All three of these are good. Things aren’t awful, but they’re not as good as they were in early 2020, either. are less competitive but for 160 points, you get 8 S7 AP-2 D2 shots that hit on a 3+ with a body that has a 5+ invulnerable save and can heal, and you can get that to a 2+ with a little help. Previously blessed with terrible rules and some of the game’s ugliest models, Mutilators are still ugly as sin but now have a lot of use thanks to being dirt cheap units that are fairly durable and can teleport in, making them excellent cheap ways of scoring the Linebreaker or Engage on All Fronts secondary objectives and as INFANTRY they can Deploy Scramblers to boot. A+. With Daemon Engines and Obliterators being really priced to move in 9th Edition he’s an increasingly popular choice, and if you have a strategy that’s going in hard on either of these (or still using Possessed) you should almost always take one. Caps out at a 3++, but stacks with other abilities to help you get there. They got a bit of a boost when they came out of the 9th edition points update virtually untouched and with the ability to shoot their excrutiator cannons while in combat. Most Chaos Space Marine psykers have access to the, discipline, one of the strongest psychic disciplines in the game. The Chaos Space Marine Fast Attack options are limited, but there are some good options in there, especially after the Imperial Armour Compendium update. They do also benefit from Legion Traits but only a few of the legion traits even matter to them, namely World Eaters (+1 Attack on the charge), Alpha Legion (-1 to be hit outside of 12″), Flawless Host (exploding 6s cause extra hits in melee), and the Red Corsairs (Advance and charge in the same turn). And when it does succeed and you kill a character, you won’t get to add the spawn because you didn’t pay reinforcement points for it. Straight upgrade to any character you slap it on, especially Daemon Princes, Lord Discordants and Smash Lords, and it’s relevant on all three. If every unit in a detachment has the same Legion keyword, then Legion Traits apply to all INFANTRY (excluding Cultists), BIKERS, HELBRUTES, and CHARACTERS in that detachment. It’s tougher (2+ save and 3 more wounds), a little bit shootier (slightly better guns), and a bit more expensive than the Predator (195 with heavy bolters, 205 with lascannons), where you can get the Predator Autocannon and two heavy bolters onto an 11-wound chassis for 168 points. Your first psyker will almost always have this and Warptime. S User, AP -3 and D3 damage seems pretty meh compared to other relics. Since the release of Vigilus Ablaze, Chaos Space Marines have had access to Prayers to the Dark Gods, a series of buffs and debuffs that they can call upon during games. Summoning isn’t. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. This can be helpful in a pinch but it’s a Stratagem that never sees use because you’re using your CP for everything else. ... Start Collecting! Make sure your army is packing enough obsec units to accomplish this, or if not, can mulch a lot of units off an objective at once. Although 180 points is steep for a transport, the Chaos Terrax-Pattern Termite makes up for it by being an absolute, once it arrives on the table, demanding opponents deal with it as well as its deadly contents. Extremely helpful for ensuring that you get off Prescience when you need it. When a unit with this ability stays stationary during the Movement phase (or is a TERMINATOR, BIKER, or HELBRUTE) fires a Rapid Fire bolter weapon, it can make double the number of attacks. If there’s a downside to this wonderful murdermachine, it’s that his 12 wounds mean that he can be immediately targeted by enemy units. If you’re going to play seriously, you probably need all of the following, and that’s before you start souping in Daemons, Thousand Sons, or Death Guard: If you want to soup in other Chaos factions, you’ll want to have the following: Codex: Chaos Daemons and Psychic Awakening: Engine War for Chaos Daemons, Chaos Space Marines Obliterators. Your biggest challenge with Noise Marines will be delivering them to the middle of the table safely, which will require either transports – rhinos are good for this – or placing them into Strategic Rerserves. Built using WordPress. Terminators were a huge winner in the 9th Edition points updates and absolutely rip now. Free shipping. Improve the Invulnerable save of friendly Daemon units by 1 (to a max of 3+) while they’re within 6″ of this psyker until your next Psychic Phase. Use when a Heretic Astartes vehicle shoots in the Shooting phase. Warhammer 40K. These rules, though marginal for many other factions, were a major crux of c. 9th edition’s emphasis on holding objectives and controlling the table put a premium on melee units (good for CSM) and durability (not so good). and a BS of 3+, these are fast, durable