience is the ultimate goal of every ecommerce marketer. Product close-up videos zoom in on your product and display specific features viewers may not see in pictures, or demonstrate a function that has to be observed very closely, or simply show off your product from multiple angles. Video is known to build trust and increase engagement levels. For instance, direct-to-consumer sportswear brand HYLETE ran a cart abandonment campaign highlight free shipping and returns to see which type of content – still image overlay or a video overlay – would generate more engagement. You could expand on the idea by making videos showing outfit ideas, advice on color combinations, and accessories. One of the best ways retailers nowadays can bring traffic to their site is with animated explainer video These types of videos are super important for skeptical buyers who are wary of being disappointed by big marketing claims. Facebook videos have an average engagement rate of 6.13% compared to just 3.6% for Facebook posts in general. Our mission is to remove all the bad online experiences until only the good remain. Before you jump into making product videos, we recommend conducting market research to test some concepts. You read the product description details and look at the photos, but then decide to visit YouTube to check and see how these products perform in real life and what other hiking aficionados say about the brands, shoes, and gadgets. Using eCommerce Video Improves Conversions by 85%. Formerly Head of Social Analytics at Adobe, Joe believes marketers need smart training and leadership to scale company growth. This is why the brand incorporates videos that speak to customers on that level when they land on Essie’s site. So make sure you create a video that grabs attention. Here’s a product tutorial example demonstrating how to use the Milk Makeup Kush liquid eyeliner. In this post we’ll focus on one element that often gets overlooked in ecommerce, but means so much to customers. Consumers are increasingly growing cynical towards overly polished and stylized product content and are seeking authenticity and sincerity from brands in their product presentations. All the while showing off items you have on sale right now. To visitors browsing the M6 Boutique website, Yieldify showed a live stream of M6 Boutique’s TV channel in a corner Notification. Through the examples above you can learn much about what makes product videos invaluable for customer engagement and conversions, and how to do it right to ensure uncompromised online shopping experience. The goal is to have your customers describe specifically what they like about the product, how it helped them, and how it improved their life or solved their problem.