DAEMON ENGINES that can output a surprising amount of firepower while moving 14” (their Bile Maws are no longer pistol weapons) and they’re not terrible in melee either. These are solid but haven’t been printed anywhere else, and can be kind of a chore to find. The bigger, meaner cousin of the Death Guard Foetid Blight-Drone. . Then it all died down very quickly, and they weren’t heard from for a while. The Kytan also gets access to the. They have the option of replacing their twin heavy flamer with a defiler scourge and this is pretty much always the correct choice. On the downside, they all have the. Until the next Psychic Phase, re-roll hit and wound rolls of 1 for friendly Daemon units within 6″ of the Psyker. Basically, what Abaddon has with Drach’nyen, and like with Drach’nyen, many of the Daemon Weapons have abilities that key off the roll. That’s a bit of a shame because the basic function of Possessed, which is to be a bully melee unit, is something 9th Edition tends to reward, but Possessed mostly don’t get there as-is. Venomcrawlers have seen varying levels of competitive play off the back of their ability to run quickly and put out a solid number of attacks for its points cost. I talked a bit about it when the FW book first came out but as I looked at it more it really seems to be something that will help Chaos Space Marines stay relevant. That’s all upside compared to the prior iteration. With Daemon Engines and Obliterators being really priced to move in 9th Edition he’s an increasingly popular choice, and if you have a strategy that’s going in hard on either of these (or still using Possessed) you should almost always take one. Until the end of the phase you can ignore penalties for moving and shooting heavy weapons or advancing and firing assault weapons. Chaos Marine 2c. That’s about 50 points pricier than a Sonic Dreadnought was, but more resilient. On a 1, you take a mortal wound and can’t use the weapon in the phase. At 160 points with most weapons, Decimators are a little cheaper than they used to be, since almost all of their weapon options are baked into the model’s base cost now. These guys were so powerful they had to be nerfed not one, not two, but three times over the course of 8th edition, and just when things had been re-adjusted back to moderately OK, 9th Edition put a vicious bullet in their head by hiking them to 6ppm. This is a great way to boost a unit’s longevity, and works on anything in your army with the keyword, making it great for making things like daemon engines and large squads of Possessed more survivable. Chaos Space Marine armies have access to a large variety of subfactions, each with their own special rules called. Notable for being a flyer that can also tear things up in melee, the Heldrake is a unit that can reliably pull off first-turn charges with its 30” Movement characteristic, disrupting enemy plans and tying up enemy units on turn 1. Chaos Space Marines have two options at the Troops slot and neither is amazing. Most Chaos Space Marine psykers have access to the Dark Hereticus discipline, one of the strongest psychic disciplines in the game. As with the other daemon engines, one of the bigger downsides to these is the 4+ WS and BS, so Venomcrawlers basically need to be paired with one or more Lords Discordant. Pick a visible NURGLE Heretic Astartes unit within 18″. Use at the end of the Psychic phase to allow one of your TZEENTCH Heretic Astartes Psykers to manifest one more psychic power this turn. Easy to cast, targeted mortal wounds. Players will need to be mindful of how they’re exposing themselves to secondary objectives when building armies. Because of when the codex was published (and re-published) and the weapon options Chaos Space Marines have, you’ll notice they have a pretty rough lack of 2+ damage or high AP shooting, and this is something that extends to their Troop melee options as well. One of the faction’s best Stratagems. A Terminator Armour Sorcerer can also serve as a means of casting Pierce the Veil in an opponent’s deployment zone multiple times per game (while also scoring Linebreaker) in a pinch, though this shouldn’t be your primary strategy. Pick a friendly Chaos Spawn, Possessed, or Cult of Destruction (obliterators/mutilators) within 18″. These ratings reflect the use of these powers in Chaos Space Marine detachments. Upping them to 7 attacks on the charge with AP-4 is a significant improvement, but it’s not giving you enough that it’s worth taking this over buffing nearby units. Do you generally feel OK about cavorting with daemons and making dark pacts with the ruinous powers that will pit you against each others’ pawns in a never ending game with the entire galaxy at stake? They can’t teleport on their own, leaving you to find other ways of delivering them to combat without losing too many models. Otherwise, it’s situationally OK on Possessed or Bikes, and you’ll usually want to spend your CP elsewhere. Chaos Cultists are 6 points per model, and while there’s no world in which that number makes sense for what they do, that does mean you can fill out a Troops slot with 10 bodies for 60 points. The Chaos factions are rife with cross-faction synergies you should consider: Chaos Space Marines are a very CP-thirsty army; many of your tricks rely on multiple stratagems, with many of those costing 2 CP. If you’re taking them, run Lasher Tendrils – they need the extra attacks. This is a really good boost for your melee units, and will do wonders on large squads of Possessed or Berserkers. Pick a model within 2″; it takes a mortal wound. In battle, Daemon Princes are best kept protected until they’re needed, advancing behind a steady line of infantry, ready to jump over and decimate opponents that get too close, or to make important counter-charges. The Start Collecting Chaos Space Marines miniatures set is a great gift for collectors or players looking to start or expand an existing Warhammer 40,000 army. There isn’t a ton of reason to take one outside those, but they aren’t a bad upgrade if you have the points free. Use at the end of the Fight phase. As always, a guide like this represents a time and place. You need a full detachment of a legion to unlock Legion traits and the Legion stratagems from Faith and Fury, but the relics and warlord traits from Faith and Fury plus the single stratagem for each legion that from the main codex only require you to have a Chaos Space Marine detachment (or a Chaos Space Marine warlord for the relics), so you can give a World Eaters Warlord the, warlord trait in a mixed detachment, or use the. Chaos Space Marine armies have access to a large variety of subfactions, each with their own special rules called Legion Traits. Until the start of your next Psychic phase roll a D6 each time a model in that unit loses a wound; on a 5+ it doesn’t lose that wound. The upside is that Space Marines are everywhere so now you can at least count on it being active for about half your games. This makes them invaluable support units for casting Warptime on a key melee unit, or a buff like Prescience or Delightful Agonies. - 1x Chaos Space Marines unit (10 miniatures, each supplied with a Citadel 32mm Round Base) You will need a copy of the Warhammer 40,000 rules to use the miniatures in this bundle. This is both because they can occupy a Troops slot and also because Emperor’s Children have the Excrutiating Frequencies Stratagem, which adds 1 to the damage of a squad’s sonic weapons, dramatically boosting their output and making it well worth it to have a single squad of 18-20 that can fire twice on loud mode with Endless Cacophony. The Hell Bladeis still around after the Imperial Armour Compendium update and it has traded its Helstorm cannons for a pair of twin autocannons. Chaos Space Marines are corrupt and treacherous super-warriors hell-bent on tearing apart the Imperium. you can’t re-roll hit rolls of 1 for attacks with the Axe of Blind Fury and instead 1s are allocated to a friendly unit within 1″ if there is one. Most Prayers to the Dark Gods affect a single target unit, which allows units to move away from the Dark Apostle as needed after receiving a buff (though they’ll be out of position the following turn if this happens). Chaos Space Marines now have access to the same Contemptor/Deredeo/Leviathan as loyalists, at the same cost. Fortunately for us, there are very few Chaos Space Marine units in that category. So even though they’ve come down by a whopping 60 points per model, the decrease in effectiveness is tough to swallow. Chaos lords are relatively cheap (80 points) and can be outfitted a variety of ways, making them good “Swiss army knife” style HQs, able to fit a variety of needs: He’s a separate datasheet, but the Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour brings some extra punch to the table, giving you a Lord who can teleport in and is a bit more durable than the jump pack option, with an extra wound and a 2+ armor save, though Chaos Lords already get a 4+ invulnerable save so the added 5+ from terminator armor doesn’t matter. They’re not, worthless at this cost, merely not great. We’ve covered them in their own article – Creations of Bile. Pick a HERETIC ASTARTES unit within 18”. This is also a neat way to help push through powers and save CP, and is one of a very few means that Chaos Space Marines have to regain CP (the other being the. But at the start of the game you nominate one enemy CHARACTER to be the sword’s target and whenever you hit that character, you do a mortal wound instead of the normal damage. They have. The Venomcrawler doesn’t benefit from legion traits, but will enjoy the +1 attack from Hateful Assault and gets the benefit of a 5+ invulnerable save and the ability to regain wounds after killing things (in addition to regaining one per turn). lets you shoot again at the end of the Shooting phase. This is why you take three Lords Discordant, three Lords of Skulls, etc. While melee is more important than ever, it’s not necessarily. That’s especially true if you bring along Illusory Supplication on a Dark Apostle to give them a 5++, at which point they’re a fairly hefty blob, and start having a better chance of surviving for a Tide of Traitors blowout. The result is that competitive Chaos Space Marine armies tend to be built around the few units that either have access to multi-damage weapons with some AP or can, through sheer volume of attacks, making up for these shortcomings. Dark Apostles are struggling a bit in 9th compared to 8th, because a combination of a lack of mobility options and having to lock prayers in on your army list makes them less flexible, but they’re still worth a look in the legions that give them some extra utility (Black Legion and Word Bearers). The big upsides to summoning are that you 1. This is a solid way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Sorcerers, though Tzeentch casters are pretty rare because it’s usually better just to take them as Thousand Sons. brings some extra punch to the table, giving you a Lord who can teleport in and is a bit more durable than the jump pack option, with an extra wound and a 2+ armor save, though Chaos Lords already get a 4+ invulnerable save so the added 5+ from terminator armor doesn’t matter. You roll up to 3 dice when you do this, and you can summon a unit with power level equal to or less than the result you roll. Fallen have the same issues that Cypher does in that they can’t really be fielded in a Chaos Space Marines detachment thanks to their odd keywords. Chaos space marines are also pretty cheap at 14 points per model, giving you a 70-point option with better saves and guns, albeit with only half the wounds. One of the few dependable ways to help improve your casting odds that Chaos Space Marines have access to, and a great way to help avoid getting Perils of the Warp. Chaos Space Marines. They’ve got a solid melee profile, sporting 4 attacks base and the ability to wield a variety of wargear. One of the big winners of the Imperial Armour Compendium, the Decimator gets a number of big changes that improve it from a power standpoint while its cost decreased. Endless Cacophony lets you shoot again at the end of the Shooting phase. Until the start of your next psychic phase, improve its invulnerable save by 1 to a maximum of 3+, and if it didn’t have an invulnerable save, it gets a 5+. **Chaotic** My review of the entire new Chaos Space Marines model range, from Games Workshop. on an Iron Warriors unit. Chaos Space Marines are generally pretty good when it comes to melee combat. Fundamentally there are a few ways to run Decimators: may be more expensive (180) but the ability to throw out 4D3 mortal wounds at 24″ is pretty nasty, and there aren’t a lot of targets in the game that won’t be relevant for. Your opponent has to roll 2D6 and drop the lowest when they take a morale test for a unit within 6″ of this priest. 9th Edition changed a number of things for Chaos Space Marines, from the way armies are built to the strategies they can put into play. Box, it’s in a similar boat. The value changes for them because of their range and cast boosts, plus the sheer number of slots they need to fill. A good Chaos Space Marines army will usually be active in every phase of the game. This is a cooler ability in theory than execution. Get +1 to your Psychic tests when attempting to manifest Smite. All Daemon Princes count as being the same unit for the Rule of Three, but with 9th’s list-building rules you aren’t that likely to run into that as a blocker. When paired with a Lord Discordant, these can be nasty, resilient threats. In particular, note the following changes: With 9th edition, Chaos Space Marines are in a weird spot. Free delivery for many products! While melee is more important than ever, it’s not necessarily stronger, and in particular many of the best CSM units for melee do not particularly work well when the focus of melee combat is removing an enemy from an objective and holding it afterward. This is going to give you the most bang for your buck when combined with units that have expensive multi-wound models. In 8th edition this was a big money power for Possessed bombs, but without the support of the Specialist Detachment, those don’t really get over the top any more, making this more likely to be something you’d use on Daemon Engines, especially since re-rolling wounds in the shooting phase is tough for Chaos Marines to get. This doesn’t replace anything (it’s an add-on you pay 5 points for) and it gives the Daemon Prince a 24″ Assault 2, S4, AP-1, 2 Damage gun that’s a handy add-on to an already formidable melee profile